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Sunset Shimmer's Return?! - JusSonic

Sunset Shimmer makes her return to Equestria, except it isn't the one that Twilight and her friends know!

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Chapter 5: Memory Wipe Out

Chapter 5: Memory Wipe Out

At Devil Destroyer's chamber, he growled in anger and upset as he clenched his halberd tightly. The pony wanna so much to get a mighty battle but was cheated out by every opportunity ever. Why?! He's lucky that he himself kept his promise to Butterfly or Devil Destroyer would never forgive himself.

Butterfly came in at this moment, spotting the peeved look on her lord's face. In concern, she ask, "Lord Devil? Are you alright?"

Devil huffed while snapping, "No... I'm still unsatisfied... After so many battles and hardships, I still can't find any battles that interest me, especially of those Equestria fools! I still don't know why Dark Curse and Shadow Dragon needed Ben to be on our side. He hardly put any worth of his effort in against me."

"My lord, you must be calm and patient. You can't expect the answer and opponents to come to you. Maybe not today and not tomorrow, but someday...The answer will come and especially of why the Three Lords' interest on him."

Devil sighed as he gently touched Butterfly's hoof, "Butterfly... Perhaps I was rush... But thank you again, for comforting me. You are the one I truly admire and love."

Butterfly giggles, holding her beloved hoof, "Thank you, Lord Devil. I'm glad I met, found and love you since the day you saved me from that selfish Prime Minister Cruez."

Devil huffed as he roll his eyes at the mention of Cruez's name, "That slimy fat pony doesn't deserve to be my leader. He hardly put any effort or finding new battles. Unlike Dark Curse, I found some interesting battle and rival that I must defeat... Shadow Dragon... No one and not even that Pretender User of Triforce can get in my way to defeat him!"

Butterfly kissed Devil's lips while she spoke gently to him, "I'm sure you will, my lord. And I assure you, no one can defeat you..."

Devil smiled as he kissed her back...perhaps today wasn't a total loss after all...


Flare Tiger hummed around until she noticed her husband, Comet Star arriving. With joy, Flare Tiger smiled upon seeing him as her sense went off crazy, not very crazy and she realized it very well.

Flare Tiger asked, “Comet Star, sweetie, can ya shows off ya flying?”

Comet Star smiled while exclaiming, “Why sure!”

Flare Tiger nodded as she spoke, “Good, Please, make it look like accident, right near Ben Mare and Ah want to talk him for a while.”

Comet Star sighed, “It involved with his curiosity of his real father?”

Flare Tiger nodded while adding, “Eeyup, Ben tried to asked to Sunset about it, Ah need to conceal it before he learn of his father as is should be Celestia, and only herself, who will tell him about it as Ah will speak with him with a few reasons and questions.”

Comet Star nodded in understanding. He exclaims, “I see! Leave that to me!”

Comet Star took to flying off and started with his silly flying with woo cheers around which cause a scene for the other ponies who noticed, watched and laughed then enjoy to see him perform his shows off. Until he’s spot the group; Ben, Flash, Mare Six, the Dragons, and Sunset and grinned in joy which got Flare Tiger to pay attraction then follow him until the destinies begin as he clash into the tree that’s near them, which got them shocked and worried. Ben Mare trotted to Comet Star in curiosity and worried.

Ben Mare asked, “Comet Star? Are you okay?”

Comet Star poke out of the branches and smiled, saying, “I’m Okay! Speaking of which…” He land on the ground beside Ben Mare then whisper in his ear, “Flare Tiger would like to speak with you, now.”

Ben Mare asked, “Seriously?!?”

Comet Star nodded as he continues, “Judging from her tone, she’s really serious.”

Ben Mare nodded as he looked around and saw Flare Tiger standing at the hill. The Earth Pony sighed when he trotted toward Flare Tiger. The group is worried and walked up to Comet Star as Twilight sighed, “Comet, What’s Ben’s doing?”

Comet Star sighed, “It’s Flare Tiger, it’s something she wants to speak with him for a few reasons. By the way…You’re Sunset Shimmer?”

Sunset Shimmer nodded, responding, “Um… Yeah…”

Comet Star grinned while asking, “Heard of Comet Star?”

Sunset Shimmer nodded while answering again, “Yea, from where I’m from, he’s the husband of Flare Tiger…”

Comet Star squealed, “I’m that guy! Woo!”

Sunset is baffled at Comet Star as she didn’t knew it. Meanwhile, Ben arrived to Flare Tiger, sighing in worry and curiosity.

Flare Tiger sighed, “Ah know ya curious about ya’ father from Sunset, is that what ya want for?”

Ben Mare nodded as he explains, “I just… want to know about my counter-human….”

Flare Tiger nodded as she answers, “It may true…”

Tailtech was staying out of spot and listen, keeping watch on Sunset but is worried about the mission that involved Ben’s learning of the truth. He kept listening on what they’re saying.

Flare Tiger spoke, “Did ya’ mother promise about to reveal it?”

Ben Mare nodded as he answers Flare Tiger, “Yeah, she’s did! I don’t know how long she would tell me.”

Flare Tiger smiled, chuckling, “It’s all alright, if Ah’m in her place, Ah would felt afraid of ya’ reaction to the truth.”

Ben Mare shocked ask, “What?!?”

Flare Tiger nodded while reminding Ben, “Remember? Ya’ promise her about the wait for her to reveal the truth?”

Ben Mare nodded as he recalls his promise, “I remember…”

Flare Tiger smiled as she continues, “Pinkie Promise this, never asked anyone about ya’ real father, but only ya’ mother will reveal ya’ real father to yaself.”

Ben Mare sighed, “Cross my heart, Hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” He knew how Pinkie and Pinkamena is which is comes to Pinkie Promises. No one must ever EVER break them!

Flare Tiger smiled as she noticed Tao and Azure walking around, chuckling, “Ah had another little chat with this mare…”

Ben Mare confused ask, “Why?”

Flare Tiger growled, “She spoke about me….About the rudeness.”

Ben Mare remember that Rainbow Dash warning him about talking behind Flare Tiger’s back then gasped in realization, “Oh…. OH! Suit yourself.”

Flare Tiger and Ben Mare trotted on their way. Ben Mare arrived with a sigh as Sunset Shimmer curiously asks, “Is there's something you want to ask me?”

Ben Mare chuckled, “I thought I want asked you about my counter-human’s father, however…” The three Mystic Ponies gulped in fear as Ben Mare sighed, “Something came up with me and Flare Tiger’s chats. She make me realized, I did promise my mom about waiting for her to opening and reveal my real father. So… No hard feeling?”

Sunset Shimmer smiled while saying, “No hard feeling! I happened to know of him but a Promise is a promise.”

Ben Mare nodded as the three Mystic Ponies sighed in relaxation. Meanwhile Flare Tiger managed to reach Azure and Tao and talked to them. They agreed to bring Flare Tiger to the meeting with Lord Jade. At the meeting, the Royal Sisters were there as Firmtact Waller was along with them too. Lord Jade noticed Azure and Tao brought Flare Tiger to the meeting.

Lord Jade curiously ask, “May I asked who is this Alicorn?”

Azure sighed, “This is Flare Tiger from Digitrisland, she wish to join this meeting for a while.”

Lord Jade nodded while saying, “Ah, Flare Tiger, the one who sent the files of the other world, may I asked you something, Flare Tiger?”

Flare Tiger bowing answer, “Eeyup, ya’ honor, Lord Jade, any questions ya like to know about me.”

Lord Jade sighed, “How are you able knew of that world? Nopony outside the Mystic Ponies knew of it.”

Flare Tiger snicker, “Well, Ah’m the Element of the Dimension.”

Firmtact Waller snapped, “That’s not an answer-“

Lord Jade growled, “Quiet!”

Firmtact Waller yelped in fear, “Yes, my lord.”

Lord Jade sighed, “Let me get this straight, you’re the Element of the Dimension?”

Flare Tiger nodded and answer, “Yes, ya’ honor! If ya want proof, then Ah need is a mirror, a normal one.”

Lord Jade orders the guard to get one as the guard brought in a mirror. Flare Tiger took it and cast a spell on the mirror then turned it around until they looked close. To their surprise, the humans were walking around and didn’t know that the portal is opened.

Lord Jade gasped and awed, “So, you can cross into different worlds?”

Flare Tiger grinned while answering, “Eeyup, and Ah can across the timeline too.”

Lord Jade heard Flare Tiger’s words ‘timeline’ and gasped in realization, “All in those years… You’re being under our nose, ???!”

Firmtact Waller confused ask, “What!?! That is impossible! She’s should not even exist!”

Flare Tiger growled then voice in a stallion voice, “I was hope you remember that as well.”

Firmtact Waller baffled spoke, “?...???!?!”

Flare Tiger nodded as Luna gasped, “Then… You’re also…????”

Flare Tiger grinned and answer, “Keep it up, find more names ya can think of.”

Celestia groaned in realization, “Prism Blaze Heart… Nice trick you got there!”

Flare Tiger smiled as she spoke to Celestia, “Eeyup, Ya can remember those years, it was mah doing, since Ah had kept the timeline smoothly and perfect without one problem, the timeline shouldn’t break down.” Firmtact Waller realized something that’s is impossible, it was against Flare Tiger since she was also, the Bearer of the Element as she’s gulped in fear when Flare Tiger noticed and smiled. Flare Tiger spoke, “Ah think Ah got Firmtact’s condor which she realized something's really off. And as mah other problem is her rudeness talking about me…”

Firmtact Waller whine in fear, “…Meep…”

Lord Jade smiled while saying, “Thank to your hard work and always a mystery one, also I’m glad to know about this world that you give this information.”

Firmtact Waller hummed, “It’s not-“

Lord Jade chuckled, “And the Transformers too.”

Firmtact Waller shudder, “But…but….Arh!”

Flare Tiger giggled as Lord Jade laughed, “Now, about the problem with-“

Flare Tiger smiled while saying, “Ya’ honor, Ah figure that ya tried to said about Ben Mare, Ah just got its cover with a Pinkie Promise.”

Princess Celestia sighed, “Thank me… Thank you, Flare Tiger… For covering up over Sunset’s answers…”

Flare Tiger nodded while saying, “No problem, about one thing…”

Princess Celestia gulped, “Yeah… I should’ve told him from the very beginning…”

Flare Tiger grinned as she responds, “Eeyup.”

Lord Jade nodded while ordering, “Now, Disband!”


Dark Curse and Crimson Skull entered Guildenstern's lab. The scientist pony had a monitor revealing a picture of K.S.I. as well as both human Azure Phoenix and Joshua Joyce talking.

