• Published 12th May 2012
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Sister Situation - Lucario247

Scootaloo makes a deal with discord

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Chapter 1: Free of Charge

Chapter 1: Free of Charge

Discord watched the little filly as she journeyed back to her home. He was sitting on a cloud looking down as the orange Pegasus rode along on her scooter. He was thinking of immensely chaotic plans for her. Most of them involved meteor sized meatballs and super sticky syrup rain. These food thoughts were a sign that he was hungry. He used his draconequus magic and produced a steaming hot shish kebab out of thin air. Discord licked his lips as he took the poker and ate it whole. Then he tossed the food over his shoulder and focused back on the orange filly.

She reached her house, er, orphanage and set her scooter by the door as she walked in. Discord turned invisible and flew down and watched her through the window. She walked in, took off her helmet, and talked with a mare who ushered the filly into the dining room. After eating, the Pegasus filly went to her room and got onto the lower bunk. She pulled out some comic books and began reading until the other roommates came in and turned out the lights. Discord watched as the filly used a small jar with some fireflies to continue reading the comic. Then after a while she stuffed the jar into a drawer and pulled the covers over her head.

Since there was no more to watch, Discord had the entire night to himself. He flew high towards the clouds above Ponyville as he thought up devilish ways of confusing the ponies tomorrow morning.


When Scootaloo woke up she did her normal morning routine. She climbed out of her bed and stretched. She glanced over at her three other roommates. She decided to play a prank on Chrome Craft (who was the least liked among the roommates), this wasn't part of the routine. She pulled out the firefly jar and loosened the top as she approached the side of Chrome Craft's bed. His mouth was wide open and he was snoring quietly. Scotaloo unscrewed the jar and shook the contents into his open mouth. She started to run down the hall as the angry unicorn began spewing the bugs out of his mouth and yelling "I'm going to pulverize you Scootaloo!!!" She turned a sharp corner and locked herself in the bathroom. She heard The thunderous galloping of the bigger pony as he stopped outside the door.

"Scootaloo! C'mon out and fight me! Unless you're chicken!" to prove the point he started bawking and cawing.

"Yeeeah, no. It's pretty cozy in here actually." chided Scootaloo sarcastically

She heard the door handle jiggle. "I'll use my magic to unlock the door! So you'd better come out or I'm comin in!"

"Sure tough guy." she then proceeded to take as long as possible to brush her tail and mane.

After that she slowly opened the door and peered around. Chrome was nowhere in sight. She then tip-hooves towards the dining room. Everypony was already at the table, chatting, while they waited for breakfast. Chrome shot Scootaloo a look that was the equivalent of a dagger hailstorm.

After finishing her oat cereal, Scootaloo excused herself and headed out. She was going to meet up with her fellow Crusaders today. She was halfway down the road to town when she realized that they were busy today. She glumly turned around to head back to the orphanage, when she came face to face with a face with mismatching eyes. She screamed and fell over onto the ground. The person began laughing at Scootaloo's reaction.

"H-hey, that wasn't funny!" she pouted.

"Aw does the poo-poo baby pony have a boo-boo?" taunted the strange creature.

He was a complete jumble of animals. Scootaloo remembered seeing a statue like this creature at the gardens in Canterlot during the school trip. Then she remembered the stories that Rainbow Dash and Twilight had told her.

"You're Discord..."

The draconequus looked giddily surprised, "Ooh! My reputation precedes me!"

Scootaloo started scooting (no pun intended) away from the scary creature, "Stay away from me... Go away!"

He coiled around behind her, "Now now little one, I have no intention to do something fiendish, like gobble up or something. I simply want to give you an opportunity to receive a better life!"

She looked at him, puzzled, "What's the catch?"

"Catch? Haha! There's no catch! I simply sprinkle this non suspicious, non threatening dust on you and, poof, you have a better life! Free of charge!"

She knew this was a trick, "No way! You creep! You think you can trick me so easily."

He was unfazed,"I just happened to notice that your friends are not available today. Did you know that's cause it's the Sisterhooves Social today."

"What? Why would they lie to me?"

"Because they don't think you're cool cause you don't have a sis like them."

Scootaloo had tears in her eyes, "...it's a deal."

The draconequus was caught off guard, "Um, uh sure okay then."

They shook...appendages, and Discord blew a sparkly dust on Scootaloo. She instantly began to feel drowsy.

"You look tired. Why don't you go take a nap?"

"O-...okay..." she replied sleepily

When she got back to the orphanage she sluggishly made her way to her room. But standing near the door was Chrome Craft. He had a sneer on his face.

"Alright punk, time to teach you a lesson."

Scootaloo glared at him and growled, "Not in the mood..."

He was obviously intimidated, and quickly backed off. Scootaloo entered her room and jumped towards her bed. She was out before her head touched the pillow.