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I like to read? Also I think I may start trying to write soon! I'll see how it goes :D


A light blue stallion sits under the night sky thinking of his past. People come and go, but their memories never fade. As the clouds begin to gather he begins...

Done in about an hour to get something of my chest. Not my finest piece by a long shot. The art was done by Ayden161 on ponibooru. It is his OC not mine, but the picture fit what I had wrote pretty well so I used it.

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Comments ( 12 )

That was beautiful, bro. bravo, and thanks for sharing.

998852 Thanks. It's taken me a while to get it down.

It's raw and emotional but quite well written. I know about writting as an outlet it is a great way to express pain suffering or even stress.

999047 Thanks, like I said, I wasn't reading it through again to check for any mistakes :fluttercry:

I was listening to this while reading this story. I certainly felt something.

999272 That's a beautiful piece...

wow..... that was pretty good, really felt ti there

999494 Everything you write will be better if you've experienced it before.

999520 wait what? :rainbowhuh:

999847 I think he was the young stallion.

What happened to his left wing?

1000133 No idea. I said the pic wasn't mine. It just fit the story.

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