• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 8-Wonderbolts academy

Soarin and I were standing outside of Spitfire’s office.

“Soarin, can I not come in?” I asked.

“Why?” asked Soarin. “Don’t tell me that you’re afraid of Spitfire too.”

“I…am?” I really didn’t know. Was I? Well I heard from Hurricane that Spitfire isn’t nice all the time. Especially at morning. And of course I didn’t want to make the captain of the Wonderbolts think of me as a weak pony who was afraid of her.

“I really don’t understand what Spitfire does that makes everyone afraid of her?” said Soarin.

“Hurricane told me…”

“Hurricane? Do you really believe what he says?” said Soarin.

“Well, I don’t believe almost half of them but he seemed too serious when he was saying how scary Spitfire is in the morning.”

“Well, I guess he said something right for the first time in his life,” said Soarin thoughtfully. “But Spitfire’s not as scary as he said. It’s OK if you don’t wanna come in. I’ll do rest of the work.”

I smiled at Soarin. “Thank you.”

Soarin knocked on the door. “Come in.” said a voice from inside.

Soarin opened the door and went in but before it he winked at me. I didn’t get its meaning until well…

“HELLO SPITFIRE! GOOD MORNING! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” shouted Soarin. I put my hoof in front of my mouth to not laugh.

“UH, SOARIN THINK OF SOMEPONY’S EAR!” shouted Spitfire. Well, her shouting was at least ten times louder than Soarin. Fortunately I wasn’t inside of office. If I were I probably didn’t have my ears anymore!

“Hey Spit, you better think of some other pony’s ear. You know the one who’s now not hearing because your great scream,” said Soarin. “Wait, wait, wait. I GOT IT! Now I understand why you never need a microphone when you’re talking to other Wonderbolts. You’re a microphone yourself!”

“Soarin shut up before I throw you out of Wonderbolts,” said Spitfire dangerously low. Too bad that fun was out. There was no way that Soarin lost his dream job for such a stupid reason.

But I realized my false quickly.

“You can’t throw me out. I’m your co-captain and you’re nothing without me,” said Soarin proudly.

Spitfire groaned dangerously. OK, things were getting bad.

“As much as I hate to admit but you’re right Soarin. But remember I only let you win this round. Next time I won’t be the same,” said Spitfire.

By what Soarin said next I guessed he rolled his eyes. “You said the same for the past thousand times.”

“Anyways what do you do here? I thought you wanted a day off,” asked Spitfire. She seemed more cheered up now. Soarin really knew how to turn Spitfire’s flame of anger to ice. He really did a great work.

“I brought someone with me. She wants to train with us today.”

“Soarin you know that we don’t usually let any pony train with us. That pony better be good enough,” said Spitfire.

“Don’t worry Spit. She’s a good one,” said Soarin.

“Sooo…it’s a girl. Right?” I took a quick glance at the office but that was enough for me to see Spitfire with a smirk and a raised eyebrow looking at Soarin.

Soarin sighed. “Don’t bug me about this. She’s my fiancé.”

“YOUR WHAT?!” said surprised Spitfire. “Wait, Soarin when did you find a marefriend? Didn’t you feel telling your friend? Or at least your family? Am I not your cousin anymore?”

“Spitfire calm down. She’s not my marefriend. It was all that stupid tradition.”

“But you could at least tell me when you two were engaged,” said Spitfire.

“Hey, it’s not like we’ve been engaged for a year. I just met her last night.”

“Hey, did you say she’s here?” asked Spitfire happily. “Tell her come in!”

After few seconds, Soarin came out of office with a smile. “Well you’re so lucky that you have me,” said Soarin proudly. I snickered. “By the way, come in and you’d better leave a good impression or I’ll kill you right after the training.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not Rainbow Dash for nothing.”

“Then let’s see your work.” we walked toward the door of office and entered.

That office was…an office? It didn’t have any unusual thing. An office like the other ones I’d seen before. Same office table and chair and stuff.

“Here she is Spitfire,” Soarin’s voice made me drag my attention to captain of Wonderbolts.

“Hmmm…you seem like the worst flier I’ve ever seen,” said Spitfire. Well her comment made me shocked but I answered anyway.

“No ma’am!”

“Good spirit.” Spitfire smiled. Oh good. Her earlier comment was just for seeing how eager I’m about training. “But let’s check if your other abilities are as good as you’re good spirit or not!”

* * *

Spitfire had led Soarin and I to a field that looked to be a racing field. Other Wonderbolts were there too. They looked tired and sleepy. Most of them were yawning and some were even sleeping.. Among them only one of them seem to be fully awake. And that pony was Fleetfoot. She was smiling happily.

“Whoa! I can’t believe it! Is it Fleetfoot who’s awake? What made her awake? She had a detention yesterday. She was in my office until midnight,” said Spitfire. “There’s only one thing that make her like this in the morning…” said Spitfire thoughtfully. Then she looked at us and said, “Be careful. I think Fleetfoot saw you two together. Especially you Soarin. She doesn’t bug mares too much especially when she doesn’t know them well. But you Soarin…well you know the rest.”

