• Published 30th Jul 2012
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Under the Night Sky - Mcyav

A light blue stallion sits under the night sky thinking of the past.

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Under the starry skies

Dark clouds had begun to gather in the skies above Manehatten. On top of a nearby hill a light blue stallion looked out across the lively town he had called home.

“It's not perfect. It never was, never will be. But it was home no matter whether you liked it or not. It wasn't always as bad as you made it sound either. It had nice parts and some nice people too.”

Sighing deeply he closed his eyes.

“I remember when we used to walk up here too. Admiring the view we had. It's definitely a prettier place from up here.”

A light wind blew across the stallion's face and through the trees behind him, rustling the leaves as it did. He let out another sigh as the first drops of rain began to fall.

“And then there was that crazy old man. Clever old man too. And we spent two weeks sitting by his bedside in the hospital...” A tear began to form in his eye. “And then, well. You know the rest of that. Some good food in that hospital though. 'Don't cry for me. I've had a good inning.'” He laughed at that. “Yeah he did.”

Taking a deep breath to try and control his tears, the stallion opened his eyes and looked across Manehatten again. A large metallic cylinder could be seen amongst some houses. Right of that was the school he used to attend. He closed his eyes again and continued to speak.

“You moved across the world. Followed your dreams. Life was great for everyone. Except it wasn't. There was always that hole with gramps gone and you out of reach. I know you felt it too. It hurt. Always did and always will. But you were where you wanted to be with everything you ever wanted. Except me.”

Tears ran down the stallion's cheeks.

“I found new friends and picked myself up. For the first time in a long time I felt good! Life was as good as it could get. And then...”

He stopped, openly crying into his hooves.

“And then... Pops came and found me...”

The rain had started to fall, but he didn't know when. He didn't care. It was the only comfort he had sat upon the hill of green.

“You were gone too. Just like that. I lost you too. All the things we should have been able to do. But we can't.”

He looked to the sky, his sadness replaced with anger.

“Why! Why me! Why now! I had everything coming together and you took her from me! Our protector? Then why didn't you protect her...”

He collapsed into a heap on the floor, his eyes red from the tears.

“I travelled across the world then. Saw places I couldn't dream of. Lands of orange and seas that stretch beyond sight. An endless sky filled with wonders. A beauty I can never describe in words. All to get to you. In your dream nation.”

He picked himself up and sat back down on a nearby rock, glistening in the rain.

“I had to carry you. I carried you down the aisle of a church. Still not even a man and I had to carry you on my shoulders and say my final goodbyes. It was a good turnout.”

He paused for breath.

“I never imagined so many people showing up. But it's who you were. That person everyone loved and could turn to for anything...”

More tears ran down his face. He leant over and held his head in his hooves.

“So afraid no one would care for you. And they did. All of them. All of them there for you. You'd hardly been there and half the town knew you and loved you. A shining example of humanity. You weren't perfect. But you were the closest I ever saw.”

A few minutes passed before he spoke again. His mane and tail dripping with the rainwater as his body shimmered in the moonlight.

“And what did I ever do to prove how your hopes in me weren't misplaced? Everyone expected the world from me. And I never made anything but trouble. I was a disappointment. But you carried on believing. It took your ending for me to begin.”

He stared at the moon, the past racing through his mind.

“I try. But it's too late. I was just a disappointment when you passed and that's all I'll ever be. It's etched in time. Your memories of me are the son who never achieved.”

Still staring at the moon, he sighed once more. No matter what he was now or what he chose to do, time would always remember what he was. And she would never see what he could be.

“I never tried. I never cared. I didn't write back. Two months I went without writing to you. What kind of a son does that? I got grades back and I was so impressed. I'd done something with myself. Picked myself up. That night I was going to write was the night you went.”

The rain continued to fall from the night sky, beating against his coat. A cold shiver ran through his body. It may have been a summer night, but it was still cold enough to give him the shivers.

“What do I do now? So many different things with so many people. I could do anything. I could travel the world. I could become an artist. But I know what I'll do. Maybe one day we'll meet again. Until then, goodbye.”

As he rose from the rock he had been sitting on, he spotted a small blue flower next to a nearby bush. Slowly walking over to it he began to examine it. It had three large purple petals that rose around the center. With a smile he picked it using his teeth and placed it on the rock.

“Goodbye mum. I miss you.”

Authors notes:
My word that was hard to write. Been meaning to get this off my chest for a while now. This is based from my experiences a few months ago where I lost it and broke down. All is good now, but I still needed an outlet. I won't rewrite this. I haven't even read it through again to check for mistakes. This is my raw writing and I hope you enjoy, maybe even feel something.
Kudos - Mcyav

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Comments ( 12 )

That was beautiful, bro. bravo, and thanks for sharing.

998852 Thanks. It's taken me a while to get it down.

It's raw and emotional but quite well written. I know about writting as an outlet it is a great way to express pain suffering or even stress.

999047 Thanks, like I said, I wasn't reading it through again to check for any mistakes :fluttercry:

I was listening to this while reading this story. I certainly felt something.

999272 That's a beautiful piece...

wow..... that was pretty good, really felt ti there

999494 Everything you write will be better if you've experienced it before.

999520 wait what? :rainbowhuh:

999847 I think he was the young stallion.

What happened to his left wing?

1000133 No idea. I said the pic wasn't mine. It just fit the story.

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