Caramel's night out

by Mcyav

Chapter 2 - A Night To Forget

Chapter 2 - A Night To Forget

Caramel entered the living room, and he spotted Big Mac seated in an aged armchair in the corner of the room reading the days copy of The Ponyville Times. There was an article on the front about some new celebration the mayor had announced, something about finally removing hair dye. It didn't make any sense to Caramel how she ever managed to get a position such as mayor, but he didn't question it any further.

“Evenin' Caramel. AJ invite you in?” Caramel tried to remain calm, but ever since Big Mac hit him AJ had become an awkward topic no matter who he talked to. News traveled fast in a town like Ponyville. And that cursed Pinkie Pie didn't help either...
“Yeah, she did. So how are ya, Mac? I see you can still unwind with all that reading you keep telling everyone to do. You even sound like that Twile... Twilo..."

“Twilight? The librarian?” Big Mac interrupted him.

“Yeah, that one!”

“I'd thought you would’ve known the name of a close friend to AJ. Especially one who helped save Ponyville, and Equestria, countless times. And did many, many, other things. But I s'pose it wouldn't be like Caramel to remember much, would it?”

“Maybe I'm still sufferin' from a concussion!” Caramel raised a hoof to his head for effect. “It's not every day the biggest stallion in town hits me.”

“Well next time you should watch your drinkin'. Apple family cider ain't for lightweights.” Both stallions stared at each other for a while before Big Mac cracked a smile. “Sit down ya fool! I can't say ma head was clear either! An' speakin' o' AJ, where is she?”

“She was...”

“I'm here. You want a cider Big Mac?” Applejack stood in the doorway, her eyes bloodshot. Caramel and Big Mac stared at her for a moment, before Caramel raised his voice.

“Have you been...”

“NO! It's... I'm fine. I'll go grab the cider.” Turning quickly, she left the room.

“You going to cut me off now?” Caramel asked sarcastically turning to Big Mac.

“Somethin's up Caramel, she say anything to you on the way?” Not returning the smile or the sarcasm Caramel had.

“Not much other than jus' friendly conversation, about old times. Good and bad.” Upon hearing this, Big Mac seemed to settle slightly, or Caramel was getting used to the atmosphere in the house.

“She actin' funny?”

“Yeah, actually, at the door comin' in. It seemed awful tense an' when I was about to set off home she shouted, wait... Didn't you hear that from here?” Caramel realised how close Big Mac was to the door and probably could overhear any conversions held there.

“Yeah I did, jus' didn't know what went on before all that happened.” Big Mac began to stare at Caramel, causing him to shift awkwardly under his firm gaze. Caramel wasn't the smartest of Stallions, which Big Mac often reminded him. But he had a feeling he knew where this conversation was headed. “Hmm, I'll keep a close eye on her. Don't want her gettin' too upset, I'll probably talk to her tomorrow.”

Caramel was feeling rather awkward. He'd had a rather strange day to begin with, but with Applejack seemingly rather emotional for reasons he didn't know placing itself as the cherry on top of the cake. Rather than continuing the conversation about AJ, he made an attempt at changing the topic.

“So, you done anything other than buck trees recently?”

“Well there was this time I caught some farmhand with my sister.” A grin found its way onto Big Mac's face.

“Sounds rive... rivite… interesting, do tell me!” Caramel made sure the sarcasm could be heard in the words, other than the one that he struggled to pronounce. It worked, Big Mac started to laugh heavily with Caramel joining in.

“Sorry I took so long, fellas. Here's ya cider.” Applejack entered the room, heading to a small sofa near Big Mac. She placed a normal mug next to Caramel, who took no time in taking a swig of the froth covered goodness, and handed a special large mug to Big Mac.

“Is the mug that big a reason?” Caramel queried jokingly, eliciting a groan from his company. He knew that the mug was the only one in Ponyville big enough for Big Mac to hold, but it was habit for him to question Big Mac about it.

“So what were ya doin' down in Ponyville before I found ya Caramel,” Applejack asked. Caramel was taken by surprise at the question, grabbing the attention of Big Mac, who's mood suddenly reverted to a more serious one, making Caramel extremely nervous.

“Well, I... Erm...” A tear began to form in his eye as he turned his head away. “It's... just been a bad day, that's all.” He hoped that his feeble answer would stop the questions, but he knew that wasn't going to happen.

“Whatcha mean, 'a bad day'?” Big Mac looked concerned. Most ponies only saw Big Mac as a quiet worker who was good with numbers. But Caramel knew him better than that. There had been many a night where Caramel couldn't get a word into the conversation, leaving Big Mac to ramble on about this or that, or that time they went to Pinkie's party...

“Well, y'know how I spent Hearts & Hooves day with Wind Whistler?” The others sat quietly and nodded in response. “Well, shortly after that, we moved in together, things were great!” Caramel slumped. Tears began to flow freely from his eyes as he sobbed quietly. Unsure on what to do, Applejack stared at Big Mac, hoping for a helpful suggestion. He returned the stare with a hopeless look. “We had a future, but... I...” Caramel began to cry, giving up any chance of coming out with his pride intact. With Applejack stunned the recent revelations, Big Mac decided to try and console his friend.

