• Published 15th May 2012
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The Outlaw - Dave from finances

John embraced death to protect his family. However, a higher power has seen him fit for redemption..

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Paternal Problema

"Scuse me?" John asks, rather confused.
"Is it really you pappy?"
"I have know adea what your talkin 'bout miss. Ah was just wonderin if I could get a job workin here."
"You're alive!" She yells, now ecstatic.
"Ah can't believe it's really you. After all this time. Don't worry, me and Big Mac have kept the farm runnin smoothly. You should see Applebloom; she's gotten so big."
"Now miss, ah'm tellin ya, I am NOT you father."
Applejack just ignores him, continuing her rambling. After a few minutes of Applejack's misguided celebration, and a few ignored assurances that he is not her father by John, he gave up seeing as how he is just was royally stumped on how to bring the two farmers to their senses, as they were rather convinced he was their dad.
Twilight then buts in and starts motioning to Fluttershy."Hey, Fluttershy, would you mind showing John around town?"
"Okay," she said in a barely audible tone.
"I'm going to explain things to AJ and Big Mac. That all right with you John?"
"Yah," he mutters as he walks away backwards, almost tripping over his own hooves. His mind was rather unsettled and he was glad Twilight decided to intervene at that point as he had no idea what he was supposed to do.
"Applejack, explain to me what's going on please."
"Well, Twi, my pa's finally come home after disappearing so long ago. Now tell me why he's lying to us." And with that, Applejack's demeanor went from ecstatic to dead serious.
"That's because he's not." Twilight then lifts a hoof to her chin and contemplation her next words. "What exactly happened to your parents, I haven't asked any of the other girls because I didn't want to pry."
"Well even if ya did ya still wouldn't know, Ah haven't told anybody and Ah don't intend tah. Just know he disappeared and now he's back." She punctuates her last words by spitting at the ground. "He even sounds, looks, and, gosh darn it Twi, he even dresses like my father!"
"Look Applejack, despite all of that supposed evidence, I sincerely doubt John is you father. He was just found passed out in the Everfree forest a few days ago on the brink of death." Twilight then pauses to think again, contemplating whether or not Applejack should know the whole story. "Well, it makes more sense to show my hand than to keep them close close to my chest." "And also, AJ, he's from a different plane of existence. He wasn't originally a pony. He DIED in his old world. The wounds he received that "did the dead" were put just below immediately fatal levels when his conciseness was scent to our world."
After hearing what Applejack sincerely wanted for Twilight to be speaking utter nonsense, but her sixth sense for truth was pointing that everything she said was true. She felt tears forming in her eyes as she spoke responded, "Well Twi, I don't have a clue why, but Ah believe ya. Ah'm sorry for making a mess out'a this." She closed her eyes to flush out the tears. "I've just really missed my pappy is all. I became overwhelmed when Ah saw someone so like him."
"I'm sorry Applejack, I have no idea what is feels like to not be able to be with one's parents, but I understand that seeing someone like your father must have triggered something deep down." Twilight then trots over to her friend and places a hoof on her shoulder. "If you ever have the need to let something of of your chest, just let me know."
Applejack wipes the tears from her eyes with a hoof, then says, "Well Twi, I thank ya for the offer, but I don't feel too inclined to share right now." She takes a deep breath, then continues to speak. "You can tell John he's got a job here if he wants it,. A bed too, if that's the case. I feel I need tah apologies."
Twilight smile in response to Applejack's proposal. "Thanks AJ, I'll be sure to tell him."

Back in Ponyville

"And this is the, uh, the Carousel Boutique. R-rarity lives th-there." Fluttershy squeaks to John as they walk through Ponyville. "And over t-to th-the left is the town hall." Fluttershy says as she motions with her front-left hoof. John only partly listened to Fluttershy though, as he scanned the area, his head on a swivel, watching the pedestrians and mentally noting areas of low visibility, while ignoring the stares he received due to his odd attire. He hadn't dropped the habit of being tactically obsessed over his surroundings ever since he was in Dutch's gang, but this was a habit he was glad for, even though he probably won't be needing any time soon. John then lurches forward in pain. "Oh! Are you, uh, okay?"
"Yah, I'm fine, just feels like I've got a really bad cramp on my sides." He spits through clenched teeth. "Could you help me get my shirt off?"
"Oh, uh, sure." John directs Fluttershy to bite on to the back of his vest while he strains fit his front legs out.
"C'mon!" He tries to use some magic, but to no avail. After a few more seconds of pulling, they two hear a loud ripping noise then, "FWOOSH!"
"Ah!" Fluttershy screams as she is knocked back by the sudden extension of a massive set of dark brown wings. John, being caught off guard, by the sudden reveal of extra appendages is left staring from side to side, mouth agape. He calms down a bit and regains his composure, then checks the area to make sure nobody noticed what just transpired.
"Well, I'll be darned." The Princess did mention something 'bout wings. He flaps them a few times, getting the full feel of the new addition to his body. They felt absolutely alien to him, but here he is, boasting a set of wings.

As I said: I'm back.

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Nice to see ya back, though. I hope you expand the daddy angle.


ok calmed down now I thought this story was dead and yes your back!!!!!!!

Why haven't I given this story a like yet? Oh well, I just did it.

Update! And it only took SIX MONTHS.

Because F#$% yeah that's why!
But for argument sake, maybe it's part of the reincarnation thing. John just ascended into the next level of existence due to his selfless deeds and how in the end he sacrificed himself for his family.

Dear GreatGrandpappy

I do believe the common belief is that they are no longer among the land of the living. But if I had to guess on how they died I might think it was a flood that did it.

Yours truly the cake devil

just found this and read the first three chaps, i love how its going so far.... but i noticed you take months too update... doesn't matter ill wait for it.... hopefully it doesn't gets canceled :pinkiesad2: .... Love it though :raritywink:

There hasn't been an update since 2012... I doubt its still being continued...

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