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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 29-Surprising Announcements

“There are the two love birds!” shouted Fleetfoot happily and the place she’d popped up from was unknown to me.

‘Dammit Fleetfoot, you ruined it!’ I cursed her on my mind. If it weren’t for her, Soarin and I would stay like that forever. It was all her false that I couldn’t lay my head on Soarin’s strong shoulders and he couldn’t hold me like that anymore.

“Ooooh, what do we have here?” exclaimed Spitfire with a smirk.

Soarin simply poked his tongue out for her and squeezed me tighter. “Something that’s none of your business.”

“WE’RE OUT OF PLAAAAAAAAN!” shouted frightened Twilight as she sped toward us.

“Calm down Twi. Everything’s gonna be-“

“PLEASE don’t tell me everything’s gonna be alright cause I won’t believe even a word of it. Rainbow Dash, understand… WE’RE OUT OF PLAN!” said Twilight nervously.

“Um, Twilight, we’re all here to help you,” said Fluttershy as she put a hoof on her shoulder.

“Of course darling, everything’s under control,” said Rarity as she trotted toward Twilight and Fluttershy with a smile.

“Rainbow Dash, long time no see! Do you even remember us?” said my mom with a grin.

“I doubt it Firefly. I even doubt if I know her or not?” said my dad sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes before flying as fast as I could toward them and hugging them tightly. “I missed you too!”

My dad chuckled and responded as he hugged me back, “We missed you too Dashie. You know we did.”

“Can we end all of greetings? WE ARE LATE FOR PONY’S SAKE!” shouted Twilight and drew everypony’s attention to her.

“Sheesh, you were just a little away from breaking Spit- no, Rainbow’s record,” said Fleetfoot.

“What record?” I asked with a surprised tone.

“Don’t you remember? Loudest shout record. The one that belonged to Spitfire before you broke it!” said Fleetfoot. Spitfire, Fleetfoot and I burst in laughter as we recalled that moment. “Anyways, since none of us, especially Rainbow, wants this record to be broken again, let’s get back to home and start this planning,” said Fleetfoot after seeing Twilight’s super angry and impatient face.

“Why don’t we enter house and start rest of the planning?” said Soarin.

“Fine, fine, but QUICK!” said Twilight. Everypony rolled their eyes and tried to enter the house as ‘quick’ as they could.

It took five minutes for all of those ponies to enter the house. By the way a lot of ponies were there: Wonderbolts, my friends, Soarin’s family, my family, even Gusty Spark’s (Cloudy’s husband) family were there. The only ponies who weren’t there were Speedy and Hurricane.

Once everypony were in the house, it took some more minutes for everypony to recover and praise the huge mansion. Among all of those surprised and wondered faces, Twilight’s face was funnier than all! If those ponies wasted another minute, I were sure that steam will pop out of her ears! Finally, after three minutes or so, we all sat down at cloud house’s big living room. And that was when the true chaos started…

With all of those ponies talking, no pony could hear the voice of pony beside her/him. This problem was quickly solved by an impatient Twilight. “ATTENTION EVERYPONY!” The whole room went quiet as soon as Twilight’s voice boomed through the house. “Thank you. Now as all of you know, we’re gathered today to…”

“… Celebrate marriage of Soarin Skies and Rainbow Dash,” said Fleetfoot with an unbelievably serious tone. Her exclamation was followed by a huge wave of laughter.

Even Twilight was trying to hide her amused smile. Finally, room went quiet again as everypony saw Twilight’s angry glare. “As I was saying, we are gathered today to celebr…” she stopped mid-sentence as she quickly put a hoof to her mouth and blushed hard.

Once again, the whole room burst in laughter. There were tears in everypony’s eyes. Even though Twilight was humiliated herself, it was visible that she was giggling behind her hoof but suddenly, her face turned to a helpless one instead of the amused face she had earlier. I was sure if everypony continue laughing, she’ll definitely cry.

“Everypony, SHUT IT!” I shouted as I hovered in the air and looked at all of them with a deadly glare. Then I turned to Twilight with a smile and told her, “Continue Twi.”

Twi smiled gratefully at me and said, “Thanks Rainbow. Now, we’re ga… forget it. All I wanna say is that we’re all here to plan the wedding together so we’d better hurry because we don’t have much time. Some of the things had been planned before. Like, pony’s places, number of guests, wedding’s date and the place of wedding.”

“Whoa, whoa, when did you decided on the wedding place?” I asked as I glared at her.

“Yeah, she’s right. Where is it anyway?” asked Soarin.

“First, I planned it with Cloudy. When you two were busy teaching Scootaloo how to fly. Remember? Second, wedding’s gonna be at my castle and after party’s gonna be at gardens of castle,” explained Twilight with an excited tone at the end of her explanation.

Soarin shrugged and said, “Can work for me. What about you Rainbow?”

I didn’t lie if I said that world was given to me when Soarin said that last sentence. It just felt so amazing seeing him care so much for me. I don’t know why but it felt so wonderful for me. “It’s OK with me too,” I said happily.

“Then it’s settled! OK, next thing in my list is after party preparations which Pinkie accepted… kindly,” said Twilight.

“CHOOSE ONE! NO TWO!” shouted Pinkie happily as she tossed a notebook to me. There was song names all over the notebook but in a very good order. OK… that was so not Pinkie’s style. I grinned and chose two of the songs I knew and was perfect for wedding. I tossed it back to Pinkie after showing it to Soarin.

“OK, the music is done and others will be taken care by Pinkie. Flowers are gonna be chose by Applejack so there’s only a few things left. Let’s start from minor ones. Rainbow Dash I hope you’d chosen your bridesmaid and mare of honor cause I won’t spend much time on it.”

‘WHAT THE-’ I shouted inside my head. Where did THAT come from? “Um… what would happen if my answer is no?” I asked with a sheepish smile. “Justwantedtoknownospecificreason,” I added quickly after seeing Twilight’s surprised and angry face but that not even helped me but also made her much angrier than what she already was.

“RAINBOW DASH!” screamed Twilight angrily but quickly started to take deep breaths and keep her anger inside. “You’d better do it within half an hour or Soarin won’t see any bride at wedding day,” said Twilight in a dangerous calm voice.

Soarin’s eyes went wide when he heard last part of Twilight’s sentence. “I guess we’d better do it soon or there won’t be any wedding at all,” said Soarin to me.

I rolled my eyes and answered, “At least groom will be alive.”

He cracked his special smile at me and whispered, “But don’t you know that groom won’t be alive without bride?”

I quickly blushed and stared at him with wide eyes. He… he… wow. Just wow. “I-I-” I tried to talk but stopped when his smile deepened.

“No need to talk,” said Soarin kindly and I couldn’t do anything but to stare at his beautiful eyes and try to take in all that happen at once.

“OK everypony, now the TRUE romantic part will start!” said Fleetfoot excitedly.

That statement widened Soarin and I’s eyes. I quickly took a look around the room. Most of the ponies were busy talking but other ones had different reactions toward what they were seeing.

Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were staring at us with a big grin. They’d leaned in like they wanted to take a closer look. Even Twilight who was angry a minute before was grinning from ear to ear.

As for Rarity, she was looking at us with dreamy eyes. Her usual face whenever she read romance novels or saw a romance movie or scene. Next to her Cloudy had her hoof in front of Gummy’s eyes and was giggling at us. His husband who was next to her, had one of his eyebrows raised for Soarin.

Few meters away from Soarin, Fleetfoot was rubbing her arm that had been punched by Spitfire again. Spitfire who was next to her was giving her a lecture about somepony’s privacy. Well, at least somepony understood my feelings.

But worst of all was the four ponies in front of me. Soarin and I’s parents…

My father was smiling warmly at Soarin who was looking at him with a bit of fear in his eyes. My mom’s eyes was shifting from me to Soarin and from Soarin to me with every single seconds. The thing that was suspicious was that she had a look of doubt on her eyes.

But Soarin’s parents were much different. Her mother was looking at me with sheer kindness and love. I could even swear that there was few tears in her eyes. His father who had an arm around his wife’s shoulder looked calmer and happier than any time before. It looked like before that moment there was a slight sadness in his face that wasn’t much visible but now that I saw his happy face I realized that that sadness was always on his face and I never realized.

