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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 28-Living together

Soarin’s P.O.V.

I trotted through the room again just to get the crazy thought out of my head. The day that passed was a crazy one! There wasn’t anything new at Wonderbolt practice but everything that happened afterward… they were a book themselves!

First, that wedding date planning which turned to discussing the argue Rainbow and I had. Then, as if on cue, Rainbow came out of nowhere and ‘chose’ the wedding date herself.

Second was Spitfire’s risky plan that went wrong at first and led to a terrible collision. At least second part of her plan went right and I finally get to apologize Rainbow. True that something strange had gotten into me and I couldn’t lie to her like I used to but I did manage to stop myself at the important part.

Just… how could I tell her? I knew that I had to do it one day but that day and there… well no. It was still very soon to tell her.

“Ugh, they’re not helping me!” I said aloud but not too loud so Rainbow could hear me. And… really. Those thoughts weren’t helping me AT ALL! So then, there was only one thing that could give some ideas about future…

I sighed as I started to walk into a room. A special room… somewhere I could be alone with my thoughts. I stared at the pictures that were hanging on the walls. Each of them had a wonderful memory behind them that made me smile. But in all of those pictures, there was something in common.

A certain, beautiful rainbow maned mare, the one and only love of my life.

Every single day I spent with her, every single place I took her to… a picture of all of them was there. She didn’t realize but in all of those places, there was somepony who took a picture of us. And there they were… all together.

And finally, in the middle of all of those was a big picture I loved the most. My smile turned to a grin as I looked at the art. Nopony ever believed that I was the one who drew it. No wonder, you do crazy things when you’re in love.

That art was simple: a picture I drew of Rainbow Dash with her wonderful, cute smile.

That art always reminded me to never stop loving her. It reminded me what sleepless nights I had before finding her again. By the way, that art made me start my search for her at first place.

There were nights that I couldn’t sleep a blink and what kept me living was hope of seeing Rainbow again. One day that I couldn’t hold the sorrow in my chest anymore I thought that if I can’t ever see Rainbow again, then I’d better be dead than be alive and live my life without her.

Yeah… I wanted to kill myself but right at the last seconds…

It was Rainbow’s smiling face that entered my thoughts…

So I stopped what I wanted to do and drew that beautiful picture in my mind. The minute I finished drawing, I just knew what to do. Searching all over Equestria to find my Rainbow. A lot could happen like finding out that she has a coltfriend or a husband but a feeling was telling me that it isn’t so. And there I was… watch the art I’d drew a long time ago.

When I showed my art to cloudy she said that the art is exactly like Rainbow but in my opinion, no. It wasn’t even close to her. You know why?

Because no painter could draw Rainbow’s amazing personality and appearance in a simple art.

Heh… too mushy but some time had since presence of that Soarin that wanted to be cool all the time and hated mushy things. This Soarin was a lover and much wiser than before.

“Rainbow… my life…” I said to the art as I pressed my forehead to the picture. “I’m so sorry my love but it’s not right time. I swear I’ll tell you one day.”

‘What do you say Soarin? Will you come?’ Spitfire’s voice echoed in my ears. Suddenly, a perfect idea popped at head. It was a bit risky but it was worth trying. If it could prove something I’ve been waiting for too long, then it did worth trying.

But… how could I tell Rainbow? It was almost impossible to me to do what Spitfire said and leave her behind but on the other hoof, this is me Soarin Skies, impossible to break. This was a task I started myself and I had to make sure that it ended very well.

So then, the only thing left was to enjoy rest of my time with Rainbow. Speaking of her… where was she? There wasn’t any sound in house and that wasn’t her style at all so… where was she?

“Rainbow… Rainbow… are you still in-” I quickly shut my mouth as I entered the room I was resting in earlier. Room was very dark because sun had set a long time ago. Nothing had changed too much since I left there. Nothing except from Rainbow.

I couldn’t help but smile as I watched Rainbow snuggling and sleeping peacefully. I sighed happily as I stared at that sight. Who could be so stonehearted and don’t love that cute mare? Absolutely nopony.

I smiled and walked up to bed, where she was laying but my smile faded slowly as I heard soft sound of Rainbow’s moan. ‘She must be cold,’ I thought as I started to caress her. I was reaching for a blanket when a brilliant idea clicked in my head.

Rainbow did need a blanket, huh? Well, I WILL give her a blanket… well, I wanted to sleep anyway.

The first thing I did was closing the windows, where the cool breeze was entering the room and made Rainbow and I shiver. After closing the window, I made sure that doors are locked and lights are off then, I walked back to room to sleep. I stared at Rainbow as I walked up to bed, climbed up to it and pulled the blanket over both of us.

I couldn’t help but sigh happily as I caress her mane slowly. The action made her lean in closer to me. I didn’t waste another second and hugged her with a smile. Her mane was exactly under my nose and her head had rested against my chest. The warmth of her body filled my heart with happiness and a pleasant calmness but at top of all of that, nothing was as amazing as the wonderful scent that came from her mane.

“Just how could I leave you?” I whispered as I continued to caress her soft mane. “But you need to know everything about my feelings. You need to know that not only I’ll be your blanket tonight, but I’ll be your everything till the until the end of the time. You have no idea how much it hurts when you look for some mare that is yourself,” I squeezed her tighter and kissed her on head.

I didn’t know what had gotten into me or why was I feeling that way but when I saw Rainbow sleeping peacefully while resting on my arms, I felt that all of my dreams had come true. I felt that I didn’t have to think about how to tell Rainbow that I love her or other things that played through my mind every night.

It was as if… Rainbow loved me back and there wasn’t anything else I needed to be worry about.

Well of course there wasn’t anything to worry about. How could anything be more important than Rainbow to me? And there she was resting in my arms. Safe and sound and happy which was obvious from the small smile on her face, so why worry about nothing when everything was fine?

I yawned and smiled at Rainbow as I planted a last kiss on her forehead before heading to the realm of sleep.

* * * * *

Rainbow’s P.O.V.

I woke up with a smile. Everything was WONDERFUL! First, to sleep whenever you want and wake up whenever you woke up. Second, to have such an awesome dream that can make your day itself. And third, staying with Soarin although he wasn’t actually sleeping with me.

It was at that moment that I felt something or rather somepony shifted beside me and I slowly realized that in fact somepony was holding me tight. But there wasn’t anypony there except from Soarin there. So the only possible thing was…


Soarin… he… he couldn’t hugged me and SLEPT with me a whole night… no, no, it was another dream… but then why could I feel his warmth against myself. I wasn’t daydreaming, was I?

‘No you weren’t idiot,’ said the voice that belonged to my brain. But then… what did it all mean? ‘Oh Rainbow, it’s obvious. It means he was gentle enough to warm you up and maybe even, he loved you enough to sleep with you,’ said the voice in my heart.

‘Come on Rainbow, don’t be such an idiot. What else did you expect from him? You were sleeping on his bed and he just had to sleep at the same bed as the one you were sleeping on,’ said my brain.

‘That’s so not true! There are plenty of other rooms in the house that probably have a bed in them. Also, if he was only coming to sleep here, why is he hugging Rainbow so tightly like that? Believe me girl, he’s probably in love with you,’ said my heart and that was exactly what I wanted to hear. Well, looked like all of the proofs said that he was sleeping there with me just because he wanted it.


Soarin was sleeping and holding me all night just because he wanted to. Maybe he DID love me…

But… why should it be important for me? Yeah, I might have admitted that I love to be girly around Soarin but that didn’t mean that I still cared about those mushy stuff like love and all but then, why Soarin loving me or not was so important for me? Why even thinking about Soarin’s love made me blush? Why it made my heart race crazily? Just, why?

Ugh, this so much to think about, my brain can’t hold all of those questions! I’ll think about later. But for that moment, I wanted to do something that I thought I’ll never, EVER do in my life: Enjoy my time with a stallion.

But not any stallion of course, a stallion I had a very deep crush on or as Pinkie had said, dashtuck and dashiefection. A smile came to my face as I remembered that night. Maybe I could ask Rarity as I did previous times just I hoped that she wouldn’t act all weird this time.

I noted to talk to Rarity later while I put my arms around Soarin. I sighed happily as I rested my head back at his chest where I could feel his chest raising and falling with every breath he took. I could hear his rhythmic heartbeat that gave me a unique calmness.

There was just something great about knowing that he was alive that made me feel extremely happy. “I will never let you go again. I did once and you almost died. I’ll make sure that I’m stuck to you forever. I know it’s wrong, but if that’s what you want, I’ll never look after that mare anymore and stay with you forever,” I whispered as I nuzzled his chest softly.

I lifted my head up as I felt somepony kissed my head. There, Soarin was smiling, no, grinning at me with eyes filled with something strange that I couldn’t put my hoof on. “And I’ll make sure to make you the happiest mare in the whole world.”

I buried my head in his chest as I said, “You don’t have to. I already am.”

I didn’t know why such mushy yet, heartwarming thing came out of my mouth but I did know that once the last word quitted my mouth, his grip around me tightened much more.

Soarin stared at my eyes with a big grin. His eyes were filled with that strange emotion again. “Rainbow, you have no idea how much I lo-” he quickly stopped himself midsentence. I didn’t find out what he was about to say but that didn’t mean I wasn’t curious to find out. “Sorry, it’s… not the right time. Don’t ask right time for what, cause I can’t tell you now. But I swear I’ll tell you one day just… not today.”

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. “You don’t have to. If you wanna tell me later, then it’s OK,” I said as I continued to smile and stare at his eyes.

Few seconds passed and no words were said. It was just Soarin and I staring at each other’s eyes. Those seconds changed to minutes and I started to stare at those two amazing emeralds. Soon, that strange emotion was visible in his eyes again. At that point, I was really curious to find out what emotion it was.

It was somewhat warm, kind, caring with a tint of a strange emotion. That strange emotion was the thing that made his eyes glimmer like stars at night sky. But there was something certain about that, it made me blush even see that in his eyes. It gave me a warm and amazing feeling. At the same time, it made my heart rush like I’d just done a marathon. But… what was in those eyes that made me feel so?

The question was quickly forgotten as I felt Soarin leaning closer to me. My eyes went a little wide and I felt my face flushed as I saw him doing so. In the entire world, such action only meant one certain thing…

I couldn’t help but let the most girlish part of myself daydream about what was happening there. I was dreaming, right? Yeah, totally. Even a second of it wasn’t true. And as always something would ruin this daydream. But… what if this isn’t a daydream? Was I really ready for that?


No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t ready for this at all. It was still too early for this to happen.

Although I was a tomboy, but I had my own girly fantasies somewhere deep inside myself and what was happening there was completely against all of beliefs and dreams. In my imagination, my first kiss always happened some time special and somewhere dreamy. Bed and morning sure weren’t in the list of special time and dreamy places.

Those thoughts made me lower my head and sigh sadly. I did hope that Soarin would understand me. It seemed that he had taken the message cause I felt him plant a small kiss on my forehead before whispering, “It’s OK if you don’t want it.”

I smiled warmly at him and hugged him. It was wonderful that he understood me and I was really grateful because of it. There couldn’t be any pony as sweetheart as him. Absolutely no pony.

“Rainbow, you remember when I told you that this house isn’t ready yet?” asked Soarin softly.

“Yeah, I remember. Why?”

“Well, here is now ready but what took so long was a surprise I was making for you. Wanna see it?”

“Another surprise? Of course I wanna see it!” I said with a big grin.

“So let’s just get up and get ready,” said Soarin while letting a yawn out.

“Is it too far away from here?”

“If you consider yard a far distance then yes,” said Soarin with a chuckle.

“Then what are we waiting for!” I said enthusiastically.

* * * * *

“Ugh, do I have to keep covering my eyes?” I exclaimed with an annoyed tone.

“Come on Rainbow, you don’t have to nag all the time. You’re just covering your eyes. Even you’re not doing it on your own. It’s me who’s covering your eyes,” said Soarin with a faked annoyed tone. He wasn’t very good at faking it due to his excitement over the surprise he’d had for me.

“You do know that getting there with closed eyes will take more time, right?” I asked him with hopes of seeing again.

“Yep, I do know but don’t you think that I’ll let you go like that. It might be faster, but it does worth wasting time.”

I huffed as I walked slowly and put my hoof somewhere safe at once. Was covering my eyes THAT necessary? I wasn’t annoyed that I had to close my eyes and walk blindfolded. The reason of my annoyance was that I couldn’t stand Soarin being that close to me. It gave me a tingly feeling and made me feel butterflies in my belly flap their wings more than any other time. Fortunately that Soarin was behind me and couldn’t see my red face.

“Are we there yet?” I asked impatiently. ‘Just go away Soarin, you’re making me crazy,’ I continued in my mind.

“Well, actually we’re there now.”

“Does that mean that I can see everywhere with my very own eyes?”

Soarin chuckled and answered, “Yep. You can do it now.” With that, he slowly removed his hooves from my eyes.

“Soarin, seriously?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, I thought you love it!” said Soarin in his defense.

“I just asked are you serious or not. I didn’t say I don’t like it,” I said with a giggle

“Yeah, I am serious. And seriously, even if you don’t use it, I’ll do,” said Soarin with a grin.

“Then if you’re serious…” I stared at him with narrowed eyes. Suddenly, I grinned and hugged him tight. “… I have to say you’re the best fiancé EVER!”

“Thanks,” said Soarin with a chuckle as he hugged me back.

My only comment about what Soarin had done there was that he had made something I had missed the most: a playground. Something that both Soarin and I loved. Something that started our relationship as two engaged ponies. And there it was.

“Did you make that on your own?” I said while I was resting my head on Soarin’s shoulder whose arm was around me.

“On my own? No, I had to bring some ponies to do this, but it finally ended and… here we are. So… what do you think about it?”

I didn’t answer. Instead I smiled and trotted to a swing. “Soarin, a little help here?” I said as I sat on the swing.

Soarin muttered something like, “Just like the first time.” and walked up to me as he returned my smile. “You know I would.” Then he smirked and looked at me with devilish eyes. “So, you’re Rainbow DASH right?” said Soarin emphasizing on the word, ‘Dash’. And that meant bad news…

“You bet I- wait… Soarin what do you wanna do?” I said with wide eyes.

His smirk deepened as I turned my head to see his face. “Nothing important. Just wanna help you living your name.”

“Soarin, wait… NO!” I almost screamed when Soarin pushed the swing with all of his power. Well, not screaming exactly…

‘Come on Rainbow, admit it. You screamed. Maybe for a few seconds, but you did scream,’ said my brain. Ugh, fine! I did scream. Maybe it was shocking for me at first seconds, but I soon got used to it and smiled as I felt wind hitting my face with force.

“Are you enjoying up there?” asked Soarin. I turned my head around and saw him grinning at me.

“Yes I do. THIS IS AWESOOOOOME!” I screamed with joy. Then I started giggling madly. I couldn’t stop myself. The more I tried, the more I giggled. There was just too much joy in me that I had to show it someway. Giggling was the worst way but it was what my brain had decided on and I couldn’t stop it so the best thing was to let it go.

“Hey, it’s not fair! You’re enjoying yourself and all I’m doing is pushing you!” said Soarin comically.

I giggled and responded, “Your problem!”

“Is that so? Then let me show you what do I do with my problems!” said Soarin with a mischievous tone. Well he couldn’t push me harder cause I was literally flying so I had no idea what did he meant. My question was answered shortly after. “Do you know what will happen if a pegesi fell without him/her realizing?”

“I guess I know. If a pegesi panic during flying, her/ his wings will cling to their body and won’t be opened easily,” I said as I tried to find out the reason he was asking those questions.

“Have you EVER thought what will happen if you accidently fell out of the swing?” said Soarin with a mixture of excitement and playfulness in his tone.

“NO SOARIN YOU WON’T!” I yelped with so much fear in my voice.

“Well, to make sure that you know what will happen, I’ll give you a… context about it,” said Soarin casually. “Let me start from the worst scenario. I’ll accidently push you harder than I should and you fell out of swing screaming, while you’re wings are clung to your side then…”

With each words he said, the fear in me grew more and more and when he was speaking the last words of his sentence, I was really, REALLY scared. That was why I stopped him mid-sentence. Not with a statement like, ‘Stop it!’ or ‘Don’t you dare continue’. Instead, I said the most stupid statement in my life.

“Huh, I don’t need you to say these. Me? With wings clung to side and SCREAMING? Never ever. You know what? I dare you to push me harder,” I said with a stupid bravery.

“You sure? Cause I’m not gonna waste a second for you to think it over.”

“I’m one hundred percent sure that I want you to do it.”

“Hmmm… how should I do it anyway?”

I smirked and looked back at him. “How about with all the power you have in you?”

He returned my smirked while he stared at my eyes. “Can work for me.” I grinned and quickly looked forward and prepared myself for a very powerful push that came few seconds later. But… there was something wrong about that push…

Actually, it wasn’t hard and powerful… It was SUPER HARD AND POWERFUL! Too much that I couldn’t save my balance and I…


I literally fell and nothing stopped it… well, almost nothing.

It was at the last seconds that I believed I would die that something or better to say, somepony grabbed me in thin air. Seconds later, I was surrounded by powerful arms of somepony who was holding me as tight as he could.

“Rainbow, Rainbow, are you OK?” said Soarin as soon as he landed on the ground. His grip was still as hard as first second, if not harder and his eyes were filled with mixed emotions. Fear, worry, confused, sadness and a lot more but that four emotions weren’t only visible in his eyes but they were completely discernible in his face. Those emotions locked my lips completely and made me thought about them. Was all of those feelings just for me? Impossible! It… it just couldn’t happen.

“Rainbow, Rainbow, please say something…” said Soarin pleadingly with something new in his eyes… NO WAY! Those… those couldn’t be tears. No, the tough Soarin I knew never cried. Never in thousand years. Then… what were those liquids in his eyes.

It was at that moment that I realized something completely new. That I didn’t want Soarin to be like this. Never. It made my heart stop just seeing those tears in his eyes… just for me.

The trail of my thoughts was quickly cut off by Soarin hugging with all might. “Rainbow please, please my dear. Say something. Please…” pleaded Soarin again. Few seconds later, I felt something wet falling on my skin. No… nonono, NO!

“Soarin…” I whispered quietly but it was loud enough for Soarin to hear it and squeeze me very hard. As if the first I said was a key for my emotion, all of the feelings I had kept inside myself, suddenly broke into tears and whimpers.

“Don’t worry Rainbow. I’m here my honey, I’m here,” whispered Soarin as he stroked back of my head softly. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry my dear.”

“Soarin… I… I…” I tried to talk but I didn’t succeed due to the huge bulb in my throat.

“It’s OK, you don’t need to speak. Just take deep breaths OK?” said Soarin as he looked at my eyes with so much worry all over his face. I shook my head ‘yes’ as I started to take deep breaths. Soon, more air entered my lungs and I was able to breath properly again. I felt my brain started working again and examined the situation.

“Are you OK now?” said Soarin with kindness as he stroked my cheek softly. This time, his face, especially his eyes, were filled with pure kindness and caring and… that strange emotion again.

“Yeah, I’m good now,” I whispered as I blushed at Soarin’s touch. My eyes were looking everywhere except from Soarin. He tightened his grip around me and I rested my head against his chest, exactly where his heart was, and closed my eyes with a happy smile.

The light kisses Soarin planted on my forehead and cheek was what made me open my eyes. I quickly blushed but didn’t stop him at all. I didn’t dare do so. “Rainbow, honey, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do this,” said Soarin as he started to stroke my mane again.

I blushed and rested my head on his chest again. “I understand Soarin. It’s OK. The important thing is that I’m alive now,” I said while thinking to my own. Then I picked my head up and flashed Soarin a smile which he returned. “Thanks to you.”

“Yeah, you’re right. The important thing IS that you’re OK. Does that cover the stupid mistake I made?

“Sure it does Soarin.”

“So… I don’t wanna seem crazy but do you wanna try that swing over there?” said Soarin as he pointed to a swing that had enough space for two ponies to sit together.

“You know I would,” I said with a wink as I copied his own words.

“This time, I’ll make sure that we go at a slow pace,” said Soarin as we walked to the swing.

“Ugh, so tedious but fine,” I said as I sat next to Soarin.

“Hey Rainbow.”


“Now that we’re going slowly and everything seems calm, yet boring, do you want me to tell you a story?”

I giggled and said, “You mean as in a father telling his daughter/son a story?”

Soarin chuckled too and answered, “Not exactly. More like somepony describing an event.”

“Hmmm… fair enough. Start,” I said enthusiastically.

He started his story with a sigh. “Like all other stories, this one starts with once upon time. So, once upon a time, there was a young colt who had finally achieved his dream and was living his life with so much happiness. He had everything he had ever wished for. A nice family, an amazing job, his dream coming true and fame.

“He always thought that he’s the luckiest and the happiest colt in all of Equestria. But one day… he found his world turned completely upside down. Asking what happened to him? Well, the story was that one day in some where he didn’t even thought about, he met a girl who stole his heart at first glance.

“It was then that he found out that everything he ever had was nothing as important as her. He found out that he can’t get that girl with his money, fame or handsome face. He found out that everything he had ever dreamed of was nothing comparing to her.

“He saw that girl almost every week and every single minute- no every single second of his every day was spent in joy of seeing her again. The happiness he felt when he saw her was nothing compared to what he used to call happiness once.

“It was then that he realized that he can’t live his life without her. So he decided to confess his love for her at the next chance he got. Unfortunately and sadly, that chance never came. He never saw that girl again.

“It was the moment that his life literally ruined. He never felt alive again and was always dead inside. He even wanted to kill himself once and that was where everything started. Right at the last minutes, he saw the picture of that girl in front of his eyes. He suddenly stopped what he was about to do and decided to start a new life.

“No, don’t get me wrong. He didn’t forget that girl, he just started a very dangerous quest to find his love. After many sleepless nights, he finally found his love and they lived happily ever after. The end,” ended Soarin with a sigh.

“The start and middle of story was amazing but the ending… it wasn’t really good.”

“Well, probably because the ending hadn’t happen yet. But what I wanted to say was that we shouldn’t waste times in our lives and say our feeling right out loud. Sometimes fate and time do something to you that you can’t believe and then you start to regret what you didn’t,” said Soarin as he stared at horizon.

“Yeah, you’re completely right,” I said as I tried to think about it.

Soarin chuckled as he saw my thoughtful face. He put his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me to him then he said, “Don’t bother your little brain. It’s a lot to take in.”

“Hey!” I said while I punched him in the chest playfully.

“Just forget it and enjoy the beautiful day,” said Soarin as he stared at horizon again.

I rested my head on his chest and let all of the external thoughts leave my head and enjoyed my day with the stallion I cared about the most.

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