• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 3-Meet your future husband

The dinner of Rainbow’s family was very good that night. They ate dinner with happiness and fun.
After dinner everyone gathered at living room. They were talking about the recent event at dinner. Exactly the subject that Rainbow hated. Her future husband, marriage and a lot more subject like this.

“Hey, Rainbow I think Hurricane has some plans for you.” Whispered Speedy.

“Plans?” Rainbow glanced at his brother.

“Just wait and hear.” Speedy winked at her.

“Mom, dad, I knew a boy just like Rainbow.” said Hurricane.

“What do you mean just like me?” Rainbow quickly said.

“Well her parents forced her to merry a girl before he turned nineteen. He's eighteen like you and he hates girls. He’s the best boy I’ve ever seen. You two will be very cute together.” Said Hurricane happily.

Speedy looked at him confusly. “Who’s that boy?”

Hurricane smirked. “Mr. Joke maker.”

“Huh?” said Rainbow

“Oh! I got it!” said Firefly

Speedy giggled. “Yeah Hurricane’s right. He’s the best for Rainbow.”

“And I know his family well. They’re very friendly and polite. And I know they’re son too. He’s the right boy for you.” said Rainbow’s father.

“But you should know that Rainbow’s opinion is the most important one.” said Speedy. Rainbow looked at her with a smile.

“Certainly. Rainbow will tell us the final result.” said Firefly.

“OK Rainbow do you want to invite them for two more days?” said Rainbow’s father.

Rainbow sighed. “OK. Just can I invite my friends too?”

“Of course! The more the merrier!” said Firefly happily.

Rainbow didn’t stay there any longer. She opened the door and flew to sugar cube to invite her best friend, Pinkie pie.


* * *

Rainbow came out of her room with a smile. Her mother returned the smile.

“Did you clean your room?”

“No. I didn’t want to.” said Rainbow casually.

Firefly sighed. “OK. Your room is okay.” She said with a smile. “But you haven’t clean your room since…since…”

“Since when I engaged to him.” Rainbow’s smile became wider at think of that boy.

Firefly laughed. “Yes, you’re right. What a night it was. It was a night just like tonight.”

Rainbow quickly frowned. “No. That night was unique. No night could be like that night.”

“I thought you want to forget everything.” said Rainbow’s father, Rainbow blitz. Rainbow smiled. But not a happy smile. A bitter smile.

“I can’t forget all of those memories but I won’t be like before. These memories are my life so don’t expect me to forget it.”

Firefly nodded. “OK, now let’s get ready for tonight.”

Everyone nodded and started to do their works but Rainbow just stood there and let the memory of her unique night come to her mind…

* * *

“Ouch! It hurts a lot! Stop it.” shouted Rainbow painfully.

“There was no way back darling. And besides I still haven’t done anything. I’m just brushing your hair.” said Rarity. “You won’t be pretty by yourself. You should pay to be pretty.”

“I hate paying.” Whispered Rainbow.

Girls giggled at grumbling Rainbow.

“You better let Rarity make you beautiful.” said Twilight.

“And why?” said Rainbow.

Twilight smirked. But not any smirk. One of her dangerous smirk. “I don’t think you want to make that poor stallion run from you. Do you?”


The girls laughed once again. They were all happy. Well their friend was about to engaged to a stallion. Maybe an unknown stallion but from what Rainbow’s parents said, he was a very good stallion. But they couldn’t wait to see that mysterious stallion. Finally Rainbow’s hair brushing ended.

“Now Rarity remember that this isn’t my wedding so I don’t have to look too pretty. Just a simple makeup. And also, do anything you want but please don’t use lipstick!” said Rainbow.

“OK, OK, no lipstick and a simple makeup. I got it!” said Rarity. The expert fashion designer started to do her work at Rainbow. Within a minute, Rainbow’s hair was ready, her makeup was done and her dress was shining on her body. Just like what she said, her hair was gathered in a simple ponytail style. She didn’t have too much makeup just some shadow and blush. Her dress wasn’t frilly. It was just a simple gown which had a lightning bolt on it. Although her makeup and dresses weren’t very frilly, she was very beautiful in the dress.

“You look dazzling! That poor stallion is going to die!” said Twilight

“Hmmm… there’s something missing…” said Rarity. “Oh I got it! Wait a minute please. I’ll be back now.” Then she opened her jewelry box and pulled out a beautiful necklace. It had picture of a rainbow flower on it. The necklace was truly beautiful.

“Rarity this necklace is very beautiful. Is that yours?” Rainbow stated while she was staring at the necklace.

“Well actually I bought it for your birthday but I thought this situation is good enough to give you your present. Fortunately it looks very good on you. This colt should be idiot to let you go,” said Rarity.

“Um girls, we should start going. It’s almost nine,” said Fluttershy

“Oh no! We’re out of time! Hurry! Hurry! We should start going” Rarity screamed.

* * *

The door of cloud house opened and a mare gasped.

“Oh my Rainbow! Is that you?” said Firefly happily.

“Of course this is me. Did you expect a monster?” Rainbow rolled her eyes.

“OK come in, come in. You’re already late. You were lucky that they haven’t come yet,” said Firefly. “Uh… Rainbow, can your friends walk in the clouds?”

“Yeah they have cloud walking spell. Now can we enter?” said Rainbow.

“Oh yes come in.” Firefly smiled. Finally their big night was there. Everything was clean and perfect. Rainbow even cleaned her room completely for the first time. Hurricane and Speedy were there too and Speedy helped Rainbow a lot. Because Ms. Firefly said that Rainbow should learn these things so she can make her future husband proud of her. They did everything since the morning. Washing windows, making lunch, cleaning rooms and a lot more chores. If Speedy wasn’t there, there wasn’t anypony named Rainbow Dash anymore. But beside all of these, they did a very good job.

Six friends were sitting on the couch. Rarity was telling something about stallions and others were laughing but Rainbow was looking at clock then at the front door. Clock then front door. Clock then front door…

A hoof placed at her shoulder. “Dashie, what are you staring at?” said Pinkie Pie

“Huh? What? Oh, I was just thinking that when will they come.”

Like Rainbow’s words were magic, the doorbell rang. Within a second, the little room filled with whispers, hoof sound and some more strange sounds. Soon Rainbow and her friends were in the kitchen, hiding because Rarity said that she wanted to see that ‘Mysterious stallion’.

Door opened and a smiling mare stepped in.

“I think she’s his mother,” whispered Apple Jack.

And she was right because she was the only mare in that family. She had a navy blue mane with an orange skin. These two colors were exactly opposite but they were perfect with each other. Her eyes were emerald green. Her cutie mark was a first aid box.

The next guest came in. He was a happy stallion with a purple mane which was swept back and he’s skin was pale blue. His eyes were hazel. And his cutie mark was streaming cloud.

“I guess he’s his father,” said Fluttershy.

“I don’t think so. He seem too young and happy. Maybe he’s his brother or maybe he’s even him!” said Twilight excitedly.

“If it’s him, I won’t even look at him!” said Rainbow.

Next guest came in. He was a young stallion with his mane swept back just like the stallion that came in before him but there was a different between them. The younger stallion’s skin was orange but his mane was purple like his father. His eyes were hazel. His cutie mark was a full set of pony teeth.

“Maybe it’s him. I’m ninety percent sure it’s him. He’s exactly what your brother said,” Pinkie Pie announced happily.

“Well not exactly what he said. He said that he hates girls but just look at him. Did you see how he looked at Speedy? I don’t think he’s that boy.” Rainbow turned her head toward Speedy. That new colt was almost eating her and she was looking at him with a frown.

Finally the last member of family came in. Right at that moment, lots of things happened. Rarity gasped. Twilight said, ‘wow!’, Apple Jack and Fluttershy just looked at each other, and finally Rainbow just stared at him with wide eyes.

“Girls I think he is that mysterious stallion,” whispered Fluttershy.

Nopony replied. Rainbow dash was still looking at him with wide eyes. At that moment a question came to her mind.
‘He’s so familiar. Where did I see him?…’