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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 26-An accident

“Mission cancelled?” asked Fleetfoot. I saw Spitfire kicking her hind leg and glaring at her. I turned my head away from them. I was walking along Spitfire and Fleetfoot to where Soarin was. It seemed too bad that Spitfire was nervous and Fleetfoot’s smile wasn’t on her face anymore.

“You said what happened again?” I asked with a shaky voice. Deep inside, I didn’t even wanna know what’d happened. I just wanted to see Soarin. But my mind was telling me to act wisely and focus on the situation.

“We three were practicing a trick after all of you went away but Soarin went out of the way and had a… terrible will be a good adjective to describe that accident,” said Spitfire carefully.

“Terrible isn’t enough…” whispered Fleetfoot and received another kick from Spitfire.

“Here he is,” Spitfire pointed to a pony that was lying on the ground. My eyes went wide the minute I saw that. That pony, or Soarin in fact, was far from where we were standing but I was by his side within three seconds.

And there it was… the most frightening scene of my entire life…

Soarin, unconscious, lying on the ground, both of his wings bleeding and probably broken…

“Soarin…” I whispered. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were showing me. It… wasn’t true… it… it… couldn’t be true. No… not now… I still had to apologize him…

OH MY GOSH… what if I never get the chance to apologize him?

“Somepony has to take care of him,” said Spitfire.


“Easy girl. Do you even know where we are? At the middle of nowhere. We can’t carry him all the way to the hospital cause at the end, we’ll end up in that hospital as well. Also, we can’t take him anywhere because his wings will be worse than what they already are,” said Fleetfoot.

“I have an idea. I know where we are. There’s somewhere close to here,” I said enthusiastically but still with a tint of worried. Well, at least I had some hope.

“You need help in carrying him?” asked Spitfire.

“No. I think I can handle it. Just before you girls go, can you help me in placing him on my back?” I said calmly. At least I tried to be calm.

“So… does that mean that we can go now?” asked Fleetfoot.

“Yeah I guess you can go now just before you girls go,” I knew that I’m right at the middle of a nervous wrecking situation and the last thing I needed was to go crazy. I just had to keep my cool and fight back those tears that were trying hard to come out. There was time for crying later.

Fleetfoot and Spitfire helped me in placing Soarin on my back. And… DAMN HE WAS HEAVY! It was probably because of his wonderful muscles… ‘Erase it girl, erase it,’

“You sure you’re fine with this?” asked Spitfire again.

“I told you guys, I can do this. Now, I’d better get going,” I said as I looked at my back worriedly. “I don’t wanna waste any time. I have to find him a cure as fast as I can.”

Spitfire shook her head. “We’d better go as well. So sorry that you have to do this but I have a lot to do and my place is too far away from here. Fleet, you wanna come too?”

“Wha-oh, sure, sure,” said Fleetfoot with an awkward smile. “See ya later Rainbow.”

I smiled at them. “See ya later guys too. Bye.”

They shook their hoof for me as I flew away. I turned my head back again to see how Soarin was doing. He was lying on my back and his wings were still bleeding. Even sight of that made tears fall from my eyes. I cleared them as I looked forward. I had to go as fast as I can.

* * * * *

Spitfire’s P.O.V.

“Fleet, I feel bad about him,” I said worriedly.

She sighed. “You do know that he’ll kill you after his awake huh? It was supposed to be just a simple collision but what did you do? Made him fall right to the ground.”

I gave her a punch in the arm for the thousandth time that day. “You do know that you’re not helping at all huh? Sometimes I really wanna punch myself for choosing you as my best friend.”

“OUCH! Spit why do you behave like a kicking donkey today? Also, if you’d made a wise decision in your life it was choosing me as your best friend,” she said proudly. “Anyways, the point of this whole plan was for Rainbow to believe that something truly had happened for Soarin which was completed by your perfect acting.”

“Huh?” I looked at her surprisingly.

“Don’t you remember? Let me show you. Introducing, the first last show of Spitfire’s freaking out performed by the one and only…Fleeeetfooooot!” then she bowed and thanked the audience that didn’t exist at all. I rolled my eyes at her. I already knew what was she doing but I just let her go on. After a minute of bowing, thanking and blowing kisses to the invisible audience, she started her ‘show’ with a loud gasp.

“OH MY GOSH! WHAT HAVE I DONE! RAINBOW WILL KILL ME FOR IT!” said Fleetfoot with a frightened tone. Then she flew to the other side and acted as herself.

“C’mon Spit, it was just an accident but you hit him so hard that I think he won’t wake up for some days!”

“Fleet, you’re not helping at all,” said Fleetfoot with the best annoying tone she could muster.
At that point, I wanted to burst in laughter but stopped myself with objecting, “Hey, I’m not like that!”

