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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 15-Wedding planning

The annoying sound of the alarm clock was walking on my mind. I pressed my muzzle into the pillow. Why did I have to wake up this early? Just for a crazy planning? All I wanted was to sleep few more hours.

I’ve been at Cloudy’s welcome party until midnight and after I reached my bed, I’ve been busy thinking about my newfound feelings for Soarin so I kinda slept at 2:00 a.m. Then, I had to wake up at 7:00 for my wedding planning. I didn’t even know why did I accept it?

“Wake up sleepy head!” said a pony beside me.

“Soarin what are you doing in my room?” I asked tiredly and without changing my position.

“Hey, don’t you remember? We supposed to start wedding planning here.”

“Ugh, Soarin, how can you be so happy? I wanna sleep. Last night I just slept for 5 hours.”

Nopony answered. Did Soarin just went out like that? “Soarin, did you go?” I didn’t even bother looking around.

“Nope. I’m still here. Just been thinking.”

“About what?”

“That are you truly a mare or not?”

I raised my head quickly. “What do you mean by I’m a mare or not? Of course I’m a mare.”

“You know, most of the mares are so excited about wedding planning but you… what do I say?”

“Nothing and besides, those mares are not tired like me. Can’t we start an hour later?”


“What did you say? I didn’t hear but I guess it was yes.”

Soarin sighed. “OK. You left me no choice. Now I have to use my secret weapon.”

“Do whatever you want. I won’t leave this comfy bed till I get a good sleep.”

“Cloudy, let her in!” shouted Soarin. I didn’t pay attention to him and let him do whatever he wanted. He had to learn that Rainbow Dash won’t leave her bed this easily!

“AUNTIE RAINBOW!” shouted a certain little filly. Just I didn’t know how I turned to ‘auntie’ while she was still calling me ‘Ms. Rainbow’ last night. “Are you awake?”

What did I have to do? In one hoof, I really wanted to sleep but in the other hoof, I didn’t want to make her sad. “Yep. I am.”

“Then get up! We can play together!”

I smiled while my muzzle was still pressed to the bed. I turned around to face Gummy who was looking at me with her cute smile and big eyes. “But I wanna sleep!”

“Please? Pretty please? Pretty pretty PRETTY please?” I looked at her and… all I could say was…


She was looking with puppy eyes keep saying ‘pretty please’. Who could say no to this cute face? Of course nopony! You had to too stone heart to say anything against her when she was doing it.

“O…OK. OK. I’ll get up now.” Gummy cheered happily and Soarin smiled proudly.

I frown at Soarin. “Don’t be happy cause I just got up because of Gummy.”
Gummy smiled childishly. “No auntie. I made you get up because of uncle Soarin.”

I expect this. By the way, I didn’t really want to stay at bed much longer. “Oh no! Gummy why did you do it?! Don’t you know that lying kills me?” and then I let my body hit the bed again while my eyes were closed and I was acting like I’ve been killed.

Gummy giggled and Soarin chuckled and said, “OK princess, Gummy will promise to never lie again. Right Gummy?”

“Yes uncle. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

I sat at bed quickly. “Wait, how did you learned Pinkie promise?”

“Pinkie Pie taught me today. I Pinkie promised to look after Gummy until her work in Sugar cube corner is done.”

“Well, well, well, now that Sleeping Beauty is awake, let’s start the work,” said Soarin with a smile.

I smirked. “No. Who said that Sleeping Beauty is awake? Prince didn’t kiss her!”

Soarin raised an eyebrow. “Do you really want me to kiss me princess?”

I blushed. “No thank you.”

“Are you sure? Cause if this will make Sleeping Beauty awake I’ll do it with all of my heart!” said Soarin with a wink. I just blushed. “What do you say princess? Yes?”

“NO!” I said suddenly. At that moment my whole face was burning. I didn’t exactly what I was blushing of. Thinking about Soarin kissing me or him calling me princess for several time. It just felt amazing to Soarin call me princess. It meant that I was really important for him.

And about kissing… I just felt that it was too soon. No. Not that soon. I just realized that a feeling is growing in my heart. Not that soon. Maybe when I was sure that I really love him.

However, after my loud ‘No’ Soarin had gone out of the room with a chuckle and I’ve been sitting on my bed and thinking for some minutes so I quickly got out of bed and got ready and rushed down stairs.

After a quick breakfast, my father going to work and my mother telling a weather pony about her day off, we were all ready for planning…almost.

I didn’t have a good feeling about all of this planning thing. By the way I’d promised Pinkie to let her plan the reception. I just couldn’t break a promise to one of my friends this easily. Especially a Pinkie promise to Pinkie Pie. It just didn’t work well with my loyal spirit.

“Umm… everypony, wait here. I have to call one of my friends to come and help for planning. I kinda… promised her,” I said after some minutes of thinking.

“Hey, why don’t you call all of them? They have the right to have a part on their friend’s wedding,” said Cloudy.

“Good idea! I can use their help at these kind of things. I’ll call them now!” I was going to grab my phone when somepony knocked on the door. I raised my eyebrow. Who could be that?

“Rainbow, did you have any guests today?” asked Speedy.

“Uh… no. I was wondering who is that too.” As my sentence ended, I trotted to door and opened it.

“Didn’t you want to start without us Dashie, did you?” said Pinkie with a huge grin. Behind her, my friends were looking at me with grin. I stepped away to let them in as I stared at them with wide eyes and dropped jaw.

Rarity giggled as she got pass me and said, “I think I have to start designing the wedding dress from today so don’t stand and stare. We have a lot work to do darling!”

