• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 11-Guests


I lay in my bed thinking of the past week. I never had such a fun time. Every day, a new place, a new thing to do and every day seeing Soarin again. Next day, after when he took me to Wonderbolts academy, he called me and asked me if I’m free after noon.

I couldn’t believe what he said. We just went out last night but he said that he just wants to know me better and since I really liked to go and know this stallion, I went out with him. In the other hoof, my parents trusted Soarin completely.

He took to shows, movies, picnics, parks and a lot more places. We even went on a picnic with my friends. In that picnic, both my friends and Soarin got to know each other better. And let’s not mention that after the picnic we were all rolling on the ground from laughter. I didn’t even know where Soarin get all of those jokes! But his jokes were never the same and each time he made new ones.

Yesterday, our family made a picnic for us. Both of our families were there. In that picnic I learned some new things about too. His family were so warm and friendly. For the first time I met them. His mother was a nurse and her name was First aid kit just like her cutie mark.

His father was the stallion with purple mane and pale blue skin. Soarin seemed to have his talent from him. He used to be a Wonderbolt and he had taught his son all of the tricks. His name was Streaming Cloud. He was a very happy stallion and was as funny and energetic as Soarin or in fact, Soarin was as funny and energetic as him.

His brother, was a lot different from Soarin. As Soarin said he was born to be a dentist. He was a big book worm. Even he had brought his books to the picnic and was reading them and only when Soarin introduced me, he raised his head and nodded toward me. What made me curious about him was that he was Soarin’s older brother. When I asked him, he said that he wanted to study badly so his parents let him study later. He said after an accident about arranged marriage in their family, her mother is not too interested in traditions.

He also said that he had a big sister too but he said he rather not talk about her so I didn’t ask about her too. Mainly, except from his brother, his family was great.

And I didn’t know how to hold that much happiness all at once. At least that day Soarin had to go back to academy and was busy until afternoon so there was no fun and hang out today. I couldn’t deny that I really enjoyed hanging out with him.

And I even realized something. I really don’t know what was that but whenever Soarin was with me I felt so happy and every day I was counting every second to the minute Soarin came and took me to some place new. The time he wasn’t around like that day, I was feeling so empty and sad. I didn’t know what do they call this feeling? Maybe I was just starting to like him. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Maybe my loneliness wasn’t only because of Soarin not being there cause at that moment I was really alone! After my engagement, my mother was doing my work as captain of weather team. In return, I had to cook whenever she was out. After cooking for thousand time every day and night my cooking was finally getting better and better.

My father was out too. He had his own work. And I was alone sitting and wondering what to do. Checking food? But I had checked it ten time for past five minutes. Flying? No. I couldn’t leave home. Maybe telling one of my friends to come here. Yeah, that was good. But only among them only Fluttershy could come here. Well, she was good too.

I was going to call her when I heard someone knocked on the door. Who could it be? It was impossible my parents would be back this early. Maybe it was Fluttershy. Or maybe another pony. The only way of finding out was opening the door.

I trotted to the door and opened it. Behind the door, little group of ponies stood. There was a mare with pale blue mane and tail and purple skin. Next to her was a stallion with grey skin and red mane and tail. In arms of the mare a little filly who seemed to be 4 or 5 was sleeping.

They seemed be a family. Maybe their appearances were different but there was something that was written in their faces. Their face and eye were showing signs of lack of sleep, food and tiredness.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Yes. Please, please, please, let us come in. We hadn’t eat anything for three days,” said the mare. Her weak voice was approving what she said. What should I do? It was clear that they were not from here and were out of food but they were still stranger. They even could be thief!

When that mare saw my hesitate she said, “Please, this filly hadn’t eat anything. She’s not sleep. She had passed out.”

My eyes went wide! She hadn’t eat anything for three days. It was too much for a little filly like her. I had to help her.

“Come in! Come in!” I said quickly and went away to let them in. They got in. I went to kitchen and checked on my food for the thousandth time that day. Fortunately it was ready. I grabbed some and brought for them. I also grabbed the phone to call the doctor. I placed the tray of food over my back and give it to them as I talked to doctor and tell him come over here.

Within a minute, doctor was at the door. I led him in and showed the filly to him. He quickly started his treatment on her. I went back to check for the mare and stallion.

They were eating the food I gave them. They really seemed to be hungry. I didn’t disturb them and decided to stay by little filly’s side until her parents were done eating.

As I enter the room, I saw doctor inserting a serum in her little arm. Then he stood up to leave. When he saw me at door, he nodded at me.

“She’s fine. She was just out of food. If she woke up before serum ended, wait till it ends and if she didn’t woke up, call me again,” he said.

I nodded and led him out of door. Then I walked back to little filly. She was so cute and looked so calm but her face showed that she’s a naughty and noisy girl when she’s awake.

I always loved little fillies and colts but mostly fillies cause they’re cute and most of the time quiet. This little one was one of cutest. Before I knew and before I can hold myself, one of my hooves was busy caressing her soft mane. I smiled uncontrollably. Since no one was here, I didn’t mind showing my soft side a little. However, after some minutes of staring at her and caressing her, she opened her eyes slowly.

“Mommy?” she asked softly.

“Hi! I’m happy you woke up!” I said quietly.

She turned her head toward me. “You’re not my mommy!”

“I know. Don’t worry. She’s OK.”

“Are you a nurse?”

“No. I’m just a friend.”

“You stole me?” she asked me so quietly that I almost didn’t hear it.

I laughed a bit. “No. I’m just looking after you. Because your mother was tired.”

She smiled at me. “You’re beautiful.”

“Not as you are.”

She giggled. “My mommy said I have an amazing uncle.”


“Can you go and marry him?”

My eyes widened. What an unexpected question! Especially from a little filly. “Oh…I’m sorry but I’m taken.” I winked at her.

She giggled again. “You’re like a kind aunt.”

I smiled at her. “Thanks. But you didn’t tell me. What’s your name?”

“I’m Cloud Gum. My mommy calls me Gummy.”

I chuckled. “My friend has a pet alligator named Gummy!”

“Alligator? I love them!”

“Then you have to meet Pinkie, my friend.”

“I like pink too!”

“Then I’ll make sure you’ll meet her. She loves little fillies too.”

“Yay!” she cheered happily but still weakly. “Can I stand up?”

I looked at serum. About half of that was remaining. “Still no. You have to rest.”

She yawned tiredly. “I wanna sleep. Bye-bye!”

“Bye-bye Gummy,” I whispered quietly.

I smiled one last time and left the room. As I left the room. I saw Gummy’s parents trotting to me.

“Excuse me, do you have a place for a short nap?” asked the mare.

“Sure. Here. This way.”

I led them to one of the spare rooms that we usually used for guest. I gave two sleeping bags to them. I was about to leave when I heard that mare calling, “Mind if I company you?”

I smiled. “Not at all but… don’t you want to sleep?”

“I think my husband need it more than I do.”

We walked back to living room and sat on one couches. I didn’t know how much more I could take my curiosity back. At that moment that I was sure they were trusted, I was so curious to know more about them.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what had happen to you?” I finally asked.

She smiled. “I sensed it coming!” then she sighed. “Where do I begin?”

“From the start without missing a word!”

“But that’s whole story of my life!”

“I have enough time and I love stories so… go on!”

“OK…” she began.

“I was the first child of a good, loving family. I really loved my mom and dad. When I was 5, I had my first brother. He was so cute and little. Two years later, I had my second brother. I raised between my brothers. It made me a true tomboy. But the one who had the biggest part in making me a tomboy was my youngest brother.

“Like they’re appearance, we were different in the inside too. I was a true bookworm and also a great flier too. I loved both of my talents and it was hard for me to choose only one. But dislike me, my brothers had a thing that they were so good at. The oldest, was like me. He loved books and was a big bookworm.

“The other one was the naughtiest colt I’d ever seen. He was like a bomb and loved to run or fly every chance he’d get. Just like me! But in a much bigger stage. From the start, we, my youngest brother and I stick with each other well. Better than the older one and I.

“As we got older, I realized something about my family. It was an old tradition that was saying a child in our family has to get married at the age of eighteenth. At that time I was only 17. It was hard for me to know that I have to get married only one more year.

“At that days, my mother didn’t know that I, completely unaware of such a tradition, had fallen in love with my son of my father’s number one enemy. But there was no way back. I couldn’t forget him and go and marry another boy. After my parents told me about the marriage, I told them about him too.

“They got mad and said that they will never let me marry him. I tried everything. Talking, shouting and screaming, not talking to my family and just…everything I could but it was impossible. The hating between them was just too much to fade it.

“So I told the situation to my love. He smiled and said that it’s OK and told me that if our marriage is impossible then at least keep my parents happy and go marry another stallion. But…it was impossible. I just…couldn’t leave him this easily.

“So I talked to him again and told him that the only stallion I want to be married with is him and no other one. Then we planned on the most risk taking plan ever. A plan to run out and go away and get married. We planned every single bit of it with research and finally, we both run out of our houses and went to another city. Where most of our friends were. The great town of Ponyville.

“We got married right there. Although our parents weren’t here but it was best day of my life. After the marriage we moved to another city and started our life there.

“But, before I run out of house, I left two letters. One for my parents and another for my little brother. In the letter to my parents I explained my reason of leaving and even said that they shouldn’t come after me but they did.

“However, in the other letter which was to my brother I told him where I went and that he shouldn’t tell my parents and told him to send me a letter every month and say the news in house every month. That was my only way of connecting with my parents.

“But my only hope was gone when my parents got suspicious about the person my brother was sending letter to and I told him to stop sending them. But I always saw him from TV or newspapers. He was very famous after all. I was really happy that he finally got to live his dream and be a Wonderbolt.

“One day, after almost three year, he sent a letter to us and said news about my father-in-law and my father who were friends and said that my parents had forgiven us. As soon as we heard it we packed up and traveled here cause we heard they gonna stay here for a while.

“I just can’t wait my parents and my little brother again! Well… he’s not little anymore. He’s around 18 now.”

I blinked few times to let new informations sink in. “Wow, great Romeo and Juliet story!” she just chuckled. “By the way, I never got your name.”

“Me? Oh, I’m Cloudy Wing.”

“And I’m Rainbow Dash. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

I chuckled as I remembered something about Cloudy’s brother. “I think Gummy really loves his uncle!”

“Yeah she does. Although she never saw him closely. The closest distance was at Wonderbolts’ air show.” Then her smile faded. “Wait, how do you know about this?”

“Let’s just say Gummy and I had a conversation.” We both laughed a little bit. “Um…although this is none of my business, but since I’m a big Wonderbolt fan, what’s your brother’s name?”

“No it’s OK. You probably know him.” She smiled at me. “His name is Soarin…”

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