• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 16-My love

Author's Note:

Here's the next chapter now! Before you start, let me tell you something. This chapter is a special one. You wonder why? Find it in the first line. Also a big thanks for the idea from MLPdior. Enjoy!:pinkiehappy:

Soarin’s P.O.V.

“Rainbow, Scootaloo’s here!” Ms. Firefly shouted.

I was really really curious and excited to meet that famous Scootaloo. She was famous because all of Rainbow’s friends and family knew her.

I knew that Rainbow told me that she’s a filly but any pony before 18 year old is filly but in the other hoof she doesn’t seem to be too big cause Rainbow said that she doesn’t know how to fly any ways, deep inside I know everything will be fine.

I’d never taught flying to a little filly but I’ve seen some of my teammates, volunteering for this. I’ve seen how they did it. It didn’t seem too hard…I wish…

The important thing was that because of Rainbow I was doing something new in my life.

Oh…Rainbow Dash…

What should I say about her? She’s… everything. Even more than that but I still had to wait. It was so hard. So hard to see the one you love and pretend that you only have a simple crush on her. Yeah, I loved her. She didn’t know but I did. Nopony knew it.

It started a long a go. Even before Rainbow and I engaged…

* * * * *


I was at the end of one my shows and as usual it was time to give autographs to my fans but before I went there, I had to walk an aisle to get to the tables and that aisle was always filled with crazy fanfillies who just screamed and needed autographs before other ponies.

Every time I passed that aisle I signed three ponies’ paper, poster or whatever they wanted. But only three ponies not more and not less. That was why there was all of those sounds and screams there.

But that day…it was different. No, the show wasn’t different or those fan screams. No, none of them were new but one pony among all of those ponies was different.

At first, when I had to walk down that aisle, I thought that if Spitfire don’t take them away for the next time then I’ll kill her alive.

First step…nothing. Just crazy fanfilly screams that made me have a very bad headache for several hours after it.

Second step… still nothing but I saw a mare how was shaking her poster in the air. I knew her. Not by name, I’d just seen her before. It seemed that she won’t go away if this poster won’t be signed, so I signed it quickly.

‘Hope to never see you again!’ I thought as I signed her poster. She screamed happily and shouted, “I LOVE YOU SOARIN!”

I looked coldly at her and said a simple ‘thanks’ and walked away.

Next step… still nothing but those annoying screams.

Next… I smile because the scene I saw did worth smiling. A little filly who was jumping up and down happily and a paper was on her mouth.

“Hey little friend, what’s your name?” I said as I knelt down in front of her grabbed her paper to sign.

She gasped and said, “I’m Moon Song Mr. Soarin.”

I smiled at her. She was so cute and little. “Do you like to be Wonderbolt?”

She gasped again and jumped up and down. “YES, YES, YES!”

“Then never stop trying!”


I ruffled her soft mane and walked away. Little fillies and colts were the only fans I cared about. The only fans that I believed had to be treated nice and well but others… most of them were just trouble.

Next step… I didn’t care about screams and thought about my last choice for giving autograph.

Next step… I’m not too far from autograph stand but it still is few meters away.

Next step… again those screa…

“Mr. Soarin, excuse me?” said a soft voice from my left.

I didn’t know why but I looked to see who that was. Maybe her soft and beautiful voice made me to look at her but when I did, I found out that if I did something right in my life, it was that.

“Could you please sign my paper please?” she said as I look at her.

She was… she was so… OH MY GOSH!

She was so unbelievably beautiful. So beautiful… and unique… and divine and… and…

There wasn’t a word to describe her beautifulness. For that I walked up to her and signed her paper with a smile. I never smiled to the mares at her age but… it was just impossible to look at her coldly.

‘Never stop fighting for your dream and never lose your hope for it. Soarin.” That text and an autograph was all I wrote for her then I passed it to her with a kind smile. She blushed and took it from me with a little smile.

I don’t which was it. Her adorable smile or her cute blushing face or the second her hoof touched mine, but for I just felt that suddenly my heart was burning in an invisible fire. I had to know something about her. Something that could kill me if I didn’t find out about her.

“Can I ask, what’s your name?”

She looked at me and smiled. “Sure. I’m Rainbow Dash.”

I nodded. “Nice meeting you. Hope to see you again.”

“Thanks, me too,” she whispered with a giggle.

“You’re welcome.” I left her with the same smile. I didn’t know what happened but I just felt that something had changed in me.

I didn’t even know why did I say that to her? I never said ‘hope to see you again’ to one of my fans unless it was a little colt or filly. Instead I always said, ‘hope to never see you again’! And I never said that out loud. I always said it on my mind because I believed that no matter how tired you are, you have to keep respectable to others.

But that mare… Rainbow Dash… she was another thing…

And suddenly, steps didn’t mean for me anymore because she was all over my mind…


Rainbow Dash…


* * * * *

I sighed as I remembered my best memories again. It’s afterward was amazing. The next show was at Cloudsdale again and when I had to walk down the aisle, I saw her again!

I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe that she really cared my words that said ‘hope to see you again’! She really came there to see me again!

The minute she saw that I’m looking at her, she grinned happily and waved her hoof for me. It was true that some of the mares next to her looked at her with hatred and jealousy but it wasn’t important for neither of us.

I grinned happily at her and walked away. From that day on, I saw her on every show I had in Cloudsdale or Ponyville. She was always waiting for me on the aisle. She didn’t do anything. She just came there and waited there for me.

But one day… everything changed for me. It was a show in the Ponyville and… she didn’t come…Yeah, She didn’t come. I searched through all ponies there but nopony had seen her. Then I searched all of Ponyville but… they said that she hadn’t seen her.

I thought that it maybe was because of a problem or sickness and she’ll come for the next show but… she didn’t come for the next show.

Not only the next show, the next one or the one after that.

She never came there again…


But I did realize something. That each minute of my life was meaningless without her. That every single beat of my heart was because of her. That I, the great Soarin, the pony who hated every single of his fanfillies and all of mares, had fall in love with her.


I loved her, with every single bit of my heart…

I was going crazy. It was like I had lost my life.

Till one day, my mother talked to me about the old tradition in family. The tradition that said a boy or a girl had to get married when he/she was 18. Fortunately my mom saw how I was and left it up to me.

She even said that I don’t have do this if I want to. I knew she was saying this because of Cloudy. That tradition made her run off from house for such a long time.

Thinking of Cloudy caused a brilliant idea to enter my head. All I had to do was finding Rainbow Dash and… done!

So from that day, I started searching whole Ponyville and Cloudsdale for a sign for her and finally one day, a lavender mare with a baby dragon over her back told me the address of her house.

Soon I found out that she has a bigger brother who turned out to be one of my teammates so things were a lot simple for me. I knew that they had a tradition similar to mine in their family so I talked to Hurricane. I told him that I love his sister so much and he had to help me to go and merry her.

I expected him to go crazy and say that you can’t love my sister but instead he smiled happily and said that he’d do whatever he can. He also said that her sister doesn’t even wanna do it but he promised to help me.

And finally, everything was ready for me. I was on top of the world at that moment.

Then the fun and great seconds started from the second I stepped in their house. Rainbow and her friends thought that I didn’t see them but I did saw six pair of big eyes staring at me.

When they said that my love was waiting for me in the garden, I wanted to run out of the room as fast as I can and go and see her but I keep myself from that crazy action and walked calmly to the garden.

And… she was there…

More beautiful than any time before and the low light of the sun made her like a true angle. MY lovely angle.

“E…excuse me, are you Rainbow Dash?” I finally said those words. I didn’t stutter because I was nervous. I stuttered because I still hadn’t believe that my beautiful angle was before my eyes.

And simply, that night turned out to be the best night of my entire life.

Aaaaaaaand… there I was. After all of those waiting I had her beside me.

“We’re back!” Rainbow’s happy exclaim made me look at her with a smile. Next to her, a little filly with purple mane and tale and orange eyes was jumping up and down. She made me think about that little filly that was at show the day I met Rainbow.

“Hi! I’m Scootaloo!” she said with a grin.

“Hey Scootaloo! I’m Soarin.”

“Wait you mean you’re the Soarin from Wonderbolt?” she asked excitedly.

I chuckled. She really was like Rainbow. The sentence she said was the same as the one Rainbow said when I saw her at garden. “Well yeah,” I said.

“COOL!” she shouted happily.

“Now if introducing is done, can we start please?” said Rainbow.

“Sure!” Scootaloo and I said at once. That made all of us spend a minute for laughing.

We walked down the stairs, to where girls were still planning wedding. Rainbow was right. It was soooo boring!

Twilight was the first who saw us. She opened her mouth to say something when Rainbow interrupted her, “No Twi. We’re going to teach Scootaloo how to fly so please don’t talk about plans. I already told you, do whatever you want and only call me for very important things.”

She sighed. “OK, since I know how stubborn you are I won’t say anything.”

“And she better not to!” whispered Rainbow and made Scootaloo and us chuckle.

We walked out of house and flew toward ground with Scootaloo on Rainbow’s back. “OK, let’s start it!” said Rainbow the minute we landed.

I stared at her. I just didn’t know how much more I can hold myself from not confessing my love to her.

She was just everything for me. My entire world only had one name: Rainbow Dash. I had to do something to prove her that she’s more important than anything for me.

It was the only way of keeping myself from confessing but on the other hoof, she didn’t deserve anything. It had to be something great and amazing.

A brilliant and as Rainbow often say, awesome idea popped into my mind. A special thing for a special occasion… yeah, that was amazing…