• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 10-A night to remember

When Soarin stopped in front of a big restaurant, I realized what a lucky mare I was to have Soarin as my fiancé. I didn’t know Canterlot well but Rarity who has been there too much, was always talking of this place. Even Pinkie Pie loved here. Being the food lover, made her want to check every restaurant at every town she went. She always talked about how amazing and delicious foods were in this place.

Although this place was informal at Rarity’s criterion, but she said going there only for once worth traveling from the other side of Equestria to here. As well as its benefits, she mentioned one of its disadvantages. A big disadvantage. The foods there cost your own life. Especially for a mare from a little village like Ponyville. But as long as Soarin was going to pay for everything, I could enjoy a good meal at a good restaurant.

"Soarin, did a thunderbolt hit your head or something?" asked Spitfire, an unbelievable tone in her voice.

"Oh my, dear Spitfire, of course a thunderbolt hasn't hit his big head! The thing that has hit this but guy is a certain rainbow mare!" mocked Fleetfoot in a dreamy tone.

Soarin rolled his eyes, "Thank you my dear friends, but nothing has hit my poor head. It's just that I'd rather bring my friends somewhere nice instead of those food vendors across from here. If you'd like, we can go there."

“No. Thank you. You have the week off but we have to be at the training tomorrow. And besides who doesn’t like free, good food?” said Fire Streak.

“You know bro, for a sec, I thought you’re speaking for Hurricane,” said Lightning Streak.

Soarin and I just glanced at each other and we both burst in laughter. Others, unaware of what we had said earlier, were just staring at us.

After Soarin got hold of his laughter, he explained, “It’s nothing important.”

“Poor Rainbow who have to deal with a crazy stallion for rest of her life,” said Fleetfoot. Then she turned her gaze to me. “Rainbow, I give you a recommendation. Please take it as a sisterly advice. And it’s…let this idiot go. You’ll just waste your youth on him. Trust me.”

We laughed again. “Fleet it looks like you’re not really hungry. Now that I’m looking it looks that none of you seem hungry. So Rainbow and I will leave. Bye! Have a good time spending rest of your bits in the restaurant,” said Soarin as he started to walk away. It really looked like he really wanted to leave. I had to do something. Even for my own stomach!

“Soarin,” I called. He turned back. “You don’t even want to give ME some food?”

Soarin smiled. “Of course I’d do that for you.” Then he turned to still laughing Wonderbolts. “Hey guys, see you collecting all of your bit to get food! Bye!”

“Wait! Crazy stallion! We’re coming!” called Spitfire.

Soarin chuckled as we all entered the famous, expensive restaurant. At first look, it didn’t look like any of Canterlot’s classic décor. It looked like one of the places a teenager would like to go and hang out with her/his friends. But except from teenager a lot more ponies from other ages were there.

“Wow man. This place looks too full of crowd. Where should we sit?” asked Wave Chill. Right after him, a waitress stopped by us.

“Are you looking for a place to sit? Follow me please. There’s a big area for all of you.”

She led us to where a lot of teenagers were gathered and were singing some famous song together. Most of the sound in the restaurant belonged to them. Even some other ponies from other tables were singing along them.

“Wow! These guys are so fun! I want to sing with them!” said Fleetfoot happily. Then without waiting for an answer, she began singing, “I went out last night…!”

I knew this song. It was one of my favorites. So I began singing with them, “I’m going out tonight again…!”

Soon after me Soarin began singing and then rest of the Wonderbolts. Some ponies there that had recognize Wonderbolts raised their voice and the one who hadn’t sing, started singing. Soon everyone in the restaurant, were singing along us. The one who didn’t know the song were clapping and cheering. But one thing was certain, everypony’s attention was on the song. We were almost at half of song when a music started playing. It was the song we were singing!

As song played, everypony cheered and sang with it once again. After this song ended another one started and then another one and another one until the end of the night. Between singing, we ordered our food and ate it while we listened to ponies singing and music.

For rest of the time we were at restaurant, a big grin was on my face and hadn’t left until the moment we got out of restaurant. Then, as Soarin ‘promised’ we went to the new amusement park which was near the restaurant. We spent a good, fun time there too. Going on different games and even I won a prize too! The most unbelievable prize. Doll of a certain Wonderbolt named Soarin!

At the roller coaster ride, we took all the sits and had a good time. And as Fleetfoot told us before the ride, we, girls, screamed whenever we went down. I never screamed but among my heroes it didn’t matter. And besides, others scream was much louder than mine.

At total, it was a very fun and amazing time. But except from some of the fans who got in our way and asked for an autograph or some of Soarin’s fanfillies who gave me bad looks when they see me walking next to him all the time. Some of them were really scary. Just like I was murder of their parents.

When I told this to Soarin, he laughed and put his hoof around my shoulder and told me to don’t look at them. He, putting his hoof around me only made their worse.

But it also had a strong effect on me too. I felt my heart stopped for a second and also felt blood rushing to my cheeks. I think that was what everypony call blushing cause after misty saw me, she laughed and said, “Wow, Soarin what did you do to her? Look how red she is!” after Soarin looked at me he just chuckled and squeezed me to his self, more. That made the heat in my cheeks more. I think it was sign of blushing more. But I smiled sheepishly.

I had to admit. It did have a good feeling. A great feeling at my chest. My mind was telling me to let go of him and run away from him but my heart was keep telling me if you go away you won’t feel love and how dare you deny this perfect feeling. And my heart was right. And besides what do they say? For love you have to listen to your heart or something like this. For that, I chose the thing my heart said and rested my head on his shoulder.

I was seeing things again. Those girls with surprised face and frowns and glares toward me but when Soarin said don’t care about them I didn’t.

But finally after all of the fun moments I had today, it was time to go home. Before I realize, we said good bye to all of the Wonderbolts and went home. Soarin, being the gentle stallion, walked me home. We talked laughed and reviewed the moments of the day as we walked and sometimes fly to my house.

And before we knew, we were in front of the entry of my home and it was time for goodbye. I thought back to the day I passed. Wonderbolts academy, restaurant, amusement park and everything that happened. He did need a great thank you. A very big one.

I looked at him. At the same time, he raised his head and we both got lost in each other’s eyes. I never, ever, realized how beautiful his eyes were. They were like…true emeralds in front of you but much shinier and beautiful.

But… I shouldn’t forget the real reason I raised my head for. I had to say something as all he did to me. A simple thank you wasn’t enough but it was all I had at that moment.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Thank you,” Soarin said at the same time I did.

We stared in each other’s eyes once again and…



We asked in union once again. OK. This was getting funny.

I chuckled. “I don’t think I have to explain why. All you did today was amazing… so thank you. But why you thanked me?”

“You know, now that I’m thinking, I or neither any of Wonderbolts, had such a fun time for such a long time. If you weren’t there and didn’t tell Fleetfoot about us, none of these would have happened. So…thank you. For the happiness you gave me. The one I hadn’t feel for such a long time.”

He hadn’t felt happy? “You hadn’t feel happy? I wonder why?” He looked at his hooves. I immediately found out that I shouldn’t ask this. “Oh, I’m sorry if I made you sad.”

He smiled weakly and sadly at me. “No. it’s OK. It’s nothing important.”

I bite my lip. You didn’t have to be genius to understand he wasn’t happy of my question. “Thank you again. For everything.”

He smiled happily again. “Thank you too. Bye.”


I opened door of house but didn’t went in until his flying form disappeared in the dark night sky.

“Well, well, well. Where were you missy?” said my mother from inside.

Uh oh! I had a story to tell…

Author's Note:

The song that Fleetfoot was singing is this song:

From here things start to get a little more serious :raritywink: sooo... be prepared!:pinkiehappy: