• Published 15th May 2012
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The Outlaw - Dave from finances

John embraced death to protect his family. However, a higher power has seen him fit for redemption..

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A Nice Stroll to the Orchard

The morning greeted John with the gentle glow of the Sun. He took a few moments to fully wake himself, then he noticed Twilight and another pony with a yellow coat and a pink mane, which she looked like she was trying to hide behind. "Good morning. I see you were practicing. You were really conked out when I came in about an hour ago, magic can do that to you."
"Sorry to keep you waiting." he says. Who the hell is she?
"No problem, I was just talking with Fluttershy here." She explains.
"So, why is she here?"
"I asked to make a special tea that dulls pain. She lives on the edge of Everfree Forest, so she has access to lots of herbs."She then motions to a steaming cup on the bed-side table.
"Well, thank you mam." John says as he starts to magic the cup to him.
Fluttershy just looks down and mutters something inaudible.
"She all right?"
'Sigh' " She's just really shy, even around people she knows sometimes."
"Don't worry miss Fluttershy, ah don't bite."
Fluttershy straitens up a little bit, but she what she says is still inaudible.
John downs the tea in a few gulps. He then tries to get out of the bed again, fighting through the slightly reduced pain.
Twilight starts to worry. "You really shouldn't get out. The doctor said you need to stay in bed for another day."
"I've been through worse. Don't worry." 'grunt' It was a bit awkward moving around on four legs, but John eventually got his way out of the bed, all the while with a disapproving glare from Twilight. When he tried to walk around though, he tripped over his own hooves. Twilight couldn't help but giggle, and Fluttershy had a very worried look.
"A-are you all right?" She asks.
"Yes I'll be fine." Growls John, biting back his anger. Damn these legs. He continued his war with gravity and loss of basic motor function while Twilight and Fluttershy just stared at him in an awkward manner. After falling down several times, John was able to stand up straight. "So, where to?" John says to break the silence.
Twilight shakes her head to regain focus. "Oh, um, you aren't supposed to be out of bed anyway, so I guess we could just go outside..."
"Sounds good 'nuff miss Sparkle." Aahh, Hell; there's still the expenses to take care of. John pauses for a moment to think on how to take care of the hospital bill. "Ummm, miss Sparkle, you wouldn't happen to have some money I could borrow would ya? I could work it off soon as ah could." He says as he magics his stuff to him.
"Oh, you mean the bill, don't you? Princess Celestia already took care of it. Don't worry about it."
"I don't think I could figure out a way to thank you all enough then."
Twilight puts on a serious face. "I said don't worry about it. All right?"
"Well, okay. It just don't seem right taking all these favors."
"You sound a LOT like Applejack."
"Speaking of, ah might as well go talk to her about a job." And with that, John slowly exits the room with Twilight holding the telekinesis practice set in a magical grip and Fluttershy behind him.
"He seems nice." Fluttershy mutters.
Twilight nods in agreement "He sure does."
When they reached the lobby, the pony at the registration desks stops John. "Excuse me sir, you're not supposed to be out of bed."
Just as John is about to retort, Twilight says, "Don't worry, he's fine."
"If the you say so Twilight." The clerk replies.
"Come on" She motions towards Fluttershy and John.
As they walk outside, John feels the pain dulling enough to the point of a small bruise. "I must thank ya again for the tea miss Fluttershy. Now I need to do something about these two lumps I feel on either side of me. He'll ignore them for now, probably something to do with having four legs. While the're walking Fluttershy asks a quetstion
"What kind of animals did you have in your world?" It was barely audible, but John heard nonetheless.
"Well, we had all kahns oh animals. Just depends where ya live. We had bears an elk in the northern forests. Squirrels where there was trees. Armadillos, vultures, an coyotes in the deserts and grasslands. Song birds, wolves, an deer had a tendincy ta be jus 'bout everywhere. In this one area, we had these great buffalo roaming the plains, but I worry for am sidering they're being hunted tah near extinction. Other 'en that, ah don't think I could give the world justice siderin ah was in a small part oh it."
"What hunts the buffalo?" Fluttershy asks with a hint of worry in her voice.
"We do. It's a darn shame, but we don't even eat them. No wonder the Indians are so zealous o'er protecting the herds."
After hearing this, Twilight and Fluttershy both stop, and stare at John. "What? Yes, we eat meat, ah don't plan on continueing that since of the current form some higher power has seen to manifest me in. And on the hunting the buffalo part; my race was very detached from nature. We consider animals completely different from, even lower than, us. I spose technology'll that to ya."
The two girls still appeared apprehensive, but that was enough to continue the, albeit awkward, walk. When they reached the top of a hill the path goes over, they were grassed with a view of Sweet Apple Acres; a small house with a barn and a massive expanse of trees behind them, stretching for as far as the eye could see. "Here we are" Twilight says.
Applejack was applebucking when they found her. They watched for a moment, John in a bit of aw at the method of harvesting apples. "We would just pick apples. I must say I find kicking the tree and having the apples fall down to be quite impressive."
Applejack stopped to see where the voice came from. "Well, we try our best." She says while turning.
"Hello Applejack, my friend here was wanting to inquire on getting a job on your farm." Twilight says.
"Well, ah reckon an extra hoof could go a far way considerin it's harvest seaso-" She stops as she looks at John, all the color rushing from her face. She stares for a few moments before muttering, "Pappy?"

I am terribly sorry for the delay. This is also not equivalent to the three weeks worth I put into it, so I apologies for that. My biggest weakness is how to go about writing all of the space in between major plot points, or what I call the "waffle." Also, I am incredibly new to writing in general, so don't hesitate to critique me. Also, expect no constant rate in updates and length.