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Scooterloo - PonyManne215

Scootaloo is made fun of for not having her Cutie Mark. She has no friends and is alone in her life.

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Life Changes

Rainbow Dash. My hero. I want to be just like her and show everypony I am a great Pegasus.
These thoughts ran through Scootaloo’s head as she looked at a portrait of Rainbow Dash on her wall. She was all alone in her house. Her parents had left her to go and pursue their dream. She didn’t feel like waking up and having to go through the same boring routine.

“I think I’m gonna call in sick today, I really don’t feel like going to school and walking into class and hear ‘Hey Blank Flank!’ from Diamond Tiara.” She said aloud.

There was a knock on the door. She was surprised because no one knocked on her door on weekday mornings. She got up and brushed her teeth. Then she washed her face. After combing her mane and looking at herself for any imperfections, she sighed.

“Only thing wrong about this picture is my flank.”

She hopped off of the sink and went to the door. She opened the door when the sun struck her eyes.

“Ow! Who is it?”

“By order of the Princess, I order you to move aside!”

She quickly scrambled all over herself and crawled to the side of the door. She bowed her head and closed her eyes. She got up after hearing hoof steps go past her up and looked. She then had this feeling that made her mouth change. Her mouth started to form an upward crescent. She jumped at the guard and hugged him as hard as she could.

“Big bro! I missed you so much!” She screamed in excitement.

The guard hugged her back and was laughing.

“Oh man, I couldn’t keep a straight face once I saw you fall all over the umbrellas. That was priceless! Even for a lieutenant in the Royal Canterlot guard, that was pretty nerve-wracking. You didn’t recognize your big bro for a second there.”

“Hey that’s no fair! The sun was blocking my vision and its early in the morning!”

Scootaloo was happy to see her big brother after a couple of months. He couldn’t visit as much as he used to since he was promoted to Shining Armor’s second in command. He did make a lot of money and did not need much of it. He sent most of the money to his little sister since they were all on their own. Scootaloo wanted to be as big and strong as her brother, Valiant Shield. She looked up to him because he always stood up for what was right. He was also a very fast flier and strong at that. Compared to Rainbow Dash though, he was 4th place material. After their loving embrace, they sat down in the kitchen and ate some breakfast.

“So what brings to back home Valiant?” She asked with her mouth full of toast.

“Well I wanted to see you again and Princess Luna’s guards were helping us so it gave a couple of the higher ranked guards such as me to get some free time. Oh and Pipsqueak? Don’t talk with your mouth full, talk with it filled to the throat!” He said in joy.

No matter how old Scootaloo’s brother Valiant Shield was, he would always be the same brother she knew and loved. She stuffed her face with more toast and then proceeded to talk again.

“Ith thissth beethharr??” She said trying to keep her words as understandable as she could.

He couldn’t help but tear up and fall on the floor. He was banging the floor with his hooves, laughing as hard as he could. She was glad she could still make him laugh. After a couple of minutes, he got up and wiped his eyes.

“Hey squirt, don’t you have school today?”

She opened her eyes fully and froze. She realized she was going to be late for school. She quickly kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug.

She yelled as she was running for the door “Love you, bro. And yeah I’m about to be late. So see ya later. I gotta make like Rainbow and Dash!”

She ran as fast as she could. She was going to be late. She even tried to flap her wings but she knew they were no good. She was too young and her wings were not strong enough to carry her. She didn’t want to have to stay after school for detention. This would also get her made fun of even more at school. She was losing hope. Then, time froze. She saw herself getting closer and closer to the floor. She stepped on a rock and was about to fall right into a big muddy puddle, making her efforts even more useless. Only one thought ran through her mind in that one slow second.
Rainbow Dash.
Time came back to normal and she hit face first into the muddy puddle.

“Aww Fiddlesticks. Why in Equestria cant I make it to school?”

She gave up. She looked around and saw it was starting to rain. She just sat there as the rain started to hit upon her face. She just showed Diamond Tiara that she was weak and stupid. She just sat there in silence. Then out of the corner of her eye, one spot of light was still shining. It was a box in the middle of the road. She walked up to it. It looked pretty old and dirty but she saw a note on it.

“To our dear daughter Scootaloo,
We know you probably don’t want to see this but we wanted to write you a letter. We were travelling across Equestria and stopped at Manehattan when we saw this cute scooter that had your name all over it. I hope you aren’t too mad at us for leaving you and your brother but we had something calling us. Anyway, we hope this makes its way to you.


Mom and Dad. "

Scootaloo’s heart and will suddenly re-ignited. She gained a fire in her like Rainbow Dash did before a race. She opened the box and found a brand new scooter. She took it out and hopped on. It wasn’t long before she was going full speed.

‘This thing is fast. Really fast. I should get to school in no time. Maybe even before the bell rings.’

She looked ahead of her and saw she was nearly there. She just needed a little extra boost. She pushed as much as she could but couldn’t go any faster than she already was.
‘It’s hopeless. I can’t make it.’

Suddenly, a thought popped up in her mind. She started to flap her wings and it gave her a bit of a boost. It was just the boost she needed to get to the school in time. She was a couple inches from the door, going full speed, when she saw her. Diamond Tiara. She could tell Diamond Tiara was going to close the door on her on purpose. She flapped her wings even harder but it was no use. That evil filly was going to make her late. But then, it happened. A white filly with a purple mane pushed Diamond Tiara aside, smiled at Scootaloo, and opened the door wide open for her.
A bright flash of light. Scootaloo opened her eyes. She was in the classroom! It was all because of a kind filly who stopped Diamond Tiara and helped her. She got off the scooter and went to the filly.

“Thanks, I mean it. I’m Scootaloo.” She said as she shook hooves with the filly.

“No problem, I’m Sweetie Belle and I’m new. I already knew that Diamond Tiara was bad.”

They looked at each other’s flanks and saw that they were both blank. They both had bank flanks. They hugged each other and knew they would be the best of friends. Ms. Cherilee came in and told everypony to take their seats. The two fillies sat down next to each other. They looked at each other and smiled. Scootaloo beat Diamond Tiara today. She saw her brother, found out her family still cared, and made a new best friend. She did it.

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This was a nice heart warming one-shot. It should help me get through the day :pinkiesad2:

I noticed a couple spelling errors while reading, but nothing too major. Here is one that I remembered the location of:
"Shoe could tell Diamond Tiara was going to close the door on her on purpose."

Keep on writing stories like this, people love a happy story to read every once in a while. :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

Also what Katanauser said, Singular = Filly, Plural = Fillies

It's spelled 'filly'


Thanks guys. I didn't know which way to write filly for singular. And thanks for telling me about the errors. It's like they show up out of nowhere because when I write, nothing shows up even after a check over it.

497836 yah. Wen i edit for people i spend an hour per 1k words. U rlly have to look at each word carefully to make sure u got it right.

This has an interesting setup in being set before S1, and given its age I can forgive the now rather clichéd "Scoots has been abandoned by her parents" plot. The main problem is that some of it is totally unbelievable. For example: if someone knocks at your door, you don't wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your mane, check the mirror and then answer; they'll be long gone by then!

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