• Published 1st Jun 2012
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Caramel's night out - Mcyav

Caramel ends up spending the night with the Apples

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Chapter 3 - Rude Awakening

Chapter 3 - Rude Awakening

The rest of the night passed quickly, with the three ponies drinking into the early hours of the morning. Many stories were shared amongst the group, mainly Big Mac reminiscing about how it used to be when he and Caramel were just colts. Although Caramel managed to slip in his story about a Hearth's Warming Eve long past, when Big Mac ended up spending the night at Fluttershy's cottage. Big Mac blushed slightly at the story, even if it had been told time and time again, insisting that nothing happened that night. The night had been a long one, and Caramel couldn't remember much past his forth mug of cider.

The first rays of Celestia's sun began to shine through the window, covering parts of the room in a glorious array of light. Somewhere outside birds could be heard chirping as Equestria came to life for another day. Unfortunately for Caramel, the sunlight, accompanied by the sounds of nature, had disturbed his drunken rest. He opened his eyes slowly, but was unable to focus on anything other than his headache. As he tried to remember how much he had drunk, loud thumps could be heard approaching. They stopped outside and the door swung open, revealing a massive red blur.

“Mornin' Caramel! How's that hangover treatin' ya?” Caramel winced at the voice, each word felt like a blow to his head. “Too much cider last night?” The voice chuckled at Caramel's pain, only adding to how much it actually hurt. “Come on, I'll fix ya some breakfast if ya get up.” Caramel slammed his head into the pillow and returned to a soothing darkness.

Caramel tried opening his eyes a second time, but upon only seeing darkness he closed them again. Once again, outside the room he was in, he could hear light thumping approaching down the hallway. The door opened for a second time.

“Caramel! Wake up!” Caramel winced again at the new voice, his head still pounding from last nights drink. “Come on now Caramel. Nice an' easy.” The voice became quieter, reducing the damage it was doing to Caramel's headache. He lifted his head out of the pillow and looked at the wall in front of him. This wasn't the guest room. In panic, he quickly scanned the room, his eyes falling upon Applejack stood near the open door. “It's about time ya were gettin' up, didn' quite make it to the spare room last night.” Caramel began to panic. Surely he hadn't... “It's ok! You stumbled in here drunk an' passed out on tha floor!” She began to laugh. “Big Mac came in an' putcha on the bed!” Caramel groaned. He wasn't sure which was going to be worse; the alcohol affecting his stomach, as well as his head, or Big Mac having to put him to bed.


“Whatcha sorry for?”

“Mainly the drink.” Caramel sighed slowly, “And everything else.”

“Don't you go worryin' about anythin'! 'Cept Big Mac, 'cus he's gonna need yer help if yer stayin'.” Caramel placed his head into his hooves. “Come on, I'll get ya some breakfast for that hangover.”

“I'm not sure that’s a good idea, I think I hear your toilet calling my name...”


Author's notes
Spoke to some people and I have decided to try and carry this on, Maybe I can go somewhere good with this!

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