• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 23- Why Soarin?

Shattering sound of my glass of soda that hit the ground made the
whole room quiet.

And there I was standing…

With eyes that couldn’t believe what they see. I was sure about
something. Soarin wasn’t drunk for sure cause when we were at
restaurant he told me that he hated drinks so that only meant one

He did that on purpose…

But… but…

“Rainbow! I’ll explain…” said Soarin. Tears filled my eyes as I heard his
voice and I certainly didn’t stayed there for him to ‘explain’. I’d see

I opened my wings and flew…
Flew out of that damn building with the fastest speed I could muster.
All I wanted was to go away from there as soon as I can. Why
staying there while my Soarin didn’t want me anymore.

* * * * *
“Soarin… Soarin… oh my Soarin… why? Why did you do that to
me?... Didn’t you love me? Didn’t you know that I just realized that
you’re the one that I can rely on? The one that can show me what
truly love is… you ruined it… you ruined everything…” I said as I
talked to the space in front of me. “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING
SOARIN! EVERYTHING!” I shouted as tears ran down my cheeks.
“You… ruined… it,” I muttered before broking into tears.
In front of me, the first and last bay I’ve ever seen, was quieter than
any time before. There wasn’t even a single wave crashing to cliffs. It
was as if Soarin himself was there.

That was why I went there. From the first minute I saw the bay, I saw it
as a pony. A pony that I can tell everything to and that pony was
Soarin. Even he wasn’t loyal to me, the bay was. I could tell all of my
problems to bay. It was exactly like a second Soarin to me.
Too bad that I couldn’t tell these to the real Soarin…

“Soarin, please… please come and tell me that they were all
nothing but a lie… Please tell me that I was only dreaming…”

* * * * *

Next day, I woke up where I exactly was.

Well…not EXACTLY where I was.

There was a blanket over me and my head was on something soft
and somepony was caressing my mane slowly.

Wait… somepony was caressing my mane?

It couldn’t be…

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up to see the pony that was
caressing me. OH MY GOSH! IT WAS SOARIN!

I couldn’t believe he actually came after me. And there I was, lying
on his lap, and he was caressing me. Slowly, memories of last night
came to my head.

The surprise birthday party, gifts, dances, Soarin’s gift, bay, and





Then what did I do on his lap? Wait…

How dare he hugged me? How dare he even caressed me? He
loved another mare. Not me… another mare…

It was my damn tears that let Soarin know that I’m awake. He looked
down at me and smiled. “Rainbow… you’re awake.” Soon, he
realized that I was crying. He picked me up and hugged me tightly.

“Rainbow, don’t cry. Let me explain.”
My eyes went wide at what he said. I quickly pulled away from him
and stood up. I didn’t want to stay with him even for a second.
“Explain what? I don’t need explanation. I have my damn EYES! At
least they don’t lie to me like you did.” I shouted.

“But Rainbow, I didn’t lie. Just let me…” said Soarin calmly before I
interrupted again.



“You know what? I hate you…” I said with a look of hatred on my
face. There wasn’t a place for me to stay. Not any more…

* * * * *


‘Concentrate Rainbow. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate,
CONCENTRATE!’ I thought as I tried to review what Rarity told me

I was in front of my brother’s home, waiting for him to open the door.
Speedy had gone to doctor for an unknown sickness and Hurricane
was resting after his ‘hard’ day at Wonderbolts.

It was the right time for me to talk to him about it. I was a huge idiot
to still do it after all of things that happened at my birthday night and
the morning after but there was something telling me that I have to
do it anyway. Although I didn’t have a good feeling about Soarin
and was too angry to see him again but I had to do this.

Previous night’s experience made me realize that it’s really hard for
me to let Soarin go so it was better for me to stay away from him. I
had to find that mare as soon as I could and there was only one way
to find out…

“Oh, hey Rainbow. Speedy said that you’ll come here today,” said
Hurricane with a smile. “So why did you come here anyway.”

I frowned. “Hey, there’s no reason for it. Can’t your sister just visit?” I
grinned in my thoughts as I said. ‘Awesome Rainbow. First step of
Rarity’s lessons is done!’ I thought.

“OK, OK, come in,” said Hurricane. I quickly entered the house and
placed the plate of food on counter. “What’s this?” he asked as he
spotted the plate.

“Oh, nothing. I just thought that you might don’t have dinner tonight
so I baked you something to eat.”

Hurricane who seemed surprised said, “OK.” Then he continued,
“Thank you too much. Speedy said that she won’t be home tonight
and will go to visit her sister and I was just wondering what to eat
tonight. Thanks for helping me in such a hard decision!”

I rolled my eyes. His hard decision was to choose between hothay
and hayburger. “Yeah, such a hard decision…”

“Wait a second!” said Hurricane with narrowed eyes. “Something’s
not right. You just don’t visit me without wanting something let alone
caring about my dinner. So, tell me… what do you want?”

Oh great… perfect! He caught me but I wasn’t going to let it go just
like that. Not yet. So I gasped and said, “How dare you? I just missed
you and wanted to see you.”

“Missed me? You just saw me last night,” said Hurricane with a raised

“So what? Like I said, I just wanted to come and see you. Can’t a
sister come and visit her brother?” I said as I tried to muster the cutest
pout I’d done.

Hurricane who was still looking at me with a raised eyebrow, smiled.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. So what do we do first?”

I tapped my chin and pretended like I was thinking. “How about
telling me about some of your memories with Soarin?” I said with a
big grin.

“Hmmm… seems like a good plan. Although I still don’t know what
you’re up to but that’s a good idea. Why don’t you seat while I go to
grab my photo album?”

“OK.” I smiled mischievously as Hurricane to his room. ‘Nice work
Rainbow. Nice work.’

“I have good plans for you my dear brother…”