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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)

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So who's the new competition? Sombra, Discord, or Tirek?

5888186 who says it has to be any of the currently known enemies from the series?

5888281 Eh. True. Just saying who I think it could be.

5888287 well if i had to choose a pre-existing enemy, i'd say it's Sombra. none of the other enemies i can think of would just kill people and then dump them around the city. or Tirek, maybe. Sombra would probably kill them for a specific reason, and then make the killings look unconnected in any way other than that there must be some connection.

I started writing the first chapter while writing the end of GTA 1 to make sure the scenes matched up correctly.

Holy shit, that was fast, but I think midnight should go with twi,to fight in the same side this time (I know this will happen sooner or later but...)

I hope Sombra is coming, (in my spinoff of the fanfic, he is the main villain)

So, the "new ally" will be chrysalis?

I think you got Celly and luna mixed up.
Still great.

What you mean mixed up? Where?

I'm plenty sure there would be a willing Stallion among the Elementals if Chrysalis joined with them.

why I'm laughting at this, I don't know.

What happens when you get the mythical 6th wanted star in Grand Theft Auto.

It happens but you have to do some really crazy shit for Twilight to show up. When she does it's pretty much an instant game over.:trollestia:

An eye on the fish and other on the cat...
Brazillian humor, heh.

I think the only part about these two chapters was when dash got loaned out. that just didn't sit right with me. sorry.

Yeah, but she liked it :pinkiehappy:
Besides Twilight loves Midnight so if were Midnight instead she probably wouldn't "loan her out"

"The PINK mare nodded and took another bite of her apple."
Orange mare, it's AJ.

I'm just glad no one's had negative comments about that Derpy scene. I was worried when writing it.

Love this series and where its going so far. Keep up the good work!

Because Derpy and her eyes are a sensitive subject in the Brony community. So, I tried really really hard when writing it to bring up the subject of her eyes while not insulting her. Luckily, I succeeded :pinkiehappy:

Though I DID kill Derpy violently multiple times in my Kyra fic and no one cared, so...

...... something's wrong here.

5942742 Well the fact that Cadence was being nice to them is a ringer.... maybe it's just me.

You know, everytime the character Midnight is brought up, I can't seem to avoid thinking about my own OC Midnight Star and the stories he's been in.

If you're confused as to WHY keep in mind that in this universe they were all once friends. This was mentioned towards the end of GTA 1 so it isn't a spoiler

5943858 Oh.... okay. I almost forgot that. Sorry.

No worries. After all it was only BRIEFLY mentioned. It'll be explAined more in this fic

I need more of this...

Comment posted by CuteAlex deleted May 13th, 2015

One of the prisoners will fuck things up, right?

Wait. isn't Dash at the sexpo with Twilight?

I'm actually surprised you were the first to catch that :facehoof:

Perhaps I actually do need an editor...

5972257 Well I'd say you've done a fantastic job without one but if you ever feel you need an extra set of eyes feel free to poke at me.:twilightsmile:

I may have done a fantastic job up until now but misplacing characters is MORE than just typos. I probably need to have a chart so I know where the characters are. Though you could help with the next one. Uh-oh. Did I say "next one"? I meant this is the last one. *cough cough*

5972248 I actually commented on it, but didn't like the wording I used afterwards so I deleted it.

Well, it's fixed now and that's the important thing :pinkiehappy:

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