• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 21-The night gets better and better until...

“AUNTIE RAINBOW! AUNTIE RAINBOW!” Gummy, who was grabbing my hoof and pulling it, snapped me out of my thoughts about Rarity.

“Yes, Gummy?” I said with a smile.

She jumped up and down happily and said, “Come on, come on! We should get going!”

“Get going? To where?”

“Isn’t it your birthday?” she said with her big, confused eyes.

“Yes… it is.”

“THEN IT’S CAKE TIME!” shouted Gummy with a big grin. Then she continued pulling my hoof so I was dragged forward along with her.

I smiled as she dragged me to a big table that was set for the cake. Next to it was a bigger table for presents. Gifts were gathered like a huge hill at it. The sight made me stop and stare with awe. I’ve never saw that much gift all at once. It was unbelievable! The harder thing to believe was that they were all MINE. For a minute, I wondered how am I gonna take all of them to home.

But that thought didn’t last too much because another wondrous sight caught my eyes: The cake that was carried to the table by Twilight’s magic and Pinkie Pie.

It was a huge five layered cake that was colored by different creams so it looked like a huge rainbow. Each layers of cake was designed by lightning bolts that surrounded the cake and looked like my cutie mark. They were probably made of chocolate. At top of the cake, a number one candle and a number 8 candle were burning and cream-made flowers were surrounding them.

In one simple word, the cake was AWESOME! And not only cake, everything was awesome and it was all because of a certain stallion.

“Special order’s ready!” said Pinkie with a wink to me as Twilight and her set the cake down on the table.

“Wow” was all that came out of my mouth. I was wondering if that night could get any better or not. Of course it couldn’t! There was nothing else better than the things Soarin did for me that night. I was pretty sure that nothing could be better.

“So… is it good?” said Soarin as he walked up to me.

“Good? It’s amazing! Even more awesome than me!” I said with a big grin. “Well not that awesome of course, cause nothing is as awesome as me!”

Soarin chuckled and grabbed my hoof. “Now, let’s start the birthday party.”

“Y-yeah, let’s do this.” I blushed as I walked to the table with Soarin. I really tried hard to stop blushing but it just happened whenever he touched me. With every passing minute, it was getting worse and worse and harder for me to control it. Well, results of… what was that word Rarity said? Oh, yeah, affection or as Pinkie said, dashtuck!

Guests cheered as Soarin and I reached the birthday table. “BLOW THE CANDLE! BLOW THE CANDLE!” shouted Gummy excitedly.

“NOOO!” Pinkie’s shouting drew everypony’s attention and room went quiet for everypony were staring at Pinkie. She smiled sheepishly and said, “Whaaaat? She has to make a wish first!”

I smiled as I opened my wings to fly up to the top of the big cake. So… what should my wish be? Entering Wonderbolts? It was always my wish when I wanted to blow the candle at my birthday. Should that year be any different?

Well… maybe just for Soarin. Sure, I’ll do anything for him. So then again, what should I wish for? Having a good life with him? Well… no. That was waaay too sappy for me. Falling in love with Soarin as fast as possible? Hmmm…no. That was kinda… weird. Also it wasn’t something to wish for, it happened anyway. Then what should I wish for? How about…

Yeah! That was great! I closed my eyes with a smile and repeated my wish in my head, ‘I wish, I wish, I wish that Soarin love me back and show it or say it very soon.’ I opened my eyes and blow the two candles that were in front of my face.

“What did you wish for?” asked Cloudy.

“Let me guess, entering Wonderbolts?” said Fleetfoot.

“Nope,” I said.

“What? You didn’t wish to enter Wonderbolts? Then what did you wish for?” said Twilight with a hint of confusion in her voice.

“Oh, sorry but I want my wish to come true very soon so I won’t tell any of you.”

“Hmmm… I wonder what is this mysterious wish?!” said Rarity with a devilish grin.

“Whatever it is, it’s none of your business!” I said with a glare to Rarity.

“However, everypony, it’s cake time!” shouted Pinkie as she passed plates of cakes to everypony. My friends, Wonderbolt members, Soarin and I ate the cake while listening and laughing to Pinkie Pie’s jokes. Half an hour passed before I realized. To me, it was just a minute.

But most guest had ate their cakes and it was time for the most exciting part of party: gifts! I knew I had to keep my cool and don’t get excited like a little filly but I just couldn’t hold myself and don’t grin! Mostly, I was excited to know what Soarin’s gift was. Something told me that it was something huge but, there was only one way to find out.

“OK everypony, it’s gift time,” said Twilight as she stood on a table to announce the gifts. “First gift belongs to… Rarity.”

Twilight tossed the gift to me so I could open it. Inside of it was a hair clip. Rarity was looking at me with a proud smile. “Use it. I’m sure you'll look gorgeous with it darling,” said Rarity. Well, she was somehow right. Most of the time I practiced flying, my hair was in the way so it wasn’t a bad idea to use it.

“Thanks Rares,” I said to her with a smile.

“Next gift belongs to none other than… me!”

I rolled my eyes and opened the gift. Inside of it was new Daring Do books. I gasped and said, “Awesome! Thanks Twi! I guess I was so busy that forget about Daring Do books.”

“No matter. I knew you missed few ones so I thought it’ll be the best birthday gift to you,” said Twilight. “And now, next gift belongs to… Fluttershy!”

I heard Fluttershy’s weak ‘yay’ as I opened her gift. Inside was a beautiful bird statuette. I could use it as decoration I could imagine it in my room already. “Thanks a lot Fluttershy,” I said to her with a smile.

“Next one is from Applejack.”

Inside the gift was a bottle of Sweet Apple Acres' famous zap jams. She just had brought the right gift to me. It was my favorite apple product after cider.

“Wow, thanks AJ!”

“You’re welcome sugar cube," replied Applejack with a sincere smile.

“Let’s see the next which is from… Pinkie Pie!”

Pinkie jumped up and down as I started opening her gift. The first thing I saw was confetti that came out of the box. I watched with confused eyes as confetti fell to the floor. Then I looked inside the box. A bottle filled with rainbow liquid was there.

“It’s not the original rainbow liquid. I add lots of different sweet things in it so it can be sweet instead of spicy. It’s exactly like drinking chocolate milk. The only difference is that it’s rainbow!” explained Pinkie. Suddenly, she jumped on the table Twilight was standing on and shouted, “OH, ALSO, YOU CAN COME AND BUY IT TOMORROW! OUR FIRST SALE IS HALF PRICE!” I rolled my eyes and smiled at Pinkie’s randomness.

“If Pinkie’s advertisement has ended, I have to say that next gift belongs to…” Twilight hesitated and glanced at Soarin. “Where’s your gift?” Twilight whispered to him.

He smiled and glanced at me. “I’ll give my gift to her later.”

“OK, if that's what you want.” Twilight said with a shrug. “Next gift belongs to Rainbow’s mother, Ms. Firefly...”

The cycle of gift giving and thanking the one who gave it to me went on and on but except from the ones that my friends gave me, I didn’t pay attention to others. Not because they weren’t as good as my friends', it was because my mind was somewhere else. I was thinking about Soarin’s gift. I really wanted to know what his gift was. If I was excited before, at that time, I was SUPER excited. On the other hoof, it’d better be a good gift that made me wait that whole time.

Finally, the gifts were over and the only pony who still hadn’t give me a gift was Soarin. Ten minutes had pass since the end of gift giving and Soarin still hadn’t done anything. I was wondering if he really have a gift or not well, of course that didn’t matter to me cause the surprise birthday and everything was the best gift ever to me. “Um… Soarin…” I called.

Soarin looked at me when I called him. “Yes Rainbow?”

“Um… you… well… said that… that…”

“About your gift? Don't worry, I hadn’t forget it!” said Soarin with a chuckle that only made me blush for the thousandth time that night. He grabbed my hoof with his unique, special smile and said, “Here. Let me give it to you. It wasn’t something that could be brought here. You have to see it with your own eyes.”

“Sooo, does that mean that we can come too? I really want to see what Soarin’s great gift is,” said Fleetfoot as she gestured to Spitfire, Speedy and Hurricane, Cloudy and her family and finally, my friends.

“OK, you can come but the first pony who’s gonna see the gift is Rainbow.”

“OK, whatever,” said Fleetfoot with a roll of eyes.

We all exited the building and took off. Well… pegesi took off and others started walking. Soarin was at the lead and was giving directions. Soon, we were out of Ponyville and heading to an unknown place that only Soarin knew where was it.

After flying and walking in Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity’s case, Soarin stopped. Others stopped and waited for next instructions from him.

“OK everypony, it’s the end of line. Come when I call you. Rainbow, come with me. I wanna show you your birthday present.” I grinned and opened my wings to fly but stopped when Soarin spoke again, “Wait, you have to close your eyes.”

“UH, COME ON!” I shouted and crossed my forelegs.

“I can hold them for you if want!” he said with a chuckle.

“No thanks but if I fell, you’re guilty.”

“OK. Now… close your eyes.” I close them and waited for him to tell me what to do next. He grabbed my hoof and said, “Now, be ready to fly.” I opened my wings and flapped them when I felt Soarin took off.

He led me through clouds and sky and all I could feel was Soarin’s firm but soft voice, cool night breeze that smashed to my face and another sound that I couldn’t put my hoof on it.

As we got closer, the sound could be heard more and more. It was as relaxing as sound of waves that crashed to cliffs around ocean. But the thing was that... it really WAS sound of ocean waves, crashing to cliffs.

“Soarin, are we around a sea?” I asked.

I heard Soarin’s chuckle. “Not exactly. Why don’t you see it on your own?”

“You mean I can open my eyes now?”

“Yep you can.”

I opened my eyes slowly. My first reaction was gasping. The sight before my eyes was just… just… spectacular! No… marvelous! It was the most beautiful sight in the whole land of Equestria!

In front of my eyes, wasn’t an ocean or a sea, it was a bay. An amazing bay. Beautiful waves were glimmering in the moonlight and sight of moon over the bay was just breathtaking. It was very new to me. I’ve never saw a lake in my life let alone a bay!

It was true that Ponyville Lake was a lake, but it was made by ponies so that didn’t count at all. That bay… it was a lot different from lake. Like ten times cooler and, although I hate to admit, ten times more beautiful than any sight in the world.

That was when I felt a familiar feeling. A great and pure feeling of relaxation but it wasn’t any kind of relaxation. It was the same feeling that I felt whenever Soarin hugged me.

Then I looked deeper at the bay. It truly was beautiful at night but its color was very familiar to me. Like something that I saw very often but… what was it?

Then answer hit me like a thunderbolt. Of course it looked familiar to me! It just looked like Soarin’s mane. It exactly looked like his mane. Each of those waves were exactly like his spiky mane.

So, that was why I fell in love with that bay in the first look. True that I wasn’t still in love with Soarin but I was starting to. At that minute I realized that this place can be the place that I can have lots of relaxation in. But one question was still left without answer…

“How did you find here anyway? I mean, I’ve lived in Ponyville nearly all of my life but I’ve never even heard of here.”

Soarin sighed… sadly. “I just found here…” then he smiled and looked at me. “I founded here when I was flying aimlessly. I was so depressed because of something that had happen to me and these waves calmed me.”

“Um… I don’t really wanna sound nosy but can I ask what had happen to you?” Although I could guess the answer but I asked it anyway and all I could do was that I guessed wrong.

“I… don’t really wanna tell everything now. Not tonight but let’s just say that somepony that was very important to me left me and I was very confused and sad.”

“Was it…Cloudy?” I asked. ‘Please say it was her. Please, please, please.’ I said in my mind.

“No… it wasn’t Cloudy. It was… somepony else.”

All of my hopes turned to pure ash the second he talked. Something in his voice told me that his heart was still broken. And I exactly knew why. He was sad of that pony that had left him. That mare…

With that thing he said I found out that it’s very hard to fall in love with a stallion that had such a big pain in his past and the harder thing was making him fall in love with me AND forget about that mare. Yes it was hard, in fact, VERY hard but…

I just don’t know why I HAVE TO do anything that is ‘hard’ to other ponies. I’ve been doing well so far. Many ponies may think that marrying with a random stallion is hard but I did it just because I loved challenges. I did it because I’m THE Rainbow Dash.

Then it was trying to love a stallion. Although I didn’t how it was but I did hear that love brings challenge so I accepted anyway.

And then it was time for my new challenge. Making Soarin forget about a mare that was once in his life and make him see the true mare that he should love: The one and only Rainbow Dash. I didn’t exactly know how but I had to do it.

Soarin’s voice made me come back to reality. “However, the bay wasn’t my gift to you.”

“It wasn’t?”

“My gift was…” Soarin grabbed my shoulders and gently spun me around. “… This.”

In front of me was a big… no… a HUGE cloud mansion. Even bigger than my own house. If you put two mansion in the same size of my house then it came near the size of that cloud mansion.

“Wow… that’s… that’s…”

“Huge? I know.”

“Wait… THIS is my birthday gift?”

“Well… yeah?” asked Soarin with doubt in his tone.

“You… don’t wanna give it all to me do you?”

Soarin who didn’t have that doubt in his voice anymore, smiled and answered, “Of course I want to give it all to you.”


Soarin grabbed my hoof. “No buts.”

“OK… but you have to do something instead of it.” I said with a smile.

“I didn’t know for giving gift you should do something extra too,” said Soarin as he scratched his head comically.

I punched him playfully and said, “It’s easy. Don’t worry.”

“Then bring it up.”

“You have to promise me to live right here when we got married.”

Soarin smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. He drew me close to him and whispered, “Just that? Well that was what I was gonna do anyway but OK. OK just for you,”

That made my heart burn in a fire. A good warm sensation was all over my body especially at my cheeks but it wasn’t nothing compared to what happened next. All I knew was that somepony (obviously who) kissed my cheek.

It was new to me. Very, very new. I did kissed Soarin but it was the first time that a BOY kissed ME. It just felt… wonderful. Really, truly wonderful. For the first time in my life I exactly understood meaning of butterflies in my belly.

Beside all of these, my heart was beating crazily. I just wondered how Soarin can’t hear its sound. Except from my loud heartbeat, my heart had a tingly feeling in it. Not especially tingly, but something beyond words. And as Spitfire said, when I listened to my heart it was telling me that how much it loved that kiss.

“So… can’t we enter?”

“Still no. It needs some work on the decoration but it’ll be done soon.”

“Should we… keep others waiting?” I said few minutes later.

Soarin chuckled. “We kept them waiting enough. Let’s call them now.”

Few minutes, Soarin and I were watching others’ surprised face. We really tried to don’t laugh at those wide eyes and dropped jaws but after holding it in for few minutes, we both burst in laughter.

We also showed the mansion to them which made their face funnier. Among all of them it was only Gummy that with the first time she saw the bay screamed happily and ran toward water. Even when we were watching and talking about the mansion, she was playing in the water.

I went to look after her when others were listening to Soarin who was explaining about there. I didn’t want to listen to the things that I already knew so I took responsibility to look after Gummy.

“Auntie Rainbow, won’t you come here?” said Gummy as she saw me watching her. She was jumping up and down happily and water was almost to her stomach.

“No, thank you. I don’t wanna get wet. I think you’d better come back too. If you stay there you may have a cold.”

“But I wanna plaaaaay!” whined Gummy.

“OK, OK. Just don’t stay there too long.”

“OK!” shouted Gummy as she went back to her playing. I was out of water and had an eye on her so nothing would happen to her but my mind wasn’t certainly. As always, it was filled with my thoughts.

Most of my thoughts were about Soarin. I really didn’t know much about his past. First, it was Cloudy then that unfamiliar mare that Soarin had fallen in love with.

Was there more? And how could I figure out the name of that mare? There must be something between Spitfire’s words that could help me at it.

‘Think, Rainbow, Think…’ I said in mind as I tried to remember Spitfire’s words.

‘Among all of our teammates, only I predicted that he’s doing it for some pony he loved…’ No. That couldn’t help cause then Spitfire had said, ‘I never saw that mare.’

But wait…

She did say something about a pony that Soarin told them all to.

Who was it? ‘Come on Rainbow. Just think more.’ I said in my mind.


‘I did saw how enthusiastically he describes her to your brother.’ And also, ‘Whenever I asked Hurricane about it, he just laughed and said that he’s very crazy about her.’

For a minute I was happy that I found the answer but the next… I remember something that Spitfire had said after that. ‘But he had doubts about knowing that mare.’

But still, my big brother knew about it even if he wasn’t sure who that mare was. On the other hoof, I knew him. He wouldn’t give such an important information to anypony. I needed to give him something instead of it and I exactly know what was amazing for fooling him. The same thing that all of stallions loved: Food.

I grinned happily as I started thinking about what to bake for my brother.

* * * * *

A mysterious (but important) pony’s P.O.V.

I grinned devilishly as I watched the mare and that little filly down there. I couldn’t see that mare’s face or her mane or anything from her because she had stood in the shadow but the information I needed was taken.

‘Lucky me that found that mind reading device.’ I thought as I start to flap my wings and fly away. I had an important mission to do…