• Published 30th Mar 2015
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Maybe I'm Dreaming - Night Flight

How do you feel when someone tell you you should get married with someone you don't know? Maybe you get angry but Rainbow dash acts different. By the way this is Rainbow dash. She loves to be different...

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CH 7-Wonderbolt surprise

I looked at clock. 8:00 a.m. FINALLY!

I’d been awake since 6:00. I hadn’t know what to do so I’ve tried to read Daring Do but even Daring Do seemed annoying. I tried everything. Painting, listening to music, going to a short flight, even brushing my hair! But it seemed that this clock didn’t want to move. My plan was waking up at 9:00. Although even waking up at 9:00 was so unusual for me who sleeps until noon, but I was so eager about Soarin’s surprise so I woke up that early. When I woke up no one was awake and I had nothing to do. But after doing random activities, my father was awake.

He was always awake at this time of morning. He made breakfast for us or he went in garden and took care of flowers and trees. Fortunately, he was in the garden. I always liked to wake up and help my father in gardening. Now it was the time I’ve been waiting for.

I got up and walked out. I tried to be as quiet as Tank, my tortoise. I walked toward garden’s door and opened it slowly. Inside of the garden, flowers were shining at sunshine. I smiled. I always liked plants. They seemed so alive, I mean they are alive but it was like they could talk to you.

I walked past the flowers and walked toward were my father was watering lilies.

“Good morning dad,” I said.

“Whoa! Look at here! Is this Rainbow Dash who woke up that early?” said my father happily.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s Rainbow dash’s ghost! What do you think?” I snickered.

“So ghost of Rainbow, do you wanna help your owner’s father?”

“OK!” I said. “What should I do now?”

“Let’s start with watering roses. Just don’t fill the whole garden with water miss ghost!” said my father.

“Dad!” My father just chuckled.

* * *


I sat down at table. My mother glanced at me for a thousand time.

“Mom, Is there anything in my face?” I asked.

“What? Oh no no! I just wanted to know that my eyes are seeing right,” said my mother. “And since when you were awake?”

“Since 6:00.” I said so cool like I was talking about the weather. But I knew for my mother it was like a thunder bolt right at her head.

“WHAT?” said my mother with wide eyes. “Are you sure that you’re my daughter? What got into you?”

“So I guess dad hasn’t told you that I’m ghost of Rainbow.”

My mother just shook her head. “I just don’t know how Soarin suppose to get you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Talking about Soarin, had he came here when dad and I were outside?”

“No. Why?” asked my mother.

“He said he has a surprise for me.”

“I think he knows how lazy you are and he decided to come later,” said my mother.

“Mom!” I shouted. We both share a good laugh. I ate my breakfast as fast as I could and then I stood up and ran to my room to get ready. I didn’t need any dresses because I never wore them. I just needed few stuffs like mobile and etc.

I was wearing my saddle bag when I heard someone knocked on the door. I quickly ran to the stairs. I came there right at time. My mother opened the door to the pony behind the door and of course it was Soarin.

“Oh hello Soarin, I think you’re waiting for Rainbow. I’ll call her now,” said my mother.

“I’m here.” I trotted down the stairs and walked up to the door. “I’m ready to go.” Soarin nodded. I turned to my mother. “Bye mom. See ya!”

“Bye honey!” said my mother.

We opened our wings and flew out. For the first time in my life I wasn’t interested in flying fast. I just wanted a nice slow flight. I really didn’t know what happened to me but I guessed that it might be because I’ve never flew with any other pony before well except from Fluttershy.

“So, you didn’t tell me what your surprise is,” I began.

“And I won’t tell you now either.”

“Oh come on! I’ve been thinking about your surprise all night and now you’re telling me that you won’t tell me?” I shouted.

“Well keep thinking about the surprise cause I won’t tell you until we reach there,” said Soarin. At least he said something he shouldn’t say.

“We reach where?” I asked enthusiastically.

“Huh?…oh nowhere,” said Soarin quickly.

“So we’re going to someplace which is about Wonderbolts. I wonder where…” I thought out loud.

“WHAT? No! You shouldn’t know this!” said Soarin.

“But now I know. Thanks to you!” I said. “So now I know, will you tell me where we want to go?”

Soarin glanced at me. “Do you think you can fool me that easily? No missy. I’m more careful than this…”

Rest of the flight spent for my excuses to Soarin to make him talk. Some of them were very crazy and nonsense. But some of them were so serious and made sense. But Soarin didn’t fall for either of them. He really wanted to make a good surprise for me. At last I thought maybe he’ll tell me if I do something instead of telling the surprise.

“Soarin, I almost give up.” I sighed.

“Good. Keep giving up cause I won’t tell you even a word until we reach there,” said Soarin.

“Even if I do something to you?” Soarin raised one of his eyebrows.



Soarin smirked. “Even if I ask you to kiss me in front of all of my fanfillies?”

“WHAT?” I screamed. “If you tell me…OK.”

Soarin laughed. “I think you’re so eager to know.”

“Eager? EAGER? I’m almost killing myself!” I said.

“Yeah, this one’s obvious!” Soarin chuckled. “And you don’t have to kiss me, cause we’re there.”


“I think you were so busy making excuses that you didn’t noticed such a big building,” said Soarin.

I looked forward and for the first time I saw a very VERY big building right in front of me. It was a huge cloud building with two big statues of two pegesi at its gate. The statues showed two pegesi with goggles and it seemed that they were flying fast in the sky. These statues were only at one place's gate but it was impossible. I was dreaming. I knew.

“Welcome, to the great Wonderbolts headquarters!” said Soarin proudly.

“You are crazy Soarin. I know,” I said amazed.

“Don’t you tell me you like Wonderbolts and you love getting in the Wonderbolts?” asked Soarin.

“Of course I do!” I said happily.

“Then today is your chance. Go in there and shine!”

“What do you mean?”

“All you have to do is do your best and make Spitfire wonder why she hadn’t make you a Wonderbolt yet.” Soarin smiled at me. “Today, you can train with us. Show Spitfire that you’re worth choosing.”


It was…it was…AMAZING! I couldn’t believe that Soarin really did this! He was the best Wonderbolt ever! Well at least the best at my eyes.

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this,” said Soarin. “SURPRISE!”

If I was in a cloud or on the ground I would definitely jump up and down and scream happily. Or I would just fly fast and hug the pony who did this to me. Well I didn’t fly fast because my wings were aching but I did the second work.

I didn’t think about anything. I didn’t even care where we were. I just forgot everything and hugged Soarin tightly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Soarin! You’re the best!” I said. I knew Soarin was shocked but after few more seconds I felt a pair of soft hooves wrapped around my waist and somepony whispered, “It was nothing important.”

I really truly was lucky to have such a stallion at my side. I knew falling in love with such a stallion was really easy for me because he was all I imagined from a good and gentle stallion. And Soarin showed me lots of reason last night and that morning to love him…

Author's Note:

Hey guys!:twilightsmile:
Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter.:pinkiehappy: I know it didn't have anything important but it's still a chapter! The next chapter has to wait a bit:raritycry: because I haven't start writing it yet but I'll to try to write as much as I can between my countless exams.:ajsleepy: I just hope that I survive in this exam avalanche!:pinkiecrazy: