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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 36- Start of a Dream, Part 1

My eyelids closed for the thousandth time, but this time it was much harder to open them again. It was obvious, if I didn’t open them up again, I would fall asleep for a good three days!

But I didn’t really want to fall asleep. If it were up to me, I would never ever leave the place I was in, in Soarin’s strong arms. We were both staring at the waves that crashed to the beach and went back, each thinking of our own thoughts… well, Soarin at least did so while I tried to keep myself awake.

“Are you still alive?” whispered Soarin to me.

“Huh? What?” I said as my eyes snapped open tiredly.

“Okay, I got my answer, you’re not!” he said with a chuckle.

“What are you…” I tried to say but stopped to yawn. “…talking about?” I finished as I looked at him with sleepy eyes.

“I’m talking about getting you home to sleep,” he said. “Come on, I’ll fly you home.”

“Okay,” I said lazily. Soarin flapped his wings and took off. He hovered in the air, waiting for me. I also flapped few times but they were way too weak to even lift me up. Finally, I used all of my remained energy and hovered in the air. Well… you couldn’t really call it hovering. My hooves were almost touching the ground.

“Wow, you must be really tired,” he said with surprise. With this, I let myself fall to the ground. I lay flat on the ground and didn’t even bother myself to stand up again.

Soarin chuckled when he saw me like that. I looked at him lazily. He pretended that he was thinking. “Hmm… what can we do about it? We sure can’t leave you here. I don’t want somepony to steal my fiancée! But I can’t leave you in the house either. I still have one show left. So… you should go to your house. But how?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even care if you leave me right here. I’ll deal with the thieves when I woke up three days later…” I said lazily.

“But I can’t deal with them so you’re going home,” he said.

“Don’t tell me I have to walk. I don’t even have energy to talk let alone something as hard as walking!” I muttered.

“Well, you don’t have to walk,” he said as he landed next to me.

“What do you-” I was about to ask when suddenly I felt I was lifted up. “Whoa!” My eyes widened even though I was extremely sleepy. Even with my half active mind, I understood that Soarin had picked me up in his arms.

Soon, he begin flying toward Ponyville. “Soarin, what are you doing?” I said. At the moment my voice was barely as loud as whisper.

“Taking you home but don’t think about it. Just close your eyes and sleep,” he said with a kind smile to me.

I tried to smile back but it was so weak that even I didn’t feel it. Instead, I decided to what Soarin said, so I rested my head upon his chest, right where his heart was beating. I smiled and closed my eyes. The last thing I remembered was Soarin’s heartbeat that took me to dreamland like a lullaby.

I was instantly awake when I felt that I was placed in my bed. “Don’t open your eyes. Just sleep.” I felt Soarin whisper in my ears kindly. Even though I was half asleep, I managed to smile weakly. I felt myself drift off to sleep once again while Soarin planted a soft kiss on my forehead. As I gave up to the sleep I tried to make the smile stay on my face.

Soarin’s P.O.V.

I sighed as I made my way through the house. There was nopony home… yet. Well, that was what I thought before a squeaky sound almost screamed, “Uncle Soarin!” And before my brain could search the list of the ponies I know with a similar voice, my little niece ran into me and hugged me like I was her teddy bear!

“Gum-Gum, slow down girl! I know you love me but you’re gonna kill me if you continue,” I said with a chuckle. Gummy giggled and let me go.

“Most of the times I regret that she had gotten her agitation from her one and only uncle,” said Astral Bolt, Gummy’s dad, with a smile. In that short time we get to know each other, he had become one of my very good friends and I didn’t mind that once he had took my sister away from me. He had given her back though!

Though there were still things that were off about him. Like his job. Cloudy never seemed to talk about it but whatever it was kept him really busy. But even with these things, he still was a really good stallion and a great father.

“Is she still asleep?” I asked.

“I guess. She hadn’t exited the room so maybe she is,” he answered.

I smiled and replied, “Well, let’s check on her.”

“I’ll go wherever you go!” said Gummy happily and to emphasis what she said, she clutched tightly to one of my hooves.

“Okay. Let’s go,” I said with a smile to her. She squealed in delight and ran to Rainbow’s room before anypony. Astral Bolt chuckled and shook his head as he went to sit on one of the couches. I chuckled too as I started to walk to where Gummy went to.

Once I entered the room I saw Gummy looking at Rainbow with wide eyes. She turned to me when I walked through the door and pressed her small hoof to her nose to signal that I should stay quiet. I smiled at her and nodded, telling her that I got the message.

“Does auntie always sleeps like this?” Gummy whispered to me as she tilted her head innocently.

She was pointing to Rainbow’s bed. I raised an eyebrow and looked to see what she meant. The best thing I could do at the moment was exiting the room before I could burst into laughter but at the same time I really wanted to stay there and watch the scene in front of me.

Half of Rainbow’s face was under her pillow and the other half was visible. Her rainbow mane was all over place. It was easy to see it even though half of her mane was hidden under the pillow. One of her front hooves was hanging from the bed just like one of her back hooves that was in the same position. But the most important thing was that she was snoring exactly like a train’s engine. But even with her funny way of sleeping and loud snores, she looked cute.

“No Gummy. She doesn’t always sleep like this…” I said with a smile. I continued rest of my sentence in my mind, ‘… at least not when she was asleep beside me.’

“Doesn’t she wanna wake up? She has been sleeping for soooo long,” said Gummy.

“Yeah she really should wake up,” I said with a chuckle. “She’d been asleep for almost twelve hours!”

“What’s all the noise?” said a sleepy voice. “Can’t somepony get a little sleep around here?”

I chuckled and sat on the bed. “Not if that pony had been asleep for almost twelve hours!” She grumbled and huffed but didn’t answer back. I leaned to her face and whispered, “Besides, while you were having your beauty sleep, somepony here was dying to be with you.”

She immediately looked up and narrowed her eyes at me. “And who’s that lucky pony?”

I grinned and winked at her. “Yours one and only."

Her beautiful eyes widened and a big blush appeared on her face. She averted her eyes from me and squeezed her face into pillow, probably to hide her blush from me. I chuckled and whispered in her ear, “It’s the truth.” She only squeezed her face in the pillow harder and I didn’t doubt that her blush deepened. I kissed top of her head gently.

Suddenly Gummy jumped on the bed and made it bounce. She grinned and almost screamed, “AUNTIE GET UP!” Rainbow yelped and looked up at Gummy with wide eyes. Gummy giggled and jumped up and down on the bed as she said, “Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!”

“Okay, okay, I’m up!” said Rainbow with a giggle. She grabbed Gummy mid-air and tickled her. Gummy tried to push her away but finally gave up and started giggling loudly. I couldn’t help but smile at them. Finally, when Rainbow let her go, I wrapped a wing around her and drew her closer to myself. She looked at me with a big smile on her face and eyes filled with happiness and love.

“Only two more days and you’ll be completely mine,” I said with a happy smile. Her eyes were suddenly filled with surprise.

“Two more days? Really?” she asked with wide eyes. “But things aren’t ready!”

I laughed and hugged her closer. “Of course things are ready! You don’t worry. Everything’s perfect.”

“Wow… two more days…” said Rainbow in a low voice.

“Is there something wrong? We can change the date if you want-”

“No, everything’s good. It’s just that I’ve been so confused this lately that I missed the days!” she said with wonder.

“Well, you’d better use your days of being a single lady really well because you can’t believe what a strict husband I am!”

“Oh yeah?”

“Don’t doubt it!”

“But you wouldn’t bother me would you?” she said with a cute pout.

I only smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “I would never ever bother you.” She grinned at me and stayed quiet.

“Can you two save the romance for later? It’s getting late Soar,” said Astral Bolt from door’s frame. He had a smirk on his lips that showed he had saw most of the things that happened. Well, he was no problem. Just some teasing and he’ll forget everything.

As his answer, I rolled my eyes and extended my hoof to Rainbow. “Right, I almost forgot. While you were asleep, I was practicing for the last show of the tour that’s gonna be in Ponyville. You don’t wanna miss it, do you?” I said to Rainbow.

Her eyes widened and suddenly a huge face splitting grin appeared on her face. “Miss a Wonderbolt’s show? You wouldn’t see me doing it! I’ll be just a moment,” she said excitedly as she flew to bathroom as fast as she could. I chuckled and leaned against her bed as I watch her getting ready hastily.

And it was just the beginning…

Author's Note:

Apologizing sure wouldn't be appropriate now. I messed up pretty bad. I didn't even opened the word for writing it. It's just that, I've been going through some things lately and couldn't write but now that I'm (kinda) over it, it won't happen.
For now, I hope you have forgiven me and enjoyed the chapter.:twilightsmile:

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YES YES YES FINALLY! NEXT CHAPTER IS FINALLY HERE (gets up and starts dancing around the room) UH HUH UH HUH NEXT CHAPTER IS HERE NEXT CHAPTER IS HERE NEXT CHAPT- (my sister walks in and has a face like what) uhhhh are you ok? YES YES IM FINE NOW PLEASE LEAVE ME BE:flutterrage: ok ok ok I'm going THANK YOU

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I love this book
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:rainbowlaugh: The hilarity of that, no? :rainbowlaugh: Thank you for the correction, I suppose when typing quickly, one tends to make mistakes :rainbowwild:

And it was just the beginning…

Well then maybe one day I'll get to read the end.

The name Rainbow Dash.

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Do not belong in the same paragraph. But, that’s the rule in my fic-iverse, not yours, but this ain’t a bad idea. :twilightsmile:

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