"Joshua, between you and me; I need you to build the Transformers." Azure said to Joshua seriously.

"Are you certain? No offense, sir. I don't mind in creating them but it will take some time to understand the Transformers' powers and endoskeleton, or else it will be... mislead or backfire." Joshua said to Azure seriously. One false move could be horrible. "I certainly hate to see that happening."

"Rest assured, Mr. Joyce. If we can find any dead bodies of Decepticons, I will deliver them to you for studies and works. No one but you, me and Attinger will know about the plans. The Autobots cannot learn of it. They are some plans that I wanted to deal with."

"Of course; I assure you of that. If you or Mr. Attinger needed my robots to move out, just give the word."

Azure nods as he spoke in a strict mean kinda tone, "Good... The Decepticons and freaks won't know what hit them."

"My master. This is the answer we were looking for." Guildenstern said to Dark Curse, bowing as the trio continue watching the scene.

Dark Curse chuckled at this, "Good enough. That is where we can find the plans of Transformers. Everything is on stage, especially in creating one..."

"And what of Devil Destroyer; He failed the mission, especially thanks to that stupid mare..." Crimson Skull said to Dark Curse with a mean growl. He should've captured Butterfly Dancer to assure the Devil Destroyer's full cooperation.

"Leave him be... He has his fun in rampaging and destroying his enemies. As for Butterfly, let her be. She is too weak to fight."

"What is next?"

"Waiting for the moment; when that time comes, Guildenstern and my Ultimate Assassin will go to the Human Realm and meet up with three spies of mine." Dark Curse explains wickedly, revealing some plans to his allies, especially involving 3 spies of his that were since banished to the Human Realm. "Once they met, they will require some help to achieve the objective. I will have all I need."

"It will be done, master." Guildenstern said to Dark Curse with a cruel grin. "And I had a feeling that I know when..."

"Good enough."


The scene opens up to where Sunset Shimmer was carrying a sack that had some party popper caps that Pinkie Pie asked to help calm everyone’s mind after the matter of what they survived through with meeting Devil Destroyer.

“What goes in your operation, Shadow Dragon?” Spoke a dark evil voice from somewhere.

“Hugh?” Sunset Shimmer yelped softly in hearing a voice, and that name sounded familiar to the girl.

Soon the mare peaks down a dark alley, where Sunset was being careful on every step. Soon she hid behind a large dumpster in seeing something that shock her; there was Shadow Dragon of whom the girl saw his image in the enemy database book Twilight showed her, but what was he doing here? And to add more to the surprises, he seems to be speaking to two creatures from two portal windows as they were both Dark Curse & the Superior.

“From what has been done, I have only narrows down the possibilities of places where the Mystic Shield isn’t hidden.” Shadow Dragon spoke in giving his report.

“Much of Devil Destroyer wrecking areas that seem the least important to the heroes proves there wasn’t much.” Dark Curse stated in what has been noted by their view point.

“For now, you must continue your undercover work, find and destroy the shield; So that we, the Equestrian Lords, may plot our attacks without such a barrier to withstand our greatest attempts.” The Superior issued forth in ordering the matter of what they want; the Mystic Shield to fall and to expose Equestria to their full force of terrible might.

“Indeed, Ben and his friends maybe on the lookout for their enemies, however…” Shadow Dragon spoke while magic covered him, changing him into…Chase. “They have yet to realize, that their closest friend, Chase the Warrior, is none other than Shadow Dragon of the Dark Mystics.” He issued forth in what he is to any that has not yet learnt the truth about his identity.

“Ch-Chase was actually…” Sunset Shimmer gasped to back away a bit in shock of discovering this when… “Crack…/Ah!” Then she steps on a broken nut, causing her to yelp in worry.

The sound caught Chase to turn around to gaze with fury, but saw nothing but a lonely dumpster. But behind the dumpster, Sunset was seen hiding with worry of almost being seen.

“Is something the matter?” The Superior asked of seeing the action performed.

“I believe we are not alone here.” Chase issued off with a stern tone in his voice.

Chase slowly was making his way near the dumpster, and Sunset Shimmer yelps in seeing his coming as she knew one thing; gotta get out and warn the gang.

“Come on, horn…work for me.” Sunset Shimmer whispered to try to focus her magic in her horn. “Teleport…Teleport….Teleport….Just to get enough distance.” She quietly whispered while getting tiny on and off glow moments of her horn’s magic.

Chase summoned his dark sword as he held it out in preparing to use it for attacking a cowering victim.

“It’s strange, we wanted information…but it seems you subtle across what you should not have learnt at all.” Chase spoke off to say this while reverting back into Shadow Dragon.

“Eeeeh,” Sunset Shimmer yelps with a glowed horn as she knew this might be it.

Then the Dark Mystic swung his sword down, but a bright flash happened before that. He saw the target had teleported out of the way. From above, the enemy saw Derpy flying with mail, but then yelps when Susnet appeared out of nowhere to catch a ride.

“Woah; where’d you come from,” Derpy asked off in being surprised, but…

“Please, take me to Twilight and the others! HURRY,” Sunset Shimmer insisted with a cautious and worried tone, there isn’t a moment to spare.

Without arguing, Derpy soon spends off at her best speed while leaving the ones in the dark alley and for one of them to see…the secret appears to be out.

“Shadow Dragon, what is happening?” Dark Curse asked off in demand of the case.

“It would seem Sunset Shimmer has uncovered our ploy and now knows of Chase’s real identity…as me.” Shadow Dragon issued forth this with a dry look on his expression.

“Then stop her! Kill her if you must, this undercover mission has taken us months to carefully perform, we can’t let your cover be exposed.” Dark Curse issued off in wanting Sunset to not speak of what they have work hard to perform until the right timing.

“She has already left and the others are close by. Appearing out of nowhere would draw suspicion.” Shadow Dragon explained that he can’t just appear from out of thin air, it draw too much attention to him and build the suspicion further.

“Then perhaps, I can make a suggestion.” The Superior spoke in having the perfect solution for them. “We’ll simply erase their memories of any relation or connection of your identity.” He explained the simple matter of erasing a memory best left unknown.

“One problem, those Mystics will bring forth their strongest spell-casters to undo the blank memory. Just as they could do with Ben, Twilight & Flash Sentry when they witness their existence that was supposed to be kept secret,” Shadow Dragon explained that even if they did such a spell, the Mystics of far stronger spell performance might just undo it.

“But you forget, among the Three Lords, one of us has more power that even the Jade Emperor cannot undo such performance.” Superior waved off his right arm in stating that only one of them is powerful to make sure even the strongest Mystic; the Jade Emperor cannot undo the spell.

“Hugh…I must agree as well, you ask him.” Dark Curse signs in knowing what his ally is referring to.

“Indeed, I shall….” The Superior nods in knowing he’ll be the one to call in the favor.

The scene goes dark from where the villains have a plan to keep Chase and Shadow Dragon are one out of anyone’s knowledge.


The scene opens up towards where Derpy lands on the ground, Sunset runs off to skid near the Mane Six, CMC, baby Dragons, Flare Tiger & her family, Ben, Nyx, and Goldie’s group.

“Everyone, listen to me! I just saw those two Lords talking with Shadow Dragon.” Sunset issued off this sudden news while looking terrified.

“What?” The gang responded in hearing this right.

“Wait, you saw them…where?” Rainbow Dash asked off in looking very puzzled.

“Behind an alley, I think they were Dark Curse and the Superior, they were discussing about finding some shield to destroy it.” Sunset Shimmer explained what she heard and saw.

“Say wha now hun,” Applejack raised an eyebrow in having heard this right.

“But that can’t be right!” Rarity stated in seeing that was hard to believe.

“They’re looking for the Mystic Shield?” Nyx asked with worry on her face.

“Oh my, but…how can Shadow Dragon do that,” Fluttershy asked the question that was on the mind.

“That’s just it, he’s disguised himself as a friend of yours; he’s Chase!” Sunset Shimmer blurted out this big issue of the matter.

“WHAAAAT,” Spike & Phobos screamed out in having heard this just now.

“Chase is actually…Shadow Dragon?” Nyx slowly spoke in hearing this info right.

“But we saw them when they fought during the Clone Six rescue.” Ben recalled that action, how can the two individuals be one and the same.

“Or maybe, it was a ploy to drop our guard.” Goldie spoke with a stern in having a theory.

“Shadow Dragon could have created a magic clone of himself and put on a show then.” Jack Zen explained how they were fooled by such a trick.

“Information of deception does seem like a fair point of theory.” Omega nods in hearing such a plan of wickedness.

“Then that means all the others who thought to watch out for Chase were right!” Pinkie Pie shouted off in knowing what they were told to be wary of Chase WASN’T a jumpy conclusion.

“Sunset, are you certain?” Flash asked if Sunset was certain of this.

“Please, I’m not lying, I know I’m not of this world, but…you’ve been so kind to me. And after what we all just went through, I….don’t wanna see anyone get hurt. All because I was afraid to speak up,” Sunset Shimmer beg the others to believe her, she doesn’t wanna see those that are her friends get hurt now.

“We believe you Sunset.” Twilight spoke off in surprising everyone. “The shock of hearing this just was surprising on another level. Chase, we believed that he was a friend. But we trust your judgment, we won’t deny that you risk wanting to tell us this.” She issued her own thoughts on the matter over what they once knew to knowing now.

“Then let’s tell this to Celestia, Luna and the Mystics posthaste. This way, they’ll know that Sunset is not our enemy.” Pinkamena issued forth in what they gotta do next.

But just then, the clouds began to swirl and thunder noises and lightning flashes are seen; something freaky was up with the stormy skies.

“Wha-what’s happening?” Sunset Shimmer asked scared in seeing this.

“Trouble, and that its arrival seems real bad,” Spike stated in what they could consider this.

“Could be worse, could be we gotta face…” Phobos was about to say, but was cut off…

Then without warning, the clouds were forming themselves to appear like a giant elf creature on a thrown. And resting his head in one hand, the gang made out the details as this creature was none other than…

“GRIMMORE,” The baby Dragons, the CMC and many of the others screamed out in terror, the Demon God has appeared.

“Hmph-hmph, hmphmmm….so, it would seem…a discovery has been made.” Grimmore spoke as his form within the clouds was done as scary background music is heard during this terrifying moment, “A human now living among this world…as a pony.” He spoke in where his gaze spots Sunset Shimmer, but the mare yelps from sensing that the very gaze almost…looked deep into her soul; almost ready to snatch it; what terrifying power.

“Gulp…who…who is that?” Sunset gulps with fear in seriously not liking this guy, he even gives more of a fearful and powerful stature than Devil Destroyer did, like that enemy was but 10 percent to how Grimmore is to all.

“You know how you said you saw the Superior and Dark Curse, well they were the 3rd and 2nd rating Lords of Equestria. And right now, you’re meeting the absolute worse and top rated foe of them all.” Flash Sentry explained this while standing near the one he cares for while some sweat is dropping from his entire body like crazy.

“The Dark Elf of who has become a Demon God; the Overlord King of Tartarus: Grimmore.” Ben narrows his eyes in getting serious; they are within the mere sight of the worse and most powerful foe in existence, one who is a GOD!

“Tell me, heroes of Equestria, now that you know the truth of the plan to destroy your shield, what actions shall you take?” Grimmore asked forth in sounding somewhat interested in what the gang shall do from here.

“Like we need to know, we’ll make sure that the shield doesn’t get destroyed!” Flare Tiger protest to say this on what they do.

“Oh, I rethink that, for you see….those among you may have travel from worlds apart.” Grimmore issued off to say, narrowing from Pinkamena, Flash Tiger, and Sunset Shimmer, these creatures came from other worlds entirely. “But I have knowledge about the human version of THIS world.” He spoke to say this out to earn some attention.

Then the cloud form of Grimmore soon was moving his free left hand to create a world that was life-like of a planet; the Earth. But there was something about it that rang bells in some members.

“That’s…my world? The human version of Equestria,” Sunset shouted off in fear, what was the Dark Elf going to do.

“Correct, I know about the threat of aliens of this world and how they are planning to eradicate any alien life. Question can be…” Grimmore spoke while slowly showing an evil grin that seems to bring unlimited amounts of horror into everyone’s being. “Can they survive against me?” He asked if even the other world could even survive against the power that is…Grimmore.

Then with a slow squeezing of his hand, something began to appear underneath of the human world that Sunset & Twilight’s family have been to started to get something Earth shaking; A BLACKHOLE!

“Wait! What are you doing?” Twilight shouted to protest in seeing this action be performed.

“Simple, once my fist closes, the black-hole will have grown enough to swallow that world and all life shall cease to exist.” Grimmore explained the case without blinking an eye, as his hand slowly moves and makes the black hole over the planet Earth grow.

This made everyone yelp in terror as they saw the planet was drifting closer to the black hole, if nothing is stop, it will be gone…FOREVER!

“YOU EVIL DEMON GOD; you’ll kill over millions of lives?” Jack Zen shouted off in anger, was this foe actually about to go that far.

“Oh, but I shall give you all a chance to perform what you think best as a means to entertain me, with our new guest.” Grimmore smiled forth in stating this, much to confusing anyone that doesn’t follow. “You can choose to expose the secret of Shadow Dragon and keep your shield safer from all evil hands, but at the cost of this Sunset Shimmer’s human world and all those many of you have met.” He state one course, is that the heroes expose Shadow Dragon as a spy that went by Chase, but if they do, a planet of lives will be lost.

The gang gasped in horror, so if they tell the secret, a world will be gone…in a blink of an eye. Some tried to stay calm in thinking they can get out of this, but…

“If you expect to stop this or think any Mystics will come, don’t bother. For as I speak, I’ve seal their areas of escaping their confines until this debate is settle.” Grimmore explained the case in where even as he speaks, many of the Mystics that were trying to get out of buildings or enter areas, were stopped by a powerful spell that repel them.

“Then what is our second opinion?” Omega asked out the next question of what they can do to avoid a planet of another world’s destruction.

“Hmph-hmph, hmpmmmm…..this world will be spared, and it will only cost one thing from you all.” Grimmore let off a dark chuckle in about to explain, what the second choice for the gang can be. “The memory of learning Shadow Dragon…is Chase. And from that, all of this day’s battle with Devil Destroyer shall be wipe clean. And that you won’t recall this memory until the day you discover the secret, but only after the Mystic Shield is destroyed.” He explained the set of how it’ll go down, no one will remember this day of learning of their enemies, all to save a planet.

“Say What?” The CMC yelps off in hearing this, they gotta forget to save another world.

“How can we be sure to trust you to keep your word?” Ben raised an eyebrow in questioning this guy’s word.

“Hmph, I make things challenging, I can almost simply destroy this world whenever I choose, but I’m in a rare mode to give you a chance. What will it be,” Grimmore made a sly smile while his grip was coming close and so is the black hole to the other world, “This world or today’s memory? Choose…” He spoke in giving those here a hard time to figure out, what was the better choice to make.

As the Demon God spoke, his hand slowly begins to close, making the planet of Sunset’s world get an inch closer to where it will cease to exist. There was only one real choice to make if all opinions are out the window.

“Do it…” Sunset Shimmer spoke with a silent, but still heard voice.

“Sunset,” Twilight looked to her friend in what she heard.

“He’s right, if we try to keep the memory, then my old world will be gone. It may not be my home now, but…I can’t just let it be destroyed when no one knows what is happening.” Sunset spoke to explain herself that they have to do what Grimmore is giving them, or risk losing one for the other.

“But we can’t trust Grimmore, what if it’s just an illusion to bluff with his threat.” Goldie stated that this could be a trick.

“Oh, can you easily believe I bluff….then let the death screams of millions haunt your lives. I’ll even show you their expressions of their doom.” Grimmore spoke in being intrigue, they are calling his bluff…time to prove them otherwise…

Soon from the planet, a view of many humans is seen fleeing in terror. There were even some of the human versions of the Mane Six, CMC & others that made the gang yelp, as they look to be ducking under their tables in the school. Images of Azure Phoenix within the military was holding on as he gave orders, but none of the troops were getting any info, some cried out the end of the world, and even Azure look like the planet was gonna be doomed. Tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes and volcano eruptions, the human planet is almost a yard away from getting suck into a black hole.

“NOOOO,” Ben yelled out in stopping the Demon God’s action to look at him. “We won’t let you kill them! Everyone, we have to do this together!” Ben stated this out in what they have to do here.

“But our memories of Shadow Dragon,” Flare Tiger asked that if they lose the memory, they won’t recover it until Shadow Dragon’s secret is truly exposed.

“We won’t remember, I know, but we’ll discover the truth another time. Right now, the stakes are too high!” Ben stated in knowing what they are up against, and the risk, there is only one safe bet to perform.

“Ben….thank you,” Sunset spoke softly in feeling so thankful that Ben would forget Chase as Shadow Dragon then see her old world destroyed.

Now the gang nod while getting serious, they may lose a memory of one or two foes, but they don’t mind. If it will save an entire planet of lives from another dimension world, so be it…

“We agree! Erase our memories of our enemies from today!” Twilight shouted off to the Demon God in what their decision is.

“Excellent….” Grimmore smiled off with a wicked expression; be it one or the other, he would win this in the end.

Now the cloud form of Grimmore lowered his right hand to point the index finger; as it let off a bright white light that created a supernova burst. The shockwave scattered around, effected everyone’s bodies to be feeling an electrical shock, even machines like Omega felt like his hard drive was losing the memory of today. And even Pinkamena felt like something was messing with her memory ability to recall stuff, the past of learning Shadow Dragon's disguise as Chase was...gone! The rays scattered to affect anyone that got wind of Shadow Dragon being Chase, to keep the secret from being known…for now. And once it was over, everyone fell on the ground, looking like easy prey, but the Overlord King smiled evilly in seeing that such a welcoming he’ll pass, he’s done his part.

“Rest well, heroes, for now you will be given more challenges ahead. Survive…if you can….” Grimmore declared forth this message of what shall happen, the road ahead is still so dangerous and the heroes will need plenty of luck to survive. “Whah-Hah-Hah-Hah-Hah-Haaahhh….” He lets off a dark laughter that is heard within the air that shakes the very plain of the Rainbow Kingdom.

Soon the clouds of the Dark Elf’s image fads with nothing but his echoing laughter. As the gang are slowly trying to push themselves up while feeling their heads rumbling. They ask of what happened and recall they talk about what Sunset learned, only to not recall. And the battle they fought with Devil Destroyer was also gone. Looks like the only memory they know is that they allowed Grimmore to do the act of erasing the day of their enemies from their minds…to save the human version world of where Sunset & Twilight had friends living there.


Throughout Equestria, everyone had forgotten about the battle with Devil Destroyer had been destroyed. Surprisingly, even Grimmore made sure that the Royal Sisters and Mystic Ponies aren't immune. Not one of them had any recollection of the battle with the Devil Destroyer. In fact, the only ones who remember it as well as Shadow Dragon almost being exposed besides Grimmore were the Apocalypse Ponies and the Dark Mystic Ponies themselves.

Firmtact, having another meeting in which she had trouble recalling the events, spoke, " I can't remember much of what happen before... But I do know one thing. We survive the worst well..."

"Fair enough; what do we do with Sunset Shimmer?" Azure asks, getting back to the concerns involving Sunset. "I had a feeling that our enemies will need her and her information from Humanity."

"I had the feeling that they don't." Celestia said seriously. Although she doesn't recall what happened, the Alicorn felt that her enemies may no longer be going after Sunset. "Whatever they were looking for, they had it."

"Even if they had one, we will strike and foil them. We always had and especially Twilight and her friends. They had done well." Luna said gently and in determination. Even if the Dark Mystic Ponies had gave Twilight and her friends a hard time, they barely manage to stop them before.

"Since Twilight and her friends did well in looking after Sunset Shimmer, we decided not to spy on her." Firmtact said with a nod. Perhaps now is the time to stop spying on Sunset since it's pointless to do so anymore. "We hope Twilight won't let anything bad things happen to her in the future until we find a way to get her."

"It will be done." Celestia said gently. She can hope that Sunset is safe as well.


Flash and Sunset sat on a bench in the park. Despite not recalling what happened due to Grimmore's manipulation of memories, they felt like they themselves had a connection with one another today, especially when it comes to helping and defending one another. Flash smiles at Sunset with a grin. Even if his own is no longer around, he felt...comfortable with this Sunset.

Sunset sighs, nuzzling Flash while saying, "Thank you for helping me, Flash. I'm sorry for not able to do something or help you..."

"Hey, no worries, Sunset; as long you're safe, that's enough for me." Flash said to Sunset while nuzzling her right back. "Man, I can't remember of whom we just faced, but I'm glad it's safe and over."

"Yeah... Flash..."

"Yeah, Sunset?"

Sunset looks down for a moment as she blush. Perhaps it's time to tell him...and hope he accepts her feelings. The new unicorn turn to Flash as she continues, "You are really a great warrior for a pony. I'm really glad to have you as my friend. I may not be the Sunset Shimmer that you remembered, but I'll do anything to help you get comfortable. To be very honest, Flash... I like you."

"I know. I like you as my friend." Flash said with a chuckle, getting the wrong meaning.

