• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 2-Final desicion

Rainbow dash wiped away her tears and smiled sadly.

“Those days I had with my friends were just a little part of the best days I’ve ever had. I spent most of them with…with…” Another tear drop fell from Rainbow’s eye. She wiped away the tear and looked at her mother.

“You were right mom. I should end these sad days. The world hasn’t ended yet. I have a life to live,” said Rainbow confidently. “I should be strong. Just like before. I promise!”

Firefly smiled. She kissed her daughter’s forehead

“Now that’s my girl!” said Firefly happily. “Now my strong girl, your brother and Speedy are going to be here for dinner. You should get ready.”

These words were very familiar to Rainbow’s ear. Her mind quickly reminded the sweet memory of his brother’s visit and the day Rainbow made her decision. Rainbow sighed sadly and let the pictures of that night came in front of her eyes. A beautiful night which started by cleaning her room…

* * *


The young mare took a look at her room and sighed.

“Finally it’s done,” said Rainbow with a satisfied smile.

“Rainbow, is your room ready?” called Firefly.

“Yep mom. It’s ready.”

“Then would you please come and help me?” said Firefly. Rainbow sighed.

“Fine, I’m comin’.” Rainbow started to fly to kitchen. Her mother as cooking dinner in the kitchen and was singing a song happily. Of course she was happy. Her son and his daughter-in-law were coming after almost three months.

“OK, where do I have to clean?” said Rainbow tiredly. Firefly laughed.

“Oh no. I need your help in making dinner.”

“COOKING? Mom you know that I can’t cook. Do you wanna burn the kitchen? Then OK.” said Rainbow.

“Rainbow you have to learn cooking. You’re going to get married soon.” said Firefly while she was cooking. Rainbow frowned.

“OK I’ll help you but not because I want to get married because I’m still not one hundred percent sure about it. I’ll just cook to help you.” Rainbow walked to kitchen and stood beside her mother.

Firefly sighed.“OK Rainbow but you’re gonna give up soon…”

* * *

The doorbell rang and Rainbow trotted to open the door.

“Hurricane! Speedy!” said Rainbow excitedly. Then she ran to her sister-in-law and hugged her tightly.

“Hey, what about your brother? Do you even remember me? Hurricane? Your big brother?” said Hurricane jokingly.

“You’re not important. Speedy is my sister and girls support girls. Oh and you were here for many years but I’ve found Speedy only for two years.” said Rainbow. Speedy just laughed and wrapped her hoof around her shoulders. They all went inside with laughter.

After few more minutes everypony were doing their own favorite work. Hurricane was talking to his father, Ms. Firefly was preparing dinner at the kitchen and Speedy and Rainbow were talking to each other.

“So…you’re now eighteen. Right?” asked Speedy.

“Yeah I am.” said Rainbow.

“Did your mother tell you about…marriage?” asked Speedy again.

“Yeah she did.” Rainbow sighed. “Uh, Speedy what do you think about…this marriage thing? I mean what should I do?”

“If you want my whole advice you should sit and listen until the sun comes up!” Speedy began. “Buuut, I can give you a short summary of my advices which includes the most important ones so you don’t have sit and listen to a very long boring speech that makes you want to sleep. But remember these are only my opinions the final decision is yours.”

Rainbow nodded firmly. “OK, I’m ready for your advices. And about my decision I rather hear your opinion first then I’ll decide.”

“Then here we go.” said Speedy with a smile. “Marriage is…very beautiful but if there will be love in it it’ll be the most beautiful thing ever. A forced marriage has the same story. It could be lovely or not. It’s your choice and your works that affect it. Well, Love doesn’t appear from nowhere. If you want love in your life although that it’s a forced marriage, you should know your partner first. You should hang out with him as much as you can. If you wanna know him better, you should spend more time with him so you can know his favorites, his personality and a lot more. One of the things you can do is to set the wedding date as late as you can so you have enough time to hang out with him and know him. If you saw anything in his personality or appearance that you didn’t endure just tell him or come and tell your parents. If you did all of these, you’ll find the love very soon. I promise.”

Rainbow was looking at Speedy with wide eyes when she was talking about marriage. Her advices were the same from what Rainbow’s friends told her and what she thought but hearing them from a true love expert, made her change her opinions. It was finally time for her big decision of life. The decision that made her life change forever.

Within a minute lots of ‘what if’s raced through her mind.

What if he’ll be ugly? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he’ll be so fancy? What if…

Rainbow made her mind stop. Of course there was lots of possibilities but this whole forced marriage thing was a great risk. If she really wanted to experience love this way, she should accept the risks too. And of course she wanted to do it.

But there was some conditions too. Some conditions made by herself…

* * *

“Dinner’s ready!” Firefly called happily.

Speedy and Rainbow stopped talking and started to walk to dining room. We all sat down and started to eat.

“Mmmmm! It’s so delicious. Mom this dinner is more delicious than any time before!” said Hurricane.

“You know why? Cause I made it myself. And mom didn’t help me. She just told me what I should do. Right mom?” said Rainbow proudly.

“Yes Rainbow’s right. She made all of the dinner by herself.” Firefly happily said. “I didn’t know you had such a good cooking talent.” Then she winked at Rainbow.

“I think he’ll be very lucky to have Rainbow.” Rainbow’s father said

“Who?” asked Rainbow.

“Your future husband of course.” said Rainbow’s father happily.

Hurricane looked at Rainbow confusly. “You said Rainbow’s what?”

Rainbow sighed. “Future husband.” She said sadly.

“Wait, you’re really eighteen? Hey, you grew up so fast!” said Hurricane happily.

“You’re happy? I want to get married and you’re happy?” said Rainbow angrily.

“Uh… Do I have to be sad?” said Hurricane

“Of course! I thought you knew that I hate marriage!” Rainbow shouted.

Hurricane smiled warmly. “I knew you hate marriage and boys but it’s different. I was just like you but I changed my opinion. And I found the love of my life. I’m sure if you do so you’re going to get the same result.”

“OK, OK, that’s it. I want to tell you my final decision.” said Rainbow.

Finally it was the biggest moment of Rainbow’s life. Her parents glanced at each other. Hurricane gulped. Speedy winked at Rainbow and nodded. Maybe they’re motions weren’t the same but there was something same about them. Something which was clear in the air. They were all nervous. At the same time, they were all excited. After few seconds of taking deep breaths, finally Rainbow opened her mouth.

“I’m ready to get married.”

Every one gasped but after few more seconds everyone cheered. Rainbow’s parents hugged her tightly. Then Speedy and Hurricane hugged her. Everyone was happy. Even Rainbow. Maybe her marriage wasn’t the same with other girls but it was Rainbow dash. A big fan of different. Because it made her 20% cooler. For a minute Rainbow liked this forced marriage. For a minute she forgot everything and got happy because she wanted to get married. That night was one of the happiest nights for this happy family.