• Published 1st Jun 2012
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Caramel's night out - Mcyav

Caramel ends up spending the night with the Apples

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Chapter 4 - A Long Day

Chapter 4 - A Long Day

When he had come downstairs, Applejack had made pancakes on the old stove for him, and she served them with a side of spiced apples. He couldn't remember the last time someone had made him breakfast. Normally he would be the first up, making either an omelet or scrambled eggs for Wind Whistler. His mood dropped when he though of her again. He would work the daybreak to sunset to bring in money for her. He'd saved up a small fortune in the bank. A holiday to the glorious coasts of Equestria. And if he had enough spare, a weekend in the breath taking capital, Canterlot. He had it all planned. Every little detail of his future, all ready worked out and ready to happen. But of course life wasn't going to be that easy. He now found himself alone, relying on his closest friends for shelter and food. But he still had money in the bank. All he needed to do was find himself a place to live and start over again.

“Sugarcube? You don't look too good.” Caramel quickly zoned back to reality.

“I'm okay. Not great. But what can you expect?”

“I expect you to be smilin'! I don't make pancakes for just any ol' pony!” She was smiling, but he could see the worry in her eyes.

“I know you're worried AJ, but I'll be fine.” She looked at him, her smile fading. “I promise.”

A few minutes passed in silence.

“You should head on out. Big Mac'll have somethin' for you to do.”

In silence, Caramel picked himself up and headed outside to meet Big Mac and start another days work.

“So yer finally awake! How's that hangover treatin' ya?”

“I've been better. That's safe to say.” Big Mac laughed and shook his head.

“Yer a lightweight.”

“Sat next to you half the damn nation is lightweight.” Big Mac chuckled again.

“You gotta point.” He stood up slowly, stretching his neck as he did. “We're buckin' in the southern fields today. But as ya got up late we ain't gonna finish it all.”

“True. But you've got an extra set of hooves for a while.”

“Ya think yer strong enough to work here full time?” Caramel looked up to him and grinned.

“You think you can find better?” Big Mac smiled back at him.

“Ya got the spirit. Let's see how long that lasts.”

The evening came quickly, but not quickly enough for the hungover Caramel. He had propped himself up against one of the trees in the southern field, watching the sunset over Ponyville. The sunset was a beautiful thing. It revealed more shades of orange and yellow than Caramel had ever seen before. It's warmth and beauty swept over the land, warming him to the core. Tired from his work, he began to fall asleep. As he fell, he felt something leaning against him.


Yeah, it's really short. But I'm super tired and didn't want to risk ruining the next part with my sleepiness. I have it planned and shall writer before the month is up this time...

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Good show. I knew you could update this. Now, do it again.

One word: More.

yay!... meh theres more I can live with short

:eeyup: eeyup, this her's gonna turn out good! can't wait for more!

the thing laying on him is probably Big Mac......:scootangel:

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