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After Nightmare Moon is defeated by the Elements of Harmony she finds herself banished to the sun-baked plains of the African savannah, a place that she learns is ruled by lions with their own rudimentary society. Teaming up with the lion next-in-line to rule, she lends her aid and secures the throne for him.

But what other magic dwells in these strange lands, and what place is there for an alicorn cast out of her world? What magic might the Elements of Harmony have actually set into motion here?

Chapters (3)
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tall, black unicorn, clad in blue armorĀ 

do you mean alicorn.


"Unicorn" was intentional.. it's a cross-over story and "alicorn" is a fandom word (well, it's a real word, but in real life it means the material a unicorn's horn is made from). I introduce the word and use it later, but I decided since the show itself didn't use it until much later, I was fine to go this way. :)

Thanks for reading!

This has potential. Tracking.

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