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I'm not a writer, so output is slow. But it has been judged adequate, so that's good for something, eh? ;)


An ancient Luna reflects back on her very long life...

This is just something that came to mind... I don't consider it any kind of canon. I wanted to write it as vague as was reasonable, honestly, but I had to tie in a few things. It's another tiny short one-shot.

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Nice - added to Sad Luna!

... I think 'Not Quite Dawn' is a better title, but I can't change it now.

Comment posted by tursi deleted Nov 11th, 2016

AAAAH! Feels man :raritycry:

Pretty short but nice little story :) It's well written and really sad. Not too much to comment about, but the writing style is a little different from what you usually write (or of what I've read so far).

Woah, stop. Actually, noticed something wrong here.

They were not true eternals, they were ascended from the common ponies of the unicorn tribes, but they were family all the same. Cadance, Twilight Sparkle, Winter Gleam...

Cadance ascended from a pegasus.

8180441 Yes, she did, but I didn't really consider that when I wrote this (I can't remember if I knew that at the time, I used to think Cadance was a pretty pointless character. She has grown on me.) I could change that one word, I guess, but it took you two passes to notice. ;)

I'm also not sure I like that. If Twilight needed to create new magic to ascend (and it had never been done before?), how would a pegasus do that? I suppose we'll have the answer someday. The whole ascension thing is kind of poorly defined at the source. :)

This was a personal writing for me. I roleplayed as Luna on Second Life for more than three years and I was dearly missing the role. That's why this is written in the style that it is - I was playing out her final scene. I got some closure from that.

I was looking at it just a couple of days ago and wondering whether it was too vague, or whether deliberately omitting the other party's questions weakened it. I still kind of like this approach - was there really someone else there? Leaves it pretty open.

Anyway, thanks for the comments! :)

The way I envision this... only read this if you want to know what I intended the meaning to be. Also read the story /first/, it's spoilers.

You are the grim reaper, come to take Luna to the next life. That's how you found her, and why you're asking the questions, and where you want to take her. She is thousands of years old, she has been alone for the past thousand, and though she uses the word 'eternals' she knows that doesn't mean forever. She doesn't really realize who you are or why you're there. Her final words are her final breath.

It let me release the role that I'd been playing... and I consider it a happy ending, though it hits my own feels when I think about it.

I've been wanting to outright state this but I want to keep the story vague. That's what comments are for, eh? ;) Also couldn't figure out the spoiler tag last time I tried.

The last eight or ten paragraphs really reminded me of the end of Watership Down. For good reason, apparently.

Hey, thanks man! Appreciate it! :)

Yeah, the feels man.

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