• Published 15th May 2012
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The Outlaw - Dave from finances

John embraced death to protect his family. However, a higher power has seen him fit for redemption..

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A Father's Final Task

"Well that's me done", said a well dressed man at the opposite end of the poker table. John couldn't help but smirk as his last opponent went bust. "It's been real nice playin with you gentlemen", John said to the group around the table as he started to shovel his new found wealth into his pockets, "But it'd be about the time the Misses starts ta worry." He whistled for his horse as he left the bar, but as he mounted, someone started shooting towards him, probably a participant of the poker game, Crazy bastard! Are you really gonna do this? He unholstered his pistol just late enough to have a police officer apprehend the drunkard. It seems I can't go a weak without a gun going off somewhere around me...

John couldn't help but sigh as he reached the outskirts of his farm. He pulled in next to the house and dismounted.
"How much did ya lose this time?"
"As a matter of fact, I won $300."
"Good, now you only owe me $250." "All right, all right. Now come here beautiful." Abigail embraced him as they exchanged a short kiss.
"Where's the boy?"
in the barn."
"I'll go check on him." John gave a last kiss to his wife before walking to the barn.

John walked into the barn as Jack was carving some wood. "Hay Jack."
"Hay pa."
"You need help with that?"
"Umm, no sir; I got it." He is always so well mannered.
"Looks like you have. Know you're real good with them tools."
"Thank you pa." John takes a seat on a barrel next to his son.
"We'll make this land real nice some day. me and your mother'll do our part. By the time your turn come, Hell, this could be the nicest farm in the county." John places a cigar in his mouth.
"May be pa." John lights the cigar and waves the match out.
"Just gotta learn ta shoot straight or you'll get eaten by some anima-."
"Very funny pa!" Jack suddenly remembers the time where he almost died trying to take a grizzly on by himself.
"Thank you son." John takes a long puff from the cigar. "Soon, it'll be quail season. We should have some fun then"
Jack turns to his father. "Is there anything you don't like shootin pa?"
"Well ah haven'e met tha thing yet; soon as I do I'll letcha know. You can even put in one of them books you read."
"Hhya, maby I'll do that. The Day John Marston Stops Shootin"
"Now, ah an't no literary man, but, I don't think that'll sell, people shootin in them things."
"I think you may be right there pa."
"So uh, you ever hear talk about them machines that can make a man fly?"
"Well sure pa, everybody knows about that. Ya know they're gonna be bringin one of them things around the country next year for a demonstration? One of them machines can turn men into angels."
"One of them machines can turn men into angels." John imagines what it would be like to fly.

"JOHN! COME HERE!" John gets off of the barrel, a slight look of urgency on his face. Jack follows him outside.
"JOHN! COME HERE, QUICK!" Uncle was shouting to him from outside the barn, looking through his spyglass. When they reach him, he points into the distance and motions the spyglass to John. "Take a look at that." John looks through the spyglass, and a troubled look appears on his face.
"Jack. Go into the house an lock all the doors. Whatever happens, don't come outside, ya hear me?! Whatever happens!"
"Okay." Jack says to his father, a look between confusion and fear on his face, then he starts making for the house.
"Comere son." John says back to his son. He then hugs him, and Jack returns the embrace. Whatever happens, you keep the doors locked and your mother inside. Promise me son. Promise me!"
"Who is it pa?" Jack leaves the hug.
"It's just some old friends, me en Uncle'll take care of it. Now you go inside and you keep the doors and the windows locked!"
"I hear ya."
"THEN RUN!" Jack dashes for the house
"Yaa, run boy." Uncle says in agreement.
"Well old man, looks like things is about to get settled once and for all."
"So it seems." John and Uncle both make a run for cover, preparing for the incoming U.S. soldiers.
"Best get that gun ready old man." They both open fire on the mounted troops, who oblige with a hale of lead. Bullets wiz past as John downs soldier after soldier. After about ten minutes, they have cleared the first wave of soldiers. They both scan the new battlefield, reassuring themselves that it's safe. They both then make a run for the house. Uncle takes cover behind the porch while John barges through the door, to come face-to-face wit his wife.
"What are we gonna do now?" Then Jack comes running to the door with a gun.
"What's wrong? What's happened?"
"Now stay inside ya hear, like I said. There'll be more commin." John goes back outside and takes a position on the porch. Jack follows him, but then Abigail grabs him on the shoulder and gives him that mom look that says "Be safe."

As the second wave charges in, they all open fire. John kills more people than he'd care to count, and Jack is holding himself together, despite this being only his second time being in a shoot-out. Uncle is just trying to compensate for his drunkenness. As the fight drags on John glances at Uncle to see him grasping a bloody spot on his chest. "I think Uncle got hit!" Jack runs over to Uncle, who is leaning on a wooden post.
"Uncle! Are you all right?"
"Damnit, I'm hit."
John continues shooting until the second attack is over. "Hang in there Uncle! I'm gonna get you outa here safe!"
"There an't time John, I an't gonna make it off this porch anyhow. You take Jack and Abig- take them and- don't worry about me, just get em out of here." Uncle then slumps down, and passes into the beyond. Jack grabs him.
"No Uncle please! Oh my God, they killed him!"
"Come on son, there an;t nothing we can do for him now." John heads back into the house. "We're leavin the farm. I'll go watch from the silo; you two head to the barn and get the horses ready."
"I'll meet you there." They all head outside, but then stop a moment to mourn over Uncle. As they run towards the barn, more soldiers start charging in. They start fighting their way to the barn,gunning down any soldiers that get too near. When they finally reach the barn John helps his wife and son mount a horse.
"Now listen, Jack, darlin, get on this horse, get out of here, and find a place to hide."
"You're commin with us pa."
"I'll catch up. You keep riding and don't look back, and don't be worried about me, ya hear? Now get goin."
"You stay out of trouble John."
"An't no trouble Abigail." John grabs his wife's hand. "An't no trouble" He kisses her one last time. "I love you."
"I love you."
"NOW GO, GIT!" John slaps the horse, which bolts out the door. John takes a moment to recollect, and compose himself, and he starts walking towards the barn's front door. He opens it a crack to pear outside. He see's a group of army soldiers training their guns on the door. John steps back and takes a moment for a deep breath. He readies himself to open the door, and pushes. walking into what might as well be a firing squad. He stops, then he reaches for his gun, pulling it out and letting loose a few shots before the soldiers finally start shooting. Explosions of pain go off all over John's body, then they stop shooting. John takes a few big coughs, blood gushing from his mouth. He lifts his gun up sideways and drops it. He takes a few labored breaths, and falls to his knees.
"It's okay John, let go, you've done all you can."
John continues his meager grasp on life, coughing and breathing painfully.
"There's no shame in letting go now, John, you have done everything you could have possibly done."
Johns breaths a few more time, and falls backwards, fallowing the beckoning voice...

I know it's probably really bad of me to copy the exact ending of Red Dead Redemption, and I feel as if I didn't do it justice. I really felt that it would be necessary to put it in, as it provides a basis for John's character in my story. I thought this would also help people that have never played Red Dead Redemption. Thank you for reading!