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Yeah, so one day surfing the interwebs for pony stuff (ahem,ahem FANFICS ahem ahem), I passed out, and when I woke up, my hair had a great big blue streak in it. At least it was finally long. So yeah, I'm turning into my OC and it's really uncomfortable. Just so you know.

This story is part of the OTVerse.

Pre-read and edited (partially) by the ever-amazing Graglithan the Greater, GreyCait, and Bluemoon1996.

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That's a very... to the point description.

I'm supposed to be planning my line of clothing for the upcoming fashion show. Instead, I'm reading My Little Pony fanfictions while listening to my favorite musical artist, Zedd.

i would so do that *i need to finish a video game but instead reading this*

"Yessir..."I sigh as I take my seat next to Douglas. I mostly am friends with bronies and pegasisters, and Douglas Rivera is a brony. He's so cute, kind of like a boy-human version of Fluttershy.


I haven't told anyone that I'm a pegasister yet. I don't want to be shunned by all of my friends because of it.

. . . now i am confused.... (just pointing out that one conflicting issue)


Dang it. Need to go fix that. Thanks for pointing that out.

This has allowed me to finish my boredom quota .

I alwaseeeeeeeee read during my art class not that I don't like art it just that what we are doing afk is really boring so yea I'm like really twichy and nervous when I do read :p not the best plane.

Well good luck reading in class

5892380 well thanks on your "good luck reading class", I appreciate it.:pinkiesmile:

5892387 congratulations.


I don't think Twilight's Kingdom came out before Oct 7 2013.

5920954 Enh. Oversight. I'm too far into it to change it, though... sorry.

Sigh... Really? Am I the only one not considering doing a time skip at this part? No one is considering the fact that maybe "MidnightChaos" wanted us to have our OC's wait a week before appearing in Equestria for a reason?

Well, I do. So don't expect any time skips in my part of the story, for I'm sticking to the story the way it is. Things should be done properly!

6241714 Uh.... Gotcha. I just decided to do a timeskip because it's easier, and the characters don't really have anything to do (at least in my case) until they disappear. I'll look forward to your story, then!

(But remember this: my avatar is Yato, and Yato is one of the most trolly people to ever exist. So you can expect lots of trolling in the next chapter... maybe I won't timeskip after all.)

5892380 i hated art class. too much pressure to be like all these artists.when i had the chance i took woodshop for a fine arts credit and never took art again. i like drawing or painting but too much pressure and structure art is meant to be free.

yeah if i was in this verse i would grab my bag. go to my half brothers and puch him in the face. then grab a bike i sold him when i was younger and bike there in a day or two. with that bike i got over 50 miles in an evening. or i would wait til i could fly and grab clouds. yay for no transportation or money. or a license. point being i would punch him in the face.

Author's Note:

BTW: Oh, por el amor de dios means oh, for goodness sakes.

i was under the impression that it meant "oh, for the love of god."

Comment posted by Alva Fox deleted Apr 12th, 2016

The other guy explained. London started jumping up and down... and all around.


It does mean that, but apparently you can say whatever you want in Spain, but in the USA, your thoughts are subject to the thought police. https://www.strongabogados.com/business-culture.php

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