“Please don’t talk during show. PS. Next time, take a look at mirror and you’ll find out that you’re exactly like that. Where was I again? Oh yeah!” said Fleetfoot as she posed to continue rest of her ‘show’. “Speaking of Rainbow, why don’t you go and tell her?”

“Tell her? We’re here and can help him. Why asking her when we’re eighty percent sure that she won’t show up?”

She shook her head with a look of disappointment. “I’m disappointed at you Spit, DISAPPOINTED. Why? You don’t even want to do YOUR OWN plan. Shouldn’t we call Rainbow anyway? Didn’t you say that we have to make her worried so what happened?”

“Well…uh… I…no, no…you… no I… Um… Spit a little help here? What else did you say?” said Fleetfoot as she tried to remember her ‘dialog’.

“Enough Fleet. I got the point,” I said as I rolled my eyes. No matter how many times I told her that I was crazy to choose her as my best friend, in my heart, I couldn’t choose anypony else better than her for friendship.

She just knew the right time to make fun. Like that minute that she tried her best to keep my mind away from things.

“Oooh! Oooh! I remember! Before I could say anything else, you went and called Rainbow, your frightened tone scared her too and here we are. By the way, it was ridiculous that you didn’t even want to do your own plan,” said Fleetfoot.

“I was so scared that I forget all about that plan.” I said defensive.

“By the way, we did well. Its only difference from your plan was that Soarin’s accident was real instead of fake,” said Fleetfoot, grinning from ear to ear.

“Fleet, it’s not something to take lightly,” I browbeat her. “I just hope their crazy pride don’t get in the way of our plan,” I said with a sigh as I looked up at the path that Rainbow flew to.

* * * * *

Rainbow’s P.O.V.

I wiped the tears for the thousandth time during my flight. It was crazy. I’d never cried through anything or anypony except from when I bore but recently, holding the tears was so hard for me. Especially when I was around Soarin. I don’t know what it was that made me show my soft side to him. A soft side that even I didn’t know about till I met Soarin. From that first night, I felt it. When we were at playground, in the swings. And I couldn’t hide it anymore, I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed being a girly filly around Soarin. It just made me have some feelings that I never in my life had before but for that moment, I knew that if I don’t rush, I might never feel like that again.

I focused on where I was flying and tried to hear a familiar sound. ‘Come on, come on, where’s that voice?’ I thought as I flew faster than the speed I was already flying at.

Slowly but soon enough, I heard the sound of the second comforting place in Equestria: The bay. It was second because no other thing could be as comforting as Soarin’s embrace, nothing.

Voice of crashing waves got louder by each flap of my wings. “We’re there Soarin, we’re there. Just wait a little more,” I talked to the unconscious stallion on my back. Finally, image of the bay I loved so much came in sight. I tried to slow myself down as sight of bay came closer and closer. I managed to stop myself right in front of the huge mansion that was going to be the house I lived in.

I opened the door with a key that Soarin gave me at my birthday party. He had told me that the house would be ready in a day and some days had gone since that night so the house was definitely ready.

‘Wow…’ was all that came to my mind when I opened the door. Not only it was huge but it was also very beautiful and well decorated. Did Soarin do all of this JUST for ME? But… but… didn’t he loved that other mare? Was this ALL for me? For real? Sight of house made me smile and think how sweet Soarin could be…

Soarin… SOARIN!

I gasped as I remembered the real reason of coming here. I quickly searched the rooms for a bed.

Fortunately, I found it in the first room. It was a huge king size bed with clean sheets on it. For a second I felt guilty for polluting them but that thought quickly trailed off as I remembered how much Soarin’s wings were bleeding.

‘He’ll take care of them later.’ With that thought, I slowly placed Soarin on the bed. Dry blood and fresh blood quickly polluted sheets. Even sight of that made me feel the pain Soarin would have if he was awake.

“Oooooooh my gosh! What the heck should I do now? His wings are bleeding and he’s unconscious…” I shouted to nopony else. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. “Relax Rainbow, relax girl. What would I do to somepony who’s unconscious? Well, I have to bring a doctor to him. But I’m too far away from hospital then who’s close to here and can help me?” I thought deeply and tried to calm myself down at the same time. Answer hit my head like a thunderbolt in a sunny day. “TWILIGHT!” I shouted happily as I flew outside to find the cure.

* * * * *

“You said what’d happen to him again?” said Twilight as she searched through her books.

I rolled my eyes and explained the problem for her again. “For the hundredth time Twi, he had an accident and his wings are broken, they’re bleeding and he’s unconscious.”

“Hmm… I think I can fix it. You have to wait here till I get the potions ready. All of them are ready except from one.”

I sighed sadly. “Fine. Do you think he’ll be fine?”

“Definitely. Don’t worry,” said Twilight as she placed some strange bottles on her desk. “Speaking of Soarin, tell him that my researches are completed when he woke up.”

“Research? For what?”

She shrugged and said, “I don’t know if I should tell you this or not but dislike Soarin, I think it’s your right to know.” Then she sighed sadly and continued, “A day after your birthday, he came here and told me everything about that mare. He said that before she started talking, she threw a little ball at floor right in front of him. He said after that, he couldn’t control his mind or body so none of the words he said were true.

He asked me if I knew anything about it or not and I told him that I’ll take a research and see what can I do.”

Her eyes went wide as she poured a yellow colored liquid in a bowl. “Its conclusion was crazy! It made me realize that how deep crimes in Equestria are.”


“Let me start with this. We all know that using magic is unicorns right, but did you know that using unicorns magic by a pegasi or an earthpony is completely illegal? Now tell me Rainbow, was that mare a unicorn?”

“No… no she was a pegesi,” I said as I tried to remember that mare.

“Then what she did was illegal. She’d use a unicorn’s magic.”

“But… shouldn’t unicorns stop doing this themselves.”

Twilight frowned and shook her head thoughtfully. “It’s worse than this. Pegasi and earthponies threaten expert unicorns to do this or worse, unicorns work with them by themselves.”


“You can find them if you take a look at jails. Want one? Then ask one of those prisoners. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF THEM COULD BE FOUND IN PONYVILLE ITSELF? BLACK MARKETS! THEY’RE FILLED OF THESE JERKS!” panted Twilight as she shouted her last sentences. She shook her head again. “Going angry over them won’t make anything better.”

“Wow… this is crazy who much a fanfilly can love her idol,” I said.

“Rainbow, I’m afraid that she wasn’t just a fan. He’s a Wonderbolt. There are plenty of ponies that are killing themselves just to be instead of him. Some prefer to sweet talk them but some others prefer to do it from the hard way. Those new killers are an example of them.”

“New? I thought those cycle killers were the latest.”

“I’m talking about those cycle killers. It’s frightening! They’re after reach ponies and their plan is simple: they seduce them and make those poor ponies fall for them then in a shot, they stole their everything and before they could even call police, their dead.”

Twilight was right. That was frightening. VERY frightening. “I… I’ve never thought such things even exist.”

Twilight sighed sadly. “Equestria has more crimes than we think it does. Sometimes I wanna punch myself for accepting the offer of taking research for Soarin. I was living in my own little world but suddenly, with finding these, I found that this little world of mine wasn’t as beautiful as it seems.”

“But really Twi, where did you get these from?” I asked curiously.

She blushed and thought about something for a moment but it more looked like she was having a daydream. After some seconds she answered me with a dreamy voice, “I got them from Flash Sentry.”

“From who?”

“Flash Sentry. That royal guard with gorgeous blue mane and muscular body and wonderful deep blue eyes that’ll melt your heart and…” said Twilight with a voice that was indifferent at first but started to get a dreamy tone as she started to describe her ‘secret love’ but it wasn’t just that. It seemed with every word she said about him, she was melting in the ground!

“Whoa, fine Twi. I got who you’re talking about,” I said. I giggled at her red face. “You really love him don’t you?”

“NO I DON…” Twilight started shouting but stopped mid-sentence. “Who am I kidding? I can’t lie to myself. Yeah I DO love him.” She blushed again as she said those last words. “Anyways, your potions are ready now. Just let me give you a warning about them. Do you see this red potion?”
She pointed to a bloody red potion. I shook my head yes and waited for her to continue. “This potion is for antisepticising his wings before bandaging them. After you cleaned the blood with warm water and this potion, pour this purple potion in cold water and let bandages get soaked in water. When bandages get a milky color, wrap his wings with them and let them rest for at least three days. Remember, he can’t open or fly with his wings for three days. You also have to be careful to change the bandages every day so don’t waste all of the potion today.

“After three days, you have to open the bandages and let him open his wings and give them a rest but NO FLYING until a full week passes. Then his wings will be better than what they were before!

“To make him conscious, add this blue potion to something warm like tea and pour it in his mouth. He’d be awake less than three minutes. If not, you can be sure that his dead and will never be awake again!” said Twilight with a grin.

I just stood there blinking. It wasn’t because I didn’t understand what she said. I did understand every single word of it the thing was that I couldn’t believe that Soarin’s life or death only depended on a little potion.

“Rainbow Dash? Did you understand what I said?”

“Yeah… yeah, it’s just that… I… I…”

Twilight sighed and smiled warmly at me, “Don’t you worry Rainbow. I’m sure nothing will happen to him. No one could be dead by just an accident.”

I took a deep breath and answered, “Yeah, I guess so. Thanks Twi.” I smiled and grabbed potions and a clean bandage that Twilight gave me. For that moment, all I could wish was health of Soarin.

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