"No... I mean I really like-like you."

"Oh? Ohh... Wow...Seriously?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you and your relationship." Sunset said, looking away in guilt and sadness. Perhaps she shouldn't have told him. Flash must not had recovered from his bad relationship with his own Sunset or worst, probably feels that he is betraying her by going out with another unicorn, even if that someone is her human self.

Flash sighed as he spoke up, clearing the matter up to Sunset, "Knowing Sunset, she wouldn't want me to be upset and want me to move on. I had the feeling that she had the same feeling as I am. And guess what? I think I like-like you too..."

Sunset blushed and smiled, saying, "Thank you, Flash..."

Sunset kissed his lips gently and passionately. Flash smiled and kissed her back. Unknown to them, Twilight, Ben and their friends were behind some bushes, watching the event.

Rainbow snickers then came out of hiding, laughing, "Shame shame!"

"We know your name!" Pinkie teased, causing Flash and Sunset to stop kissing, blushing in another matter.

Some of the ponies laughs a bit as Rarity teases, "Oh, I knew you two would wind up together! What young love!"

"Come on, keep on kissing; come on!"

"Okay, enough, enough!" Twilight laughs as she uses her magic to push her friends along. "Give the couple some privacy for Celestia's sakes."

The others groan, protesting as they were forced to leave. Flash and Ben laughs, shaking their head at the same time. They got some good yet weird friends.


In the dark chamber, Dark Curse and Crimson Skull entered the chamber. They encountered a dark pale Earth Pony with a messy short mane and tail, he wore a Demonic and scary armor and black Demon mask and his Cutie Mark which was a Demonic Eye and Sword who was chained to the ground.

Crimson Skull looks concerned of Dark Curse's idea for this, not sure if it was wise. He spoke, "My liege, are you certain of this? This maniac will cost us some troubles, especially since he and Shadow Dragon didn't go well..."

"I am certain. He's been in the Stasis Chamber far too long. It is time for him to be awaken." Dark Curse said to the Crimson Skull. He turns to the prisoner, speaking to him gently. "Your times of sleeping is over, Swipestrike. The time of your new mission has come. And this time... It involved with someone who wielded the Triforce Elements, especially an important errand to deal with."

Swipestrike looks up hopefully, asking Dark Curse eagerly, "Is it him? Tell me..."

"No, but the new one; Do not kill him. He has some use, and I want you... to have some fun... Just like what you did to Shadow Dragon when he was the Light."

Swipestrike chuckled darkly, "Torture, Mocking and Killing enemies are my type of fun, especially the user of Element of Triforce. No one but me can kill any user of Element of Triforce... Kill Shadow Dragon..."

"Do not attempt, imbecile. I need him for important works." Dark Curse said darkly to Swipestrike. He will not hesitate to leave him leave should Swipestrike even think of trying to kill Ben. "Like I said before, you can have fun but no killing until I give the word. Do I make myself clear?"

Swiperstrike chuckled once more, bowing to Dark Curse as he said, "Loud and clear, master... Anything you want, I get it down. Anyone wants to fight me, they'll be dead and gone. But a promise is a promise. Just like old times..."

"Good... I'll let you free. Watch and observe what Ben is doing, and do not attack him or my spy. They are too essential for the mission."

"Understood, my master..."


At this very moment, Pinkamena and her gang were back in the basement after some hard day. What with rescuing Sunset Shimmer, the battle of near demise against Devil Destroyer to just surviving Grimmore's work of where he pulled a threat level none could have stopped. Everyone was tired and tuckered out, after what the Demon God did in making them forget 'most' of their knowledge about something important, they need time to recover from it.

"Boy; seems Grimmore really got the better of us." Pinkamena sighs to say, then she looks at a camera that shows what happens next by her words. "I mean, he even was even able to strip the knowledge out of Sunset and from her world when Dark Curse failed to do after we destroyed his equipment to prevent him from getting it!" The pink pony managed to wreck Dark Curse's plan, the bad guys didn't get the info, but Grimmore did, she feels it, her alert Pinkie Sense can tell.

"Wait, you mean the enemy still got the info?" Jack Zen asked off in shock; that is not good at all.

"I'm afraid so, my senses are not wrong." Pinkamena stated the fact to explain to her friends. "When Grimmore threaten Sunset's human world, he somehow gotten able to learn about the Transformers and their structure. That information in the wrong hands could be bad." This was serious news indeed that would not be good to face.

"I know sis, we need a way to get ahead of them. But how?" Goldie nods in understanding what his sister is saying, but what else can they do now?

"Never fear brother of mine, they aren't the only ones to be ahead of us." Pinkamena spoke in sounding kinda calm even after such terrors have played out.

The group is puzzled by what Pinkamena even just said and were gonna question her... But that was cut short when a rift is seen opening within the middle of the room. They all soon see Pinkamena from the human realm peeking from the rift as she saw the gang.

"Hi there, I felt something really bad happening here and had the urge to contact you on this side. Here's something you may need." Human Pinkamena spoke to explain her case from the event of what Grimmore did in where the human world almost fell into chaos and was giving the pink pony some copy file disk and some kind of orb.

"Thanks other me, you take care now." Pinkamena said to her human self as they did a hoof/fist bump and then gave each other a hug.

Then the human Pinkamena waves out to each of the others in saying bye-bye while the rift closes without any word or reason. But after that moment pass, the pink pony saw her friends staring in lost puzzlement to what the heck just happened.

"What just happened?" Sombra asked off lost in what even played out here.

"Don't ask, it's complicated random stuff us random ponies and people do at unexplainable times." Pinkamena responded to simply say while changing the subject. "But what I hold contains the info on how to make the giant robots we saw on TV back at that facility I wiped out when I aged it to rubble. But the only drawback is, they are coded in Cybertronian language. The orb I think is just something to keep in touch with my human opposite self." She explained that the contacts of what she holds are a disk about the Transformers encrypted while the orb might be a communication device to her other self or something.

"May I?" Omega asked as he was given the disk by Pinkamena, as he uploads the data to begin seeing data codes running over his optic eyes. "The mistress is correct, my system is unable to analyze the data without first translating this alien language." The bot explained from trying to decipher this language on what it is they are dealing with.

"In around a week or a month, if we can manage somehow, we can possibly create those robots." Pinkamena explained her thought-out idea in what to do.

"Are you certain?" Autumn Gem asked in feeling unsure about such a plan.

"Yes, somewhat at least; so for now, till next time folks; see you real soon!" Pinkamena responded in assurance while breaking the fourth wall over to someone by the camera screen to us viewers.

The others are puzzled at what and where Pinkamena was saying this to, but chuckle lightly to humor the pink pony that was like Pinkie Pie 'She's sooooo random' at times. And with that, the screen fades out with some questionable thoughts of what is to happen in the mere future.


The scene opens up where Dark Curse & the Superior witness an inferno portal where Grimmore is seen as he has return from his awe-inspired drama moment of striking fear into everyone’s hearts.

“The deed is done?” Superior asked in knowing what is done is done with.

“Of course, their memory of Shadow Dragon being their ally, Chase, is gone. It will only return after they see it again.” Grimmore explained the case where anyone that learn or heard about Chase being Shadow Dragon is not going to return until the mission of the Mystic Shield is destroyed. “And I’ve taken the liberty to erase Devil Destroyer’s battle with them, so now your warrior will surprise his enemies the next time, Dark Curse.” He spoke to the Dark Mystic’s leader of another little work he’s done, making the next time Devil Destroyer battles, a surprise to his foes.

“Yes, so it would seem your hand to play has allowed us to not be discovered.” Dark Curse shrugs off mostly in giving some form of thanks.

“There is one last thing to give, something I believe you are…interested in.” Grimmore smiled evilly in stating something as he has a gift to give.

Coming from Grimmore’s portal was an inferno claw, as it reach out, it open and faded away to show…a light crystal orb. But this one was large like 7 feet height, length & weight, and was showing magical blueprint designs of…giant robots transforming.

“This orb….they are more plans of constructing Transformer besides what we got! But wait, there is more than vehicles; there are actually animal base subjects?” Dark Curse spoke off in seeing this, this was…surprisingly useful.

“While I erase the memory from the human world version of Sunset Shimmer, her last knowledge of the other world’s invasion along with my reach of it allowed me to develop this schematic orb of their designs.” Grimmore explained the case of what he’s done, he managed to acquire the info of how Transformers are build and how some can be made. “Consider this a small token, to allow our forces a step in high power.” He issued forth in what he’s going was giving but a ’token’ to his allies.

“We thank you, Lord Grimmore, this shall be put…to excellent use.” The Superior bows in giving thanks to their most powerful ally.

“Indeed, but even so, they are but machines…they stand little a chance if they were to appear before that for which is a Demon God.” Grimmore declared out that if such creatures of metal appeared, they stand little a chance of even being a warm up to a mighty Demon God.

Now Grimmore’s portal faded away from sight here, allowing the other two Lords a chance to speak.

“Hmm, most of this code is in Cybertronian language, it will take our scientific experts time to decipher it.” Dark Curse spoke in seeing they will need to crack the code to understand how to develop any of these giant transforming machines.

“You should be graceful that our strongest ally knows this plan is for our intentions and not any betrayals.” The Superior spoke in giving a wise advice to Dark Curse that this is meant for their foes, not against one another.

“Yes, I know, to go against Grimmore is a fate worse than death; I have no intentions of doing so.” Dark Curse rolled his eyes in knowing the terror that comes of opposing Grimmore should any of them try it.

“That you should, for you know what happens and his capabilities speak for themselves.” The Superior stated a reminder of the fact of what they must keep in mind.

Both villains nod in agreement, knowing that Grimmore has the power to not only conquer and destroy Equestria, he can even go and cause great devastation to other worlds of other dimensions. The two fad into their own portals with the Superior taking custody of the orb of Cybertronian tech schematics. What the villains will try next, is unknown at this time….


Later...Lorcan appears in a burst of flames, his cloak ripped slightly and one of his eyes swelled. It took him a while but the scarred Dragon came back to the planned dinner party of Celestia with some guests that knew of his existence but chose to keep it a secret. Lorcan went through Tartarus, especially with the forgotten Devil Destroyer event but he made it back with the tray with a huge lid covering the cake and chicken.

Lorcan ignoring the shocked look of Luna, spoke, sorry to keep you waiting..." He places the tray on a table and pulls the lid off…revealing a cake, no chicken, just a cake. The hooded Dragon double takes, closes the tray, reopened and it looks through the cake....no chicken.

Celestia blinks for a moment, being speechless. Lorcan groans as he asks, "Ugh...who’s for cake?"