A simple ‘Huh?’ was all I said.

Fluttershy who was the last that entered the house giggled and said, “Your answer is Pinkie sense.”

“But… but…”

“There’s nothing needed to be said!” said Twilight with a big grin. Then she got close to me and whispered, “You were so lucky that you didn’t forget your Pinkie promise. You weren’t there when Pinkie sensed that you’re breaking your promise but after you wanted to call us, she quickly said that we have to come to your house and told us everything about everything.”

“But…but… how did she knew about everything?”

She shrugged. “You know Pinkie, so random. But it looked like it was her Pinkie sense.”

“Don’t you girls want to begin? I didn’t take a whole day off because of nothing!” said Speedy.

“OK…OK… let’s begin!” I said as I rolled my eyes.

* * * * *

“PLEASE! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” I shouted as Twilight and Cloudy started to talk about place of the guests again.

My poor head was exploding with all of those junks. It was noon and all they talked about was place of guests. WHAT KIND OF FAMILY DO THIS FOR 5 DAMN HOURS?!

“Whoa… I think Dashie’s a little too tired.” Although Pinkie whispered it, I heard it clearly.

“How about resting a little? I’m tired too!” said Soarin quickly.

“But we’re out of time! We have to end this today or…”

I didn’t let her continue. “Sorry Twi but Soarin and I took enough of this thing today. We’ll go for a little rest.”

I grabbed Soarin hoof and pulled him as I ran toward stairs and climb them.

“But what about…”

“You can plan rest of this ‘thing’ on your own.”

I didn’t stay there to hear rest of Twilight’s nagging. I led Soarin to my room and hoped on my bed. Then I sighed happily and almost shouted, “FINALLY!”

“Was it that bad?” said Soarin with a chuckle.

“It was worse than what you imagine! I hate boring things.”

“Me too. Beautiful room by the way.”

“Thanks.” I turned my head to Soarin who was looking at my room with a smile. I smiled too and to think about him on my mind.

‘What do you have in you that make me feel so happy and want to smile? Is it your eyes that make me calm or smile that make my heartbeat faster than speed of light? Or… or… maybe it’s everything you have in you. It’s just feels so good to dream that you love me and for once I can show somepony my soft side. But unfortunately it’s nothing but a good dream. A dream that won’t come true easily.’

I was thinking about when a voice in my head said, ‘Rainbow Dash, shut up. You’re getting too sappy. Also stop staring at the poor stallion!’

Sometimes I really wanted to say a loud shut up to that damn voice that was saying the truths all the time but even if I did this, it would came back again. There was just no way of fighting it.

“Is this your calendar?” asked Soarin as he pointed to my calendar that was pinned to wall and also made me end the fight that was going inside of me.

“Huh? Wha… Oh, yeah! That’s my calendar.”

“Then as it said here, your birthday is in 3 days right?”

At that minute I really needed somepony to punch me hard in face and tell me to never do such a thing to your calendar! I just didn’t know why did I have such a bad behavior? Every time I get a new calendar for the New Year, the first thing I did was marking my friends and I’s birthday. And result…

“Yeah… it is.”

“Whoa, that’s awesome! Happy birthday then!”

I smiled. “Thanks.”

It was great that Soarin found out my birthday. 23rd of June was always my favorite day of year cause among my family and friends nopony forget it and congratulate me and also Pinkie’s parties were always filled with a lot of fun. That day made me sure that there are someponies that remember me. Someponies that care about me and think that I’m important for.

That year’s birthday would be amazing and special. More special than other years cause it was going to be the last year I celebrate it as a single mare. Maybe next year I had to celebrate it along Soarin.

These thoughts made me think about my future life more. It was true that I had a crush on Soarin and feel that I like him more than a simple pony or Wonderbolt, but that didn’t guarantee my future. This feeling couldn’t last forever and could be forgot easily. What would happen to my future? Would I ever experience that feeling named love? What if I got married and don’t feel the love? Then my life would be ruined! And by the way that wedding plans were going, it looked like that I had to set the wedding date so soon.

Uhhh… wedding…

How thought I would get married? The great Rainbow Dash that cared about no boy…

‘Rainbow Dash you’re getting back to where were you when Soarin proposed to you.’ That nasty voice said at my mind.

Who cared about interior bothersome voice who keep telling you the things that you already know? Well not me of course.

Where was I? Oh yes. Wedding.

Even imagining myself at the white wedding dress was so funny. I always thought only the mares who have nothing left to do get married. Then I was going to be one of them so soon but I did have a lot things to do like entering Wonderbolts.

But I just had to get married. Well not to mention that I really liked to see where is it going. Who knew? Maybe it was better I imagined. Or maybe even…

Voice of Soarin’s sigh shattered the ball of my thoughts. I looked at him. He was looking outside with sad eyes. He was exactly like little colts who wanted to go out but their mother couldn’t take them to the park!

“Is everything OK?”

His head turned toward mine as I spoke. “No… it’s just that although I’m free I feel like I’m trapped inside a cage. I feel like… like… I need to do a new thing.”

I tapped my chin. Something new? What could be new for a Wonderbolt? Well, almost nothing. Unless… “Hey Soarin, have you ever taught anypony how to fly. Perhaps… a little filly?”

“Um… let me think…nope. Never. Why?”

I smiled. “Then I guess you have to meet a little filly.”

“A little filly? Who?”

“Scootaloo,” I said as I exited my room to call my little sister.

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Here's the new chapter. :pinkiesmile: Sorry if it didn't have anything special.:twilightsheepish: