• Published 15th May 2012
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The Outlaw - Dave from finances

John embraced death to protect his family. However, a higher power has seen him fit for redemption..

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The House's Hand

Canterlot Garden

A dark figure materializes at the entrance. It has no form, just a dark silhouette. The figure moves through the garden, as if it is taking a simple stroll reminiscing of times long gone. It stops at the statue of Discord, the Harbinger of Chaos. A dark tendril creeps off of the figure, and starts to wrap around Discord, eventually engulfing him in darkness. The darkness recedes back into the figure, revealing a restored Discord.
"Your insolence has cost me yet another victory." Echos the figure.
Discord falls to his knees, and bows before the figure. "F-forgive m-me Lord Anordos. I w-will not f-fail you a-again. J-j-just g-give me another ch-chance." Murmurs Discord, his voice wavering with every word.
"Enough!" Booms the figure. "This is not about bringing down the Sun and Moon Sisters! My opposite has played his hand, and I don't intend to fold. He has summoned forth a Harbinger of his own, so we are a bit stressed for time. You must go to the Griffon Kingdom, and plant the seeds of war. Do this, and you shall be forgiven for your failure." Commands the figure.
"Y-yes my L-lord. I sh-shall carry out your orders." Whimpers Discord.
"Then I will be off." And with that, the figure dissipates into nothing, leaving Discord cowering in a ball. He composes himself after a few minutes, and flies for the Griffon Kingdom.