Soarin’s brother who was next to them looked very happy for his younger sibling. But aside from all of them, Soarin’s expression was something completely different from all of the ponies there. If somepony saw him for first time, he/she wouldn’t believe that his the 19 year old grown up stallion who’s gonna end his single life in a month!

He just looked so innocent that you would mistakenly say that his a little colt! His eyes were only shouting
one thing, “I didn’t do anything.” and although I really wanted to hug him so tight, I didn’t do anything but giggling at that cute, innocent face.

But all of those different expression turned to a surprised one and two ponies flew fast through window and landed at the middle of the circle we all made. Those two ponies were none other than Speedy and Hurricane. Both of them had huge grins on their faces.

“EVERYPONY WE HAVE AWESOME NEWS!” exclaimed Hurricane happily.

* * * * *

“I… don’t understand,” I said dumbly.

Speedy hit my head and screamed, “IDIOT, I WAS EXPLAINING IT TO YOU ALL THIS TIME!” Then she grinned again and said, “Hurricane and I are gonna have baby. You’re gonna be aunt!”

I didn’t get it at first. So I thought it over. Hurricane… Speedy… baby… me… aunt… “NO WAY!” I shouted as I realized the true meaning of it.

“FINALLY!” shouted Hurricane. “Come here you idiot!”

I quickly hugged him and smiled happily. That day was awesome! Great! THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! “Thanks Hurricane. Thanks for saying this to me.”

“Just how could I not say that to my little sister? I knew that you’ll go crazy if I tell anypony else before you so we came here as soon as we saw mom’s note in house telling that you’re here,” explained Hurricane happily.

“Does this mean that we’ll have a party?” said Pinkie as she bounced up and down and grinned from ear to ear.

“No,” answered Twilight. “We still have a lot of planning to do. We can party tomorr- well not tomorrow cause I’m busy but we can next week cause we all are gonna be busy this week.”

“Well I’m afraid I won’t be able to join you,” said Soarin.

“Why? Is somethin’ wrong?” asked Applejack.

He sighed and turned to Spitfire. “First, Spit, yep I accept.” With that Spitfire grinned happily. Then he turned to my friends and me and said, “Second, yes something IS wrong. I have to go to a Wonderbolt tour next week and I won’t be able to party with you guys,” said Soarin.

I took a step back when I heard him. No… this couldn’t happen.

“Why didn’t you say that sooner?” asked Speedy as she saw my horrified and sad face.

“Because I just decided today.” He said with a sad sigh. “Sorry for ruining your happiness.”

Twilight who saw my sad face tapped her chin thoughtfully. “Maybe if we hurry, we’ll get to end planning and party afterward,” she said with a smile.

I tried hard to smile and answered, “Yeah, maybe.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” announced Pinkie happily.

“OK, according to my to-do list, we have three more thing to do. First, assigning bridesmaids and mare and stallion of honor. Second, wedding dresses and the last, invitations. We all help Rainbow and Soarin in choosing bridesmaids and mare and stallion of honor. Then, while Rainbow and Soarin choose their and bridesmaids’ wedding dress, we all make the invitations and finally we plan on how to send them to guests. And done!” explained Twilight.

“So Rainbow, who’s gonna be your mare of honor?” asked Fluttershy with her soft voice.

“Hmm… hey Speedy, you wanna be my mare of honor?” I asked her with a smile.

“Wha… why me? I thought your gonna choose one of your best friends. You do know that mare of honor is the closest mare to bride right?” asked Speedy with a surprised tone.

“Of course I know. My reason is that you’re like me. You were stuck in this arranged marriage thingy like me. Also, you were the one who was with me like a sister and talked with me about this. If you weren’t there, I wouldn’t ever say yes to this,” I said with a smile.

“If that’s the reason you’re asking me, then I have to say that you’re choosing the wrong pony,” said Speedy as she lowered her head. “I… had to say those things. Don’t ask why. I just had to. I think you’d better choose another pony.”

What… did she mean? My mom didn’t force her to say those things, did she? I quickly looked at mom.

As if she read my mind, she shook her head and said, “No Rainbow, I’d never force this neither to you or Speedy.”

I was about to turn my head back to Speedy when a scene caught my eyes. It was Soarin who looked nervous and tried to hide himself among crowd. Why did he seem nervous? This wasn’t even about him… I just shrugged and looked at Speedy.

“Speedy even if you didn’t say those, to me, you’re the sister I’d never had. They were times when I needed somepony to be with me so badly and you came to my aid. You were the pony who cried along me whenever I was sad and laughed along me whenever I was happy. You have the right to be my mare of honor. Just like how you chose me among all other ponies to be your mare of honor,” I said with a smile to her.

“Really? Speedy chose ya to be her mare of honor? Ah thought it was Hurricane who did so,” said Applejack.

“Actually, yeah. It’s a long story but yeah I was Speedy’s mare of honor.”

“Oooh, oooh story time!” said Pinkie happily.

“OK, OK, if it doesn’t take a long time, go ahead,” said Twilight impatiently.

“I try my best to say it as fast as I can,” I said with a smile. “It was before Hurricane and Speedy were married. Something like… five years ago. Hurricane had brought Speedy home to show the house to her…”

* * * * *


“OK Speedy, here’s where I live,” said Hurricane with an arm around her fiancée.

“Hello dear,” said Firefly with a smile. “Welcome here.”

“Here’s my mom that you met before and there’s my dad. His working in his garden as always,” said Hurricane as he pointed at his parents. “And finally there’s my… um, mom? Where’s she?”

Firefly smile awkwardly and whispered, “Hurricane, can we talk?”

“Ah, sure,” said Hurricane toward her mother.

She leaned up to his ear and whispered, “Rainbow’s not gonna come down. You know the reason.”

“Oh…” said Hurricane as he thought. “Well… let’s meet my parents more Speedy, huh?”

“That would be a fantastic idea,” responded Speedy politely. “But… I thought you said you have a younger sister. I really want to meet her, can I?” said Speedy with a smile.

Hurricane sighed. “I don’t think you’ll meet her today.”

“At least, can I search the house?”

“Of course you can! Do you want me to come along?” said Hurricane with a smile.

“No, thank you. I think it’d be more… thrilling if I do it on my own,” said Speedy.

“Well OK if you say so.”

Speedy grinned and started to go upstairs. She exactly knew where to go. The second room in right, where a certain rainbow maned mare was hiding herself from her.


Rainbow Dash pulled the blanket over her head and snuggled up under it. She wasn’t in a good mood. She wasn’t in a good mood AT ALL! She wanted to cry so badly but at the same time, she didn’t want to ruin her reputation. Even to herself!

Her trails of thought was interrupted when she heard somepony knocking on the door. ‘Who the hell is that?’ thought Rainbow. A few seconds later, door of her room opened slowly and somepony stepped in. Rainbow didn’t even bother to look. All she did was frowning hard under the blanket although she knew nopony can see her.

She was starting to get really annoyed and almost started cursing the pony in her room when she felt a hoof resting on her shoulder. Although the thick blanket was over her but she could feel the warmth of that hoof even from under the blanket.

“Are you awake?” asked a warm and kind voice. Well, at least she was a mare. To answer the mare’s question, Rainbow Dash just growled and turned away. “I understand if you don’t wanna talk but all I wanted was to meet you. I can help you if you’re upset with something,” said the kind voice.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my room?” asked Rainbow with a muffled voice due to being wrapped under the thick fabric.

“I’m Speedy. Speedy Wind but you can call me Speedy. I’m…”

“…my brother’s fiancée.”

“Yes. And I’m here to meet you. Hurricane had said a lot about you and I couldn’t wait to meet you.”


“Can you trust me as your sister-in-law and tell me about yourself?” It was Speedy who said that after some seconds of silence in the room.

“Can you please leave me alone? I have a lot of troubles. Meeting such an unimportant pony doesn’t have a place in them,” said the rainbow maned mare with a shaky voice that showed the sorrow its owner carried.

Speedy smiled warmly at her although she knew that the young mare under the blanket couldn’t see it. “I agree that I’m unimportant for you but maybe, just maybe, I can help you. Huh?”

This time, the blanket that was over Rainbow Dash was lifted by herself. She sat up and glared at the other mare. If it were anypony else, they would be very scared of the messy and very angry mare in front of them but instead, Speedy bit her lip to provide herself from laughing.

That was what made the young mare angrier than what she already was and it probably was the same reason she started shouting angrily afterward. “WHAT DO YOU WANNA HELP ME WITH?” shouted Rainbow angrily. “I’m sure you can’t help. Who can help a poor pony who’s terrible at physics? Who’s gonna prevent my teacher from talking to my mom… WHO?” This time, Rainbow couldn’t contain herself and burst in tears.

“You got bad scores at physics, right?” asked Speedy with a calm voice and a friendly smile.

Speedy’s relaxed tone made Rainbow to look up and stop crying. “Bad scores? They’re terrible!” said Rainbow with a somewhat angry tone. Then she lowered her head and continued with a sniffle, “They even told me to bring my parents to school. I’m so unfortunate…”

“You shouldn’t call yourself unfortunate. You know you aren’t. You know who’s unfortunate?”


“A mare who has to marry at the age of sixteen,” said Speedy with a sigh.

“That kind of mare doesn’t exist at all.”

Speedy smiled sadly at her and replied, “You’re seeing on in front of you.”

Rainbow’s eyes went wide. Such thing was impossible for her! She’d saw a lot of sixteen year old girls at her school and she knew they care about anything but marriage! “You… you’re… SIXTEEN?”

“Yep, I am!”

“Wow… THAT’S AWESOME!” said Rainbow excitedly but her expression turned to a sad one slowly. “But it’s kinda scary. I don’t wanna marry at the age of sixteen. Why do you have to marry this soon anyway?”

“My… my family doesn’t have enough money. They can’t spend their money for an extra member. I had only two options, marrying somepony or finding a job. I wanted to continue studying so I chose marriage,” said Speedy with a sad smile. The sad smile slowly turned to a happy one then to a grin. “So since I’m a student like you and since I’m good at physics, I can help you!”

Rainbow quickly perked up as she heard that. “Really? You can? Cause I have physics exam tomorrow.”

“Then what are we waiting for? We have a lot to study,” said Cloudy with a grin toward Rainbow. “And don’t worry about showing your score to your mom. I can fix it for you.”

Rainbow squealed excitedly and hugged speedy tight. “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOOOOOOOOOU! YOU’RE THE BEST SISTER EVEEER!” said Rainbow with a huge grin.

“But I’m not your sister,” said Speedy as she hugged the excited rainbow maned mare back.

“You’re gonna be from now,” said Rainbow happily.

“You know what?” asked Speedy as she thought about something with a smile.


“THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” said Speedy happily and excitedly.


* * * * *

“After that, Speedy was exactly like my big sister so she chose me as her mare of honor. That way, she showed her family that they didn’t care for her so she doesn’t care for them and also, she showed that how much she cares for me,” I finished the story with a smile. “Then don’t you guys think she deserves to be my mare of honor?”

“Awww! Of course she does!” said Pinkie with a smile.

“Then it’s settled! Speedy, you’re the mare of honor and bride’s maids are…” said Twilight as she wrote something on her clip board.

“You girls. All of you,”

“Except from me of course. I wanna be the one who says the wedding vows!” said Twilight excitedly. “And flower fillies?”

“Hmmm… how about gummy and Scootaloo. Gummy will be too adorable and I’m sure Scootaloo will just love to have a part in my wedding.”

“OK… that’s it! What about you Soarin?” said Twilight as she looked at Soarin.

Soarin tapped his chin and answered, “Cloudy for the best mare and choose the others on your own.”

“What do you mean choose-”

“And done. Now let’s decide on your dress darling,” said Rarity quickly to Rainbow. “And after Rainbow’s work is done, we’ll decide on Soarin’s so, quick, quick.” I followed Rarity as she walked to a room quickly. My friends were behind us and tried to catch up with us as quick as they could.

“Hey Rarity… Rares…” I said as I ran after her.

She looked back at me and answered, “Yes darling?”

“I… gotta… talk to you… now,” I said as I panted heavily. “Jeez girl, slow down a bit.”

“Sorry darling but we don’t have much time. Anyways…” said Rarity as she looked to her left and right to make sure nopony was looking at her. “… Is that THAT kind of talks?” asked Rarity with sparkling eyes.

I chuckled at her face. “Yep it is.”

“I’m sure it’ll be special this time…” muttered Rarity with a smirk.

“Uh… what did you say?” I asked although I heard her clear.

“Oh, nothing important darling. Let’s go, let’s go! Now it looks like we have double work to do!” said Rarity with a wink to me.

I rolled my eyes and responded, “Whatever.”

“Rainbow, darling, I have a great idea for you. How about we talk about this… issue before girls enter.”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “Yeah… sure. Just… is it me dreaming or is that you seeming eager than before?”

“Let’s say that I just love this type of talking,” said Rarity as she flipped her mane over her shoulder. She seemed suspicious. VERY suspicious…

“OK, where do we-” I began but quickly shut my mouth as I heard Rarity talking with big stars in her stars.

“Oh darling, first you answer me. Isn’t he the most gorgeous and loveliest and the most handsome and the most attractive stallion EVER?” said Rarity with a huge grin. Her hoof was pointing to a stallion obviously. But what was important was the stallion she was pointing at.

And there was it… I slowly turned my head and followed the direction her hoof was pointing to.



In a less than a second, a volcano erupted at me. I panted and turned back to Rarity angrily. Next sound in the room was nothing other than my angry voice that boomed through the room like a huge bomb.


“RAINBOW DASH, END IT!” shouted Twilight from doorway. “Rarity, I didn’t expect that from you! I thought you were just joking when you said that. I thought that everything ended at the night Soarin and Rainbow were engaged,” said Twilight to Rarity with a frown. Then she turned to Rainbow with the same frown. “And you Rainbow, even though Rarity did something wrong like that, you shouldn’t shout at your friend like that.”

All I did was huffing. I knew, I knew, I shouldn’t do that but… THAT WAS JUST SO… SO…UGGGGGGH!

Among all my friends who were standing there and waiting for a respond from Rarity, it was Rarity herself that was staring at the space in front of her with wide eyes and dropped jaw. Few seconds later, she perked up and grinned bigger than Pinkie Pie when she was eating a whole cupcake stack.

“I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT RAINBOW DASSSSSSSH!” shouted Rarity very, very, VERY, excitedly.


Rarity laughed happily and answered, “No you silly filly. Well looks like none of you girls had figured it out.
Great, I might be a great actor one day!”

“Spit it out Rares,” said Applejack with a glare to her.

“Fillies and… well, just fillies, I the great and amazing and of course beautiful and let’s don’t forget super smart, fooled every single one of you. Especially you Rainbow,” said Rarity with bit of pride and excitement in her tone.

“But… how?” asked Fluttershy softly.

“Easy dear. First of all, Rainbow Dash I want you to calm down and listen to me. Second, here’s what I did. It was very simple yet, very smart and of course risk taking but fortunately it worked properly. If all of you remember, I was saying that Soarin’s very handsome and good-looking the night Rainbow and him were engaged but as Rainbow told me that night, I forgot everything about it. Now let’s tell you a little bit of what I’ve been doing. Tell me Rainbow dear, do you remember Cloudy’s welcome-back-home party and the first time I told you how gorgeous Soarin is? Now, can you tell me what your answer was?”

“I guess I said ‘Yeah, he is. And I already know’ or something. Oh, and I also heard you saying, ‘Still no. But we’ll see Rainbow’!” I said as I remembered the memories of the party.

“NO YOU DIDN’T HEARD ME!” said Rarity in a surprised tone.

“Yes I did.”

“Well, let me explain it to you. When I asked you about that, I didn’t mean to show that I have feelings for him I mean, who can be this idiot to go and tell somepony’s fiancée that she thinks her stallion is lovely and she loves him? Well of course no normal pony does that but unfortunately none of you realized. That night all I wanted to know was Rainbow’s feelings toward Soarin.”

“But how?” asked Twilight in a much calmer and a rather curious tone.

“She said that she does think he’s handsome but she said that in a complete indifferent way. That showed that there wasn’t any special feelings in her. Later that night Rainbow came to me and-” Rarity was interrupted by a pink hoof that covered her mouth.

The owner of hoof quickly whisper-shouted, “You Pinkie promised!”

“Let her go Pinks. It’s OK.”

“Okie, dokie!” said Pinkie with a smile.

“By the way Pinkie, how did ya know that Rarity Pinkie promised Rainbow?” asked Applejack.

“Duh! It wouldn’t be a PINKIE promise if I don’t know it!”

“Forget that,” said Applejack with a confused look.

“Now back to subject,” exclaimed Rarity. “Later that night, when Rainbow told me how she feels about him, I was sure she has a crush on him. My predicts about her might have gone a little wrong but by the way, only a lover can know what’s happening in her heart! Now Rainbow, the second time I asked you the same question was at your own birthday party. Mind telling girls what did you say as answer?”

This time I blushed. Saying that out loud WAS kinda embarrassing. Especially in front of my friends. “Well… uh… I… I said, ‘Of course he is. There’s no stallion more handsome and good-looking than him in the world’,” I said with a big blush.

“And not only that, but she also said that in a dreamy tone! So to me, it was visible that this feeling can’t be just a simple crush. As I told Rainbow later that night, that feeling actually is-”

“Dashiefection or dashtuck,” said Pinkie with a huge grin.

“Excuse me?” said Twilight with a confused look.

“ACTUALLY, I told Rainbow that this feeling names affection. However, as we all saw today, when I asked that question today, Rainbow gone very angry and shouted loudly. I don’t think we have to repeat them cause we all heard it,” Rarity gazed at me with a smile and started her speech again. “Rainbow, you told me that you wanna talk to me and of course you wanted to talk about your love life. By the things I saw these times, now I can officially announce that we have the first mare who’d fallen in love, Rainbow Dash!”

My friends all cheered for me and congratulated me. They all seemed very happy that this had happen to me. “But… how Rarity? All I did was shouting at you while I said those words in a dreamy tone last time.”

“Darling, you’ve gotta know. A mare who’s in love never wants any other mare to have feelings on him. She wants her stallion to be only hers. When you shouted, you showed me how angry you are at the sight of a mare loving your stallion. That was enough reason to me to tell you that you love him.”


But then… what about my heart?


I had to listen to it first. It helped me all this time so it would be the same that time too.



My heart told me nothing. Did that mean that I don’t know? Well… maybe…

“No,” I said sternly.

“What darling?” asked Rarity with confused face.

“Look Rarity, I understand that you did all that just for me and I’m thankful but you’re wrong. I’m not in love with Soarin,” I explained to her. And I was sure that I’m right.

“But I think Rarity’s right,” said Twilight. “Rainbow, don’t you get sad when you think that Soarin’s gotta go to trip soon?”

With that, I quickly landed and stared at floor. She was right. Even thinking about that made me want to cry. And the worst thing was that Wonderbolts tour occasionally took a month or some. How… just how I could I wait this long?

Yeah, I may have not love him but that didn’t mean that him going away from me even for a short time like a month, didn’t made me sad. Actually, it filled me with an unbelievable sorrow that I’d never experienced before.

“I… do but that doesn’t approve anything,” I said.

“Just face the fact sugar cube,” answered Applejack.

“What fact? I don’t think that I love him and I’m sure,” I said confidently.


“And that’s it, I’m not gonna listen to anything else,” I said.

Rarity sighed. “OK, darling. Now let’s start working on the wedding dress-”

“-which you’ll be doing on your own,” I said quickly before hovering in the air. I never wanted to do it. All I wanted to was talking to Rarity which I did so my role here had end.

However, Rarity didn’t seem very happy with my decision. She was narrowing her eyes and glaring at me. Oops! I quickly flew to window and flew out of it cause according to my calculation Rarity would burst in three… two… one…


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