“It's okay, Caramel.” Big Mac went over and sat himself next to Caramel. Playfully punching Caramel, he continued trying to reassure him. “I'm sure it happened for a reason. I know you ain't all that clever, but you’ve gotta good heart to make up for it.” Big Mac realised that his approach may have failed when Caramel began to cry even more.

“Then why?” Tears began to hit the floor. “Then... why? I tried! I always tried! I know I'm not perfect, but...” Caramel looked up, his eyes filled with tears. Big Mac placed a hoof on his shoulder.

“Caramel. It's okay. Sometimes, life just works like that. And it ain't fair. Hay it ain't. But you gotta stay strong.”

Applejack had stayed quiet, listening to Big Mac talk to Caramel. Observing Caramel, she noticed the tears had left a visible trail down his face, like two rivers of misery flowing from the red pits on his face. His mane was slightly rugged at the front where his hoofs had tried to cover up the tears from his eyes. As Applejack was taking note of Caramel's appearance and how best to approach the situation, she noticed that he was looking up, directly at her. Feeling slightly uneasy about the gaze, she returned a sheepish smile, lifting Caramel's spirits enough for him to regain composure as Big Mac sighed gently

“Now I know you ain't feelin' great sugarcube, but ya need ta let this out. Lettin' it build up ain't gonna do any of us good.”

Caramel's tears weren't flowing nearly as much as they were before, and with a small yet reluctant groan, he began.

“She kicked me out.” His face turned to one of sorrow. “Somethin 'bout not really carin' 'bout me. I...” Caramel tried to stop the tears flowing once more, but had no success in doing so. Big Mac shook his head slightly, the others unsure as to what he was disappointed at.

“What happened?”

A flash of pain spread across his face as he spoke again. “I waited weeks for Hearts & Hooves day. Weeks of waiting, planning...” Big Mac had been with him the day before Hearts & Hooves day. They had spent the day going from shop to shop with Caramel to collect his purchases.


They entered Sugarcube corner looking for a special package, baked by the famous Pinkie Pie. Caramel had said that there were some items he had to pick up from town. Seeing as it was Big Mac's day off, he decided he could spend the day with Caramel going between shops to collect whatever these items were, after all he spent most of his free time helping around Ponyville. At least this way he was helping a friend, even if there was very little help involved.

“Ahh Pinkie! I trust you have my order?” Caramel managed to add a little mischievous smile.

“Of course I do silly! That'll be thirty bits for you!” Pinkie beamed at Caramel. As he placed his thirty bits on the counter, Pinkie vanished. Just as fast as she had disappeared, she had returned with Caramel's order, a box just large enough to hold a small cake.

“Like I ordered?” Caramel quizzed lightly whilst Pinkie feigned insult at the words. The pair laughed at each other before Caramel made his way to the door where Big Mac stood waiting. With a smile upon his face, Caramel pointed out their next destination, a jewelry store.

It took Caramel half an hour to pick out the pieces he wanted, and set him back another fifty bits, which wasn't too bad considering the quality of the blue sapphire, even if it was a lighter hue than most others.

“This sure must be some special pony Caramel. All this for one mare?”

“Oh she's special all right! I saw her during winter wrap up, after losing those grass seeds.”

Big Mac started to grin and Caramel knew what was coming.

“After losing those grass seeds, eh? I take it you saw her an awful lot then?” Caramel groaned. He'd only lost the grass seeds twice, but Big Mac liked to joke about it anyway.

“Anyway! I approached her a couple of days later, when she was in the market. Introduced myself like any gentlecolt would.” Big Mac suppressed his laughter. “Her name's Wind Whistler.”

“Pegasus? Turquoise?”


Big Mac nodded. He had seen the Pegasus around town before but she had never been of any interest to the farmer.

“You need ta go anywhere else?” Big Mac asked, not wanting to waste his day idly walking around.

“Just to the market, my cupboards are empty.”


Caramel spent the better part of an hour seated on the floor. Big Mac was beside him, and Applejack was on the couch. Feebly, he attempted to stand on all fours, falling on his first go. When he managed to make it onto his hooves, he began stumbling to the door.

“And where d'ya think yer gonna go? Sleep on the streets?” Caramel froze. He didn't know what to do. He found himself homeless, alone, and afraid to talk to those who he should have trusted the most. The Apples were the most dependable and caring family in Ponyville, helping anypony that needed help. But Caramel was more than just 'anypony'. He was a close friend to the family. One of their most dependable farmhands and was always there to lend a hoof for whatever they needed.

“Y'know if you'd coulda come to us earlier. We always got that spare room upstairs.” Applejack said softly, Caramel felt the guilt hit.

“And there ain't a chance I'm lettin' my best friend spend a night on the streets.” Caramel looked down at the ground. He felt like he had betrayed those closest to him, the ones who he depended on. Every time a problem had occurred in the past, either Big Mac's or his own, the pair always stayed strong, lifting each other through the worst times of their life, and the most embarrassing.

“I...” Lost for words, Caramel stared at his life long friend, and Applejack, the mare who stumbled across him in his darkest hour.

“You ain't in any situation to be arguin' 'bout this! I'll fetch ya another cider. You sure look like ya could use it.” With that, Applejack left the room.

“Did ya finish that last one she gave ya?” Looking around as he spoke, Big Mac spotted Caramel's mug of cider, half empty. Caramel forced a smile and quickly finished the cider before Applejack got back.