• Published 12th May 2012
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Sister Situation - Lucario247

Scootaloo makes a deal with discord

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Chapter 2: Best Bucking Day EVER!!!

Chapter 2: Best Bucking Day EVER!!!

Scootaloo was woken by sunlight in her eyes. She buried her face in her pillow and said to her roommates, "Close the binds..."

When the binds were not closed, she uncovered her mouth and said, "Hey! Close the blinds!"

Still, sunlight poured onto her face, "Are you guys freakin deaf! Close the blinds!!!" she shouted as she sat up.

Her roommates weren't there. She wasn't even in her room. She lay in a soft white bed. In fact, the entire room was white! She got out of the bed and looked around. A large window was letting sunlight in. Scootaloo went through an open doorway, and saw a truly odd sight.

In a completely white kitchen, stood Rainbow Dash. She was cooking something on a pan that was on the white stove. Scootaloo now knew where she was, in Rainbow Dash's cloud home! However, why she was there was still a mystery to her.

"Ah you're finally awake!" said Rainbow Dash with a cheerful grin.

"Um, yeah...?" said Scootaloo

"Well, breakfast is almost ready, so you can go sit at the table." said Rainbow Dash, returning her attention to the meal she was preparing

Scootaloo decided it was best to follow directions and whent over to the table and sat on a chair. Rainbow Dash brought in a plate and set it on the table.

"Sorry, the toast got a little bit burnt." said the cyan Pegasus as she returned to the kitchen.

Scootaloo looked at the slices of bread. "A little?" she thought to herself. The toast looked more like slabs of charcoal.

On the plate, next to the toast, were some scrambled eggs. Scootaloo took a sampling bite. She immediately regretted putting something that Rainbow Dash cooked into her mouth. She ran to a window and spat out the disgustingly liquidy food. She rushed back to her seat before Rainbow Dash returned to her seat with her plate of food.

"Mm. Those eggs sure are good." said Scootaloo, trying to hide the disgust for the food.

Rainbow Dash beamed proudly and took a bite of her eggs. Scootaloo saw her gag and almost laughed. Rainbow Dash considered her options of retribution from the unholy food, but was forced to swallow because Scootaloo was there. Her eyes filled with tears and she let out a weak smile.

"Needs a bit more salt." she said with fake modesty.

"Okay Rainbow Dash you got me. This was a funny prank and all, but yo need to tell me why I'm here." said

"Um...you live here...?" said Rainbow Dash with mild uncertainty.

"No, you live here." replied the Pegasus filly, putting an emphasis on the "you"

"Yeah I do, but so do you!" said the rainbow-maned Pegasus, who was somewhat fed up with the younger ponies trolling.

"No I don't!" yelled Scootaloo who was equally annoyed.

"Are you alright? You seem out of it." said Rainbow Dash as she placed a hoof on the fillies forehead.

"Yeah I'm fine. What is it to you?"

"For the love of Celestia, Scootaloo! As your sister, it's my job to take care of you!"

Scootaloo was shocked into silence. "What did Rainbow Dash just say? My sister? What is going on?" she thought.

And then she remembered what happened the previous day. With Discord. Was this the life that he meant? How could all of this have happened in the course of one night? Scootaloo was so entranced by her thoughts, that she didn't notice her, "sister" return with a thermometer.

"Alright Scoots, open up."

She did. They both waited for the reading to come out.

As they were waiting, Rainbow Dash said, "Now, I know it's sudden and random, but I managed to get my hooves on some Wonderbolts air-show tickets. We can go see them in Cloudsdale today!"

"Haumi shuposhtoo getoo Cowdsdayo?"

"Huh?" She pulled the thermometer out of the fillies mouth.

"How am I supposed to bet to Cloudsdale?" asked Scootaloo.

"We fly of course!" said Rainbow Dash, opening her wings in excitement.

"But I can't fly." said the orange filly sadly

"I know that. That's why you're riding on my back!" she looked at the thermometer reading, "Looks normal! That means we can head out now, if you want."

Scootaloo jumped out of her seat, her old confusion and caution disregarded, and said, "Yes please!"

They both trotted outside. Rainbow Dash crouched so her sister could climb onto her back.

"Hold on tight!" said the gutsy Pegasus.

And then she took off, leaving a sparkling rainbow trail behind them.

Scootaloo really enjoyed the feeling of air rushing through her short, purple mane. It made her body feel hot and cold at the same time, like her body would catch fire, and then the flames would freeze. She closed her eyes and let the oxygen rush past her body. Soon she heard Rainbow Dash say something, but the actual words were lost in the wind. She opened her eyes and saw the majestic city of Cloudsdale ahead of her. She'd never actually seen Cloudsdale in person before, she'd only seen pictures of it in books. It was more amazing than she'd ever imagined. Soon the we're on the cloud surface of the city. The two sisters walked to the colosseum and gave the tickets to the usher pony. Then Rainbow Dash carried Scootaloo to their seats. If anypony had watched them, both Pegasi would have equally excited expressions on their faces.

"Omygosh. I'm so bucking excited." said Rainbow Dash

Scootaloo recoiled at the bad word. She had been scolded numerous times at the orphanage for saying that word. She was about to say something to her older sister, when the Wonderbolts appeared. They zoomed over the two Pegasus's booth and then split apart in three seperate lines. Scootaloo watched in utter awe. Trick after trick went by, and Scootaloo grew more impressed. She also had a great and desperate urge to learn how to fly right then. Close to the end of the show, Scootaloo looked over at Rainbow, who was cheering loudly. Noticing her stare, She turned towards Scootaloo. The filly had to shout over the crowd and the roaring of the performers, "This is the best bucking day EVER!!!!!!"

She smiled at the fillies enthusiasm. Just then the two extra Wonderbolts joined Spitfire, Soarin, and the other Wonderbolt flyer as they spiraled upward. Then they all split apart as a loud boom went off. Like a firework.

After the show, Scootaloo managed to get a signed poster from Spitfire and Soarin. Then after that she and Rainbow Dash flew home. The filly was exhausted. As soon as they got to the cloud home, she went to her room, hung the postr up, and plopped onto her bed. Rainbow Dash came in and tucked her in.

"Good night, li'l sis."

Scootaloo smiled and said, "Goodnight sis."

Rainbow smiled back and trotted out the door, shutting it behind her. Scootaloo turned her head on her pillow and was about to fall asleep but was interrupted by a male voice.

"So, how's the new life treating you?"

She turned over and looked at the draconequus floating above her head.


He smiled devilishly and said, "Glad to hear it. I'll check with you again later. Toodaloo, Scootaloo!"

He dissapeared in a puff of confetti, which fell into her face.

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What did Discord do other than make RD Scoot's sister....

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Great story so far. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:


he made some one her parents

cant w8 for nexe chap this is good

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