• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 17-Weird things happening around

Rainbow’s P.O.V.

Training Scootaloo didn’t seem to be so new for Soarin because he did it as an expert teacher but he said that he never did this before. I thought that it might be his Wonderbolt training that made him ready for that.

However, he seemed so happy at the end and that was the important thing. Oh and also, running off from those boring planning was another benefit of training Scootaloo. But nothing came close to Scootaloo’s happy face. She didn’t get to fly but she did managed to hold herself on the air. And still, it was a very great advance for her.

The minute we entered the house I found out that finally Twilight and Cloudy agreed on place of ponies so they were taking a little ‘break’ to continue rest of the ‘planning’.

The next thing to plan was flowers. I didn’t really care about them so I left Applejack in charge of deciding for me! By the way, she was good with plants and flowers. I just told them to call me whenever they get to plan for music and decoration because they were the only things that I cared about among all of those planning. Also, with Pinkie Pie there, it was easier to plan them. And with Rarity begging and glaring at me I told them to call me for the wedding dress part too.

Soarin didn’t care about those crazy things too so after we made sure that Scootaloo was gone, we walked back to my room and started talking or doing other stuff like playing with both Gummies!

Finally, it was around 11:00 P.M. that my friends, Cloudy, Speedy and Soarin decided to go back to their home.

“OK, we didn’t get to plan everything tonight but we’ll do it… later,” said Twilight with a tired smile.

“Later?” I asked.

“Eyup. Later. We all have a lot of… works to do in the future 3 or 4 days sugar cube,” said Applejack.

“What kind of work is it that takes 3 or 4 days?” I asked.

Pinkie suddenly shouted, “It’s a party! Yeah, we’re all planning a party! For… for…”

“For one of my animal friends!” said Fluttershy suddenly.

“Does it… take all that time to prepare? I… I mean, it’s only an animal after all,” I asked.

“Well darling, it’s not only the little creature, it’s its owner too. It’s kind of… anniversary of her and her pet getting together,” said Rarity.

“Yeah Rarity’s right!” said Twilight with an awkward smile that looked more awkward with every second that was passing by.

“So… don’t you guys need any help from me?”

“NO!” girls shouted in union.

“OK, OK! Then… bye for some days.” I said with a little disappointment in my voice. “What about you Cloudy? I don’t suppose you’re busy. Are you?”

“Actually… my job in Carousel boutique starts from tomorrow and since Rarity’s busy, I have to work hard instead of her. Sorry Rainbow,” said Cloudy with sad smile and understanding eyes. At least it didn’t look that she was lying to me.

“Speedy don’t tell me that you have work too.”

“Rainbow, as a flying teacher, I have a lot of work every day except from weekend, so… sorry.”

She was right. She just couldn’t do it other day. Those little ponies were waiting for her. I sighed. “Nope. It’s fine.” Then I looked at Soarin.

It seemed that he got the meaning of that look cause he said, “No Rainbow. Sorry, but don’t even think of it. Spitfire wants all of the Wonderbolts to practice a new trick so I won’t have any free time.”

I looked at the cloud floor with sad eyes. It seemed that these days were going to be so boring.

Soarin quickly noticed me and put his hoof around my shoulder. I lift my face up and looked at him.

He was looking at me with a warm and kind smile. “I did say that I have a new trick but I didn’t say that it’ll take a lot of time.” Then he puffed his chest in pride and proudly said, “I’m one of the best Wonderbolts. It’ll be done in a day.”

It made me and others chuckle. “You know what?” Soarin asked me.


“After that trick, if any other amount of energy was left in me I’ll come by to spend time together. Huh?”

I frowned comically. “Are you fooling a little filly or something?”

“I never said so but if you think so then maybe it is!”


“OK, OK! But seriously, the trick won’t take a lot of time and you know the reason! I’ll promise as soon as it ended, I’ll come by.”

I smiled. “Thanks.”

“So if question and answer is done, how about going back home?” asked Speedy as she yawned.

“OK. Bye everypony!” I said as I waved my hoof for them. I just wished that Soarin’s practicing end soon.

* * * * *

I didn’t know why but the next day after we started planning the wedding, just seemed to be a bad one from the start.

At first, waking up by a nightmare that would make the bravest ponies shiver from fear for days. It was about the group of cycle killers that TV showed. They were trying to take Soarin away from me.

It was just… ugh! Even thinking about that made me worried!

However, after that, I was almost falling from stairs because I was so busy yawning that I didn’t see my front. Well, the good thing was that I was ready for these kind of situations and I caught myself in the air.

Then it was my mom who said that doesn’t feel well and had to go to doctor so I had to go back to my old weather job. Well at least this was good for me cause if I didn’t have to go to work, I had to stay at home and watch walls and ceiling till the minute my parents came back home but it was also bad cause I was worried about my mom.

After that, was the minute I entered the office. I was late! A super great impression for the first of my work after a long time!

Then it was clearing sky. I pretend that they’re all of the bad things that had happen to me from start of the day and cleared them angrily. I was so busy clearing ‘my worse moments’ that I accidentally punch a cloud with a pony sleeping on it.

She woke up and screamed but caught herself on time so she didn’t fall but I she was so angry that made me apologize her. Something that I never do unless I did something really wrong. Well, it wasn’t my fault either. She shouldn’t fall asleep on a cloud in the middle of day!

After clearing sky and my other weather duties I decided to go and see my friends and that was when the next worse moment started…

I decided to go Sugar cube corner and grab a cupcake to eat and also help Pinkie Pie if she needed help with anything. I knew that they’d say that they don’t need help but just standing away and seeing my friends struggling and planning for a party on their own, didn’t work well with my loyal spirit!

So after I bought the cupcake I wanted, I went to Pinkie’s room to see what she up to was. Despite the warning Mrs. Cupcake gave me about not bothering Pinkie when she’s planning a party, I knocked on her door and waited for her.

“Who is it? Come in! Oh no, wait! I’ll be there. Wait for a sec,” called Pinkie from inside her room. Few seconds later she opened the door and grinned happily at me. “Oooooh! Hello Dashie… wait…” Pinkie tapped her chin as she thought about something then she gasped loudly. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? DIDN’T YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE A SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT PARTY TO PLAN FOR? YOU HAVE TO GO AWAY FROM HERE NOOOOW!” shouted Pinkie.

She seemed to be mostly scared and afraid of something instead of looking angry. "OK, OK, Pinkie. I’ll go away now! No need to shout!”

I exited there as soon as I could. My friends were serious when they said that they didn’t need help but in the other hoof, it was only Pinkie Pie. And as Twilight always say, she was just being Pinkie Pie! Maybe my other friends did need some help so I started a travel around Ponyville to visit my other friends. However, their responses were similar to Pinkie’s just they were more polite.

“…Oh, hello Rainbow Dash… um… thanks, but… but… I don’t need any help because… because… well… you’re not too good with animals and… well… sorry!” was Fluttershy response.

“Help? What help? I’m fine… I mean… well, I have Spike and… well… I’m doing well and… well let’s just say that I don’t need any help unless somepony to help in organizing books!” said Twilight with her awkward smile and when I asked her why should she need somepony to help her organize her books when she’s planning for a party she just slammed the door in my face but I could swear that I heard her screaming, “SPIKE, I SCREWED UP!”

“Help? Oh thank you darling but I already have dear Cloudy helping me so… I don’t need any help… BY THE WAY, WHY ARE YOU STILL STANDING HERE? I HAVE A DRESS TO WORK ON! GO! GO!” said Rarity calmly. Well, calmly before she suddenly started shouting.

“Look Rainbow, ah can’t tell ya anythin’ so you’d better leave here or ah have ta throw ya out of here! And about help, you’re the last pony I need help from! What I’m doing is bakin’ cakes and ah certainly don’t want anypony foolin’ around me while I’m doin’ mah job,”

“But why AJ? I can do something else!”

“Sorry Sugar cube but I’m just tryin’ to not lie!” after this, Applejack walked away and left me with a head full of questions.

I thought that a flight back home would give me some time to think about everything.

First important thing was that girls were so damn suspicious! Even Rarity who seemed normal a day before. Maybe their responses were different but there was something same in all of them: they were all trying to send me away and seemed that were lying about something but of course all except from Applejack cause she did say that she didn’t want to lie.

So something was clear: my friends were hiding something from me and I was 80% sure that it was about that party.

I wasn’t a fool. Anypony would understand that last night, their faces and their way of talking only showed that they were lying and were making excuses. Just there still was something that wasn’t solved. Why?

Why would they do it? Why they didn’t want me to spend time with them? And most important one, who could tell me the truth?


There WAS somepony that could help. Just if that pony didn’t lie to me too…

I stopped in the middle of sky. At less than a minute I changed my decision and flew toward a place that could help me find the truth instead of flying toward home. I knew my travel won’t take a lot of time…