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After Discord betrayed the ponies last time, Pinkie realizes she has made a grave mistake. She never threw a welcoming party for Discord! She hatches a plan to throw the biggest bash to make up for it, but she needs help to make it just perfect, throwing the surprise part of the party out the window.

Edit: Oh my gosh, how could I forget? :applecry:
My pre-readers and editors, Phenrys and Sparky Brony, helped out with this. They deserve a spot on my page by now, as they've influenced pretty much all of my stories. Sparky in particular pointed out some major flaws with this. (sorry for forgetting you guys earlier)

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It says completed, but I reserve the right to expand upon this and other one-shots later.

DO IT. Seriously, this just ends way too early.

5177754 I'm assuming that's a bad thing right now, so I'll apologize for the disappointment. The goal is usually 'always leave the reader wanting more' but in this case, I think I kind of dropped the ball with the ending. :applejackunsure:
This was meant to be a silly one kind of like my others, but I got really invested in the beginning.
Thank you for the favorite though! It's always nice to see activity in my notifications XD

Like and fave. Love the PinkieCord shipping, first one I've seen. Would love to see more!

5178158 hold your horses, it's not technically shipped yet. Lol

I'm sorry, but that ship had sailed!

5178282 I guess it's gonna have to be like Scootapike in the other one lol. Just hinted at, and not enough for the romance tag. :scootangel:

Oh man, I prefer spikaloo!

5218346 More Pinkiecord? Or just more?

Dude! This is...I dunno what too...there are no words. :rainbowkiss:

I love it! You should...wait...no. That would be rude. I shalt not force it upon you; you may have a very busy schedule. I will back off like a mature woman (mare) would.

If you don't continue this, I WILL END YOU!

Great job! :pinkiehappy:

5512236 I'm going to be straight with you, I am completely shocked with how well this one is being recieved, so I thank you for your positive comment and encouragement. They really mean a lot to me, and it's comments like these that keep me writing. :rainbowkiss:

That being said, I think that this one specifically felt really rushed, unlike some others I'm in the process of writing. I initially planned to have much more content in this one, (especially toward the end) so you can probably expect me to revisit it sometime. I do want to ask this though; What do you think about how Fluttershy acts in the beginning of this?



Well, honestly, I can tell that Fluttershy seems wary about talking about Discord. In fact, she doesn't even talk to him when he shows up. I think that would be enough to say to me that she's still hurt from what Discord's done, and, although she had technically forgiven him, she still doesn't trust him as much she used to.

At least, that's how I saw it...unless I missed something, that's what it seemed like to me. :twilightblush:

5515480 Thank you for your input! XD

of course Twi missed all the fun. Who needs sleep? Also Celestia and the other ponies be like
I've always wanted to use that pic :pinkiehappy:

....Pinkie teamed up with a god to create the best party in the universe, that's just AWESOME!!!

And then Pinkie Pie ascended to become the Goddess of Chaos and the Imperium of Marekind took over the galaxy, turning the universe into one, eternal party.

The beginning of this chapter is actually pretty profound with Fluttershy's introspective and, quite honestly, this story doesn't really feel like a comedy at all. It reads more like a bit of a thoughtful depiction of relationships, with Fluttershy and nature, and then Pinkie and her place in the world and how she and Discord share similar views on the frivolity of things and the moment, followed by a slapstick ending.

Twilight Sparkle must be a pretty heavy sleeper if she managed to sleep through several hours of that ending party, though. The Party to End All Parties, Except For Another Even Bigger Party Where Equestria Girls Pinkie Is Also Invited

7145259 Thank you for the comment and I appreciate the feedback! I admit that I actually slipped up a bit towards the end and rushed it so I could get enough sleep and make it to class on time. If I hadn't - or decided to go back and edit it - the end would be more detailed and fleshed out as part of the story. To me rereading the story, it definitely felt rushed and like the main characters were barely seen at all.

I thought everyone was going freak out and give discord a hard time.

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