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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 18-A lost stallion

“Come in.” said a voice from the other side of the door. I quickly opened the door and entered. “Oh! Look who’s here! Hey Rainbow Dash!”

“Hey Spitfire!”

“What are you doing here? I thought Soarin and you were spending time together.”

“Soarin and I? I thought you had a new trick that Soarin had to practice.”

Spitfire blinked then said, “Well, we did have a new trick but not today. It was several days ago. Today’s practice was only a little preparation for our show which is a few days away. I gave rest of the day and week to the team off to practice and have fun.”

“Including Soarin?”

“Including Soarin. Why?”

“Nothing… it’s just that last night he said that he has to come here for practicing a new trick and can’t spend time with me but he said that as soon as it was done he would come after me.”

Spitfire who was listening carefully at me grinned at me and said, “Who knows? Maybe he’s spending his time with another mare!”


She laughed. “But seriously, I don’t think he lied just for sake of lying! He has a good reason for it. I know him. He would never lie this easily.”

“I hoped he would explain some… lies for me but I didn’t expect him to lie himself! I mean he seemed so serious when he was talking to me.”

“Well, Soarin doesn’t lie but when he does he does a great work! No wonder you didn’t doubt him. By the way, what should explain for you?... If you want to say.”

“Of course. It’s about my friends. Yesterday, Soarin went to my house for planning our wedding. When my friends and he wanted to leave, they all made some excuses for me. I sensed that Soarin may know why so I came here to talk to him then I found out this…”

“Hmm… it does look suspicious,” said Spitfire as she tapped her chin thoughtfully. The she looked at me with a smile. “Hey, I have an idea! I don’t have much work left so let me help you in finding him. I may know some places that he would be.”

“Thanks, Spitfire.”

We both took off and started to fly to Soarin’s house. It was the first place he would be in but thinking about where I was going was the last thing I was thinking about.

I knew Spitfire was just kidding but could it be possible? Did he lied to me so he can go and spend time with another mare?

I suddenly felt very sad. I felt like… my heart broke. I wanted him to be mine. Only mine. Not mine and a mare’s.

“Um… Spitfire?”


“Do you… think that Soarin might really lied to me so he can spend time with another mare?”

Spitfire laughed. “Come on Rainbow, I was just kidding!”

“I know but…”

Spitfire put her arm at my back and smiled at me. “Of course he wouldn’t do this. Let me tell you a story about Soarin that can make you sure that he wouldn’t do such thing. Do you like stories?”


“At first, when Soarin entered the academy, a lot of the mares in the team thought that he was so handsome and attractive. They all were trying their hardest to attract his attention. First, he was acting the same with them but when he found out what they truly meant by all of those flirting and smiles, he tried to don’t pay attention to them and act cool with them.

“But in the other hoof, if a mare was acting like a simple friend to him, he accepted the friendship with her too but only friendship and nothing more.

“However, in a short time every mare in the team learned that Soarin’s not the mare-loving type so they just tried to be a simple friend with him.

“You may not believe but even some of the mares thought that his heart is made of stone! But with all of these, one thing was for certain. He was never the type to just ‘give a try’ to relationships. He believed that a relationship has to only be made of love.

“But he also said that these days and with his condition, it’s hard to find a mare who truly could love him. He kinda never had hope to fall in love! I even remember when some time he said that he would never marry a girl!

“The day he said those things, he made me thought that it may have been because of a mare he loved and left him so his heart was broken and that was why he never liked mares but now I know that it was experience of her sister that made him think so.

“However, in the team, he was famous for hating girls and also being a big joke master! One day, after a show in Cloudsdale… well… I don’t know if I should say this or not…”

“Why do you think you shouldn’t tell me this?” I asked.

“Well… I don’t want to ruin your imagination of Soarin.”

“Spitfire, you did realize that Soarin and I are going to get married, right?”

“Well… sure. Everypony in the academy knows. Why?”

“Well, I have to know everything about my future husband so my life won’t be a total disaster so please tell me.”

Spitfire looked at me with a hint of worried in her eyes. “Well then, I hope you won’t be mad.”

“I Won’t. Continue.”

Spitfire continued, “So… where was I? Oh yes! One day, after a show in Cloudsdale, we all went for giving autographs to fans. For getting to the autograph stage, we had to walk through an aisle that was filled with screaming fans.

“Soarin always hated that aisle because of all of the fanfillies who shouted ‘I love you Soarin’. He always believed that love is very holy and shouldn’t be shouted like this which was nothing more than a lie.

“But he had to stay respectful to his fans so he created a rule for getting through that aisle. His rule was to give autograph only to three ponies through that line.

“Now, back to that day. We ended the show, he had to get past that aisle again. We all knew that he’s arriving would take a lot of time cause he was always choosing the ponies for giving autograph carefully.

“But that day was very different from the others. First different thing was his huge smile after he caught up with us. I clearly remember that the first thing Fleetfoot said was that he looks like a colt who’d heard ‘yes’ from the mare he loves for a date!

“The second unusual thing was him. He laughed along with us. Normally, he would just frown and say that it’s not true and Fleetfoot would start teasing him and he would answered back and so cycle would go on.

“That day, I thought that… well… he might have truly fell in love with somepony. The thing was that it was very hard for me to believe it. The biggest oppose of ‘love in the first look’, had just fall in love just by seeing a mare.

“After that show, I saw Soarin’s development in flying with both of my eyes. Every single day he was improving more and more and in shows… let’s say he truly rocked there!

“Among all of our teammates, only I predicted that he’s doing it for some pony he loved. I never saw that mare but I did saw how enthusiastically he describes her to your brother. Whenever I asked Hurricane about it, he just laughed and said that he’s very crazy about her but he had doubts that he knew the mare or not.

“I could see how life was sweet and amazing for Soarin. Every day, he was only waking up to see her. He was only living to see her. It was like his heart was only beating for her.”

“How do you know how he felt?”

She looked at me with a sad smile. “I found it out when one day everything turned upside down for him. It was when I realized how he really was and what happened.”

“What happened?”

Spitfire sighed. “One day, when we had a show in Ponyville, everything changed. Soarin came back with a frown and bitter behavior. As the time went on, he got worse and worse. As captain of Wonderbolts, it was my responsibility to see if one of the best fliers in the team was OK or not so I talked with Hurricane about it.

“He said that from that day that we had a show in Ponyville, that mare never came to see him again and his heart was so broken.

“It took him several years to turn back to the pony he used to be. He still wasn’t the same Soarin we knew until the day she brought you with himself.

“I clearly remember that day. Soarin burst into my room with a huge grin and asked me if he can take the future week off or not. At first I was shocked. He’d never take a whole week off. Normally he would only take one or two days off. At the worst situation ever he would take three days off not more and not less but a week off… it was odd. Very odd.

“The next day he came into my room with his old way bothering me at mornings. It was true that as always Fleetfoot had been talking to me till midnight but I was awake enough to understand that this Soarin that made a total mess in my office is my old cousin before he fell in love.

“However, after I saw you with him I was very confused. I never expected him to bring a mare with him after that mare and also the accident that had happened to Cloudy but he truly did bring a mare with him and not only any mare, but his fiancée.

“From that day on, I saw him going back to what he used to be. The old joke master was back again!

“I never found out why till now. Now that I’m thinking more, I see that now, he’s the Soarin that once fell in love in the first look.” Then she turned to me with a happy smile. “Rainbow, I think…I mean I’m 90% sure that Soarin loves you. Yes, he may have come to you so he can forget about the mare he used to love but he had fell in love in the first look once again!”

“But…But… how can you say such thing so sure?”

“First, I know my cousin. Second, I saw his happiness before, when he loved that mare. His happiness is now is how it used to be at those days. Rainbow, I’m sure.”

“And… what should I do?”

“Hmm… let me tell you something. I’m talking generally. When we were partying for Cloudy’s back, I saw you talking about your love problems with your friend.

“You can’t always go and ask your friends or others. There will be sometimes that you feel more alone than any time before and there’s nopony around to help you with your love problems.

“I don’t know much about love or relationships but my mom always told me a something about that. It could work for you. She always told me if you want to know what to do when you’re in love with somepony, just listen to your heart. It’ll always tell you what to do.”

“I… think it would work.”

“It sure will.” Then she winked at me and said, “Never have doubt in what my mom say. She’s always right!” she patted my back and smiled. “Think of it. I know you’ll find the best way on your own.”

Then she flew to Soarin’s house to see if he’s there or not and left me with a bunch of new information and question to think about…

* * * * *

I couldn’t believe it… it was impossible… how could that ever happen to me?... I mean… why me of all ponies?... and the other thing, why I was like that?... why did I have tears in my eyes?

No… Rainbow Dash never cries… never…

But… but… then where’s him?

“Spitfire… where’s him?” I asked as I tried to keep my tears away but instead, my voice turned out to be shaky.

Spitfire spun around herself and looked at the sky nervously and said, “I don’t know… I just don’t know. I’m just wondering how such a big pony could be lost in Ponyville!”

Despite her try to make me laugh or at least smile, I just bite my bottom lip to stop my tears from falling. Her comment only made me worse and more worried for him. “Spitfire, what if something had happen to him?”

“No, it’s impossible. He’s a Wonderbolt. He knows how to fight better than other ponies. Don’t worry Rainbow. We’ll find him. Maybe he’s just somewhere we don’t expect. Have you tried calling Cloudy?”

“Yes, like… hundred times but she just doesn’t answer.”

“It’s gonna be OK. We’ll find him. I’m sure.” No matter how hard she was trying to comfort me, she looked as harassed as I was. She was spinning around but there was just nothing to do. “Rainbow, let’s go back to your home. I’m pretty tired right now. I’m afraid I don’t have any energy left to look for him. Maybe we can tell your parents to help too. Staying here won’t change anything.”

I couldn’t take my tears in anymore. “O… OK…” I said as I cried.

We flew back to my home. Through the way I was only crying. Spitfire was trying her hardest to comfort me but how everything could be fine when I didn’t know where Soarin was?

We’ve been looking everywhere ever since Spitfire came out of Soarin’s house and said that he’s not there. We’ve looked every single inch of Ponyville and Cloudsdale but there was no sign of him and nopony had seen him before.

Tears were rolling down my face and I just couldn’t stop them. I had thought of the things Spitfire told me that day. She was right. Listening to heart could help a lot. And at that moment, my heart was shouting that it misses Soarin a lot.

I finally realized. I realized that if only for a day, no, for a minute, I don’t know where Soarin is, I would definitely die. I finally realized that I had reached to the point that I just can’t stand life without him.

I didn’t know what the name of this feeling was but it didn’t matter at that moment. All that mattered was Soarin…

My Soarin…

Where are you?...

We finally reached to my home. I was still crying and sniffing when I heard Spitfire’s surprised voice calling, “Rainbow…”

I looked at her. She was staring at her front with wide eyes and dropped jaw. I looked at the way she was looking at and…

Next thing I knew was somepony shouting, “RAINBOW!”

It was enough for me. Enough to fly as fast as I could ever fly and jump in the open arms that were waiting for me.

As soon as I reached my place of relaxation, I closed my eyes and cried in the arms of the stallion that was holding me tight. All I could say at that moment was only one word…


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