Soarin sighed. “I hate Fleetfoot when she’s like this.”

“What’s the thing that make her awake in the morning?” I asked.

“Seeing romantic scenes. But in her eyes even a mare and a stallion standing beside each other is romantic. She’s way too intemperate,” said Soarin.

“Oh, got it,” I said. I was starting to think what her action will be when she see Soarin and I together when I heard a loud squeak.

“LOOK!” I quickly looked at where the sound came from and saw Fleetfoot with a BIG grin.

“FLEETFOOT!” other Wonderbolts shouted. At least thanks to Fleetfoot, all of the Wonderbolts were awake.

“Here we go,” whispered Soarin.

“OK everypony, enough sleeping. You showed our guest enough about how lazy you are. So don’t make it worse,” said Spitfire.

A wave of humming crashed through crowd.

“Yes, we have a guest. She’s gonna train with us today.”

“Sooo…who brought her here? Soarin?” asked Fleetfoot with a smirk.

“Yeah, I brought her here. Problem?” said Soarin flatly.

“Well there IS a problem but…let’s talk about it later cause Ms. Captain doesn’t seem too happy,” said Fleetfoot while looking at frowning and glaring Spitfire.

“Now, everyone, I want 300 laps for warm up, starting from now,” said Spitfire. All of them groaned. For a minute, I doubted that they’re Wonderbolts or not. “I SAID NOW!”

All of the Wonderbolts flew up in the sky except from Soarin and Spitfire. I flew after them quickly too. I didn’t want any of Wonderbolts to think of me as a lazy pony. Although I found out their lazy their selves.

Up there, in the sky, weather was cool and it made me get last bit of sleep away from myself. I smiled. I belonged there. Right there. No tradition, no husband, no parents, no fiancé, nopony could take them away from me. Nopony. I was Rainbow Dash. Born in the sky. You can never separate a mother and child. I was like that. Nopony hadn’t and couldn’t dare separate me from sky.

Oh, gosh… So sappy speech!

It was true that sky made me so relaxed but at that moment, I had to focus on Wonderbolts.


I was really flying with them! All thanks to Soarin. Now I was sure that we both had the same plan on our mind. First, trying to meet, then seeing if there was any feeling or not.

And soon, I had to do a move myself. From here, he did everything. Well it’s not like we’ve been together for an entire year! We only met last night.

“Oh, come on Rainbow what kind of pegesi think about these things while she/he is flying? Especially during a Wonderbolt training,” I said under my breath.

“I do!” said a happy voice next to me. I looked to find the owner of voice. It was Fleetfoot.

“Oh, hey.”

“Hi!” said Fleetfoot somehow…excitedly.

“So you’re the girl that Soarin introduced?”

“Yeah, that’s me. Name’s Rainbow Dash.”

“Oh, good. You might know me. I’m Fleetfoot.” and she smiled warmly at me. “By the way, I was wondering what kind of relation do you have with Soarin? Cause he hates girls and NORMALLY or better say never brings a girl with him.”

“I think he has to now.”

“And since wheeeen?”

“Since last night.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did a thunderbolt hit Soarin’s head? He never asks girls out! He never did and never will.”

“I think it would be better if you ask him.”

“But there’s no fun in this. I wanna ask you then if it was something important, we can go and bother Soarin together!” she said so excitedly that for a second I thought she’s a little filly who’s gonna go to amusement park for the first time.

“Excuse me?” I asked confusly with some hints of laughter.

“Bothering Soarin! That’s the work I’d born for!” Nope. She really seemed to imagine bothering Soarin as a lollipop which was given to her.

“OK, but as you promised, bothering him TOGETHER! Got it?”

“OK!” she said so excitedly that I felt she might burst right at the middle of sky.

“So, if you’re so eager to know…”


“I’m Soarin’s…”



“YOU’RE HIS WHAT?” shouted Fleetfoot. Fortunately, there was nopony around and we were ahead and also high enough for Soarin and Spitfire to not hear. “Wait, when did he…”

“Found a marefriend that now has a fiancé? Spitfire asked the same. Your answer is traditions.”

“Oh,” said Fleetfoot quietly but suddenly she cheered up again. “Well, this one’s a good subject for getting in Soarin’s nose.”

“And my reward?”

Fleetfoot thought for some seconds. “Well, I’ll never bother you about it cause you were a good girl and told me about you and Soar and second, you gotta see a fun show with me.” She grinned happily. “Trust me. Soarin’s so hilarious when he gets angry. Scary? Well, sure he is. Hilarious? Definitely!

I smirked. “Count me in.”

“Now all we have to do is ending these laps.”

Author's Note:

I'M BACK!:pinkiehappy:
Sorry for long wait. My finale exams took longer than what I expected and not to mention my mother hiding my laptop and phone. My only way of being in fimfiction was my mother's phone! But when I got back my laptop, I quickly start writing this chapter. Now, I'm back with a lot of new stories and idea for rest of Maybe I'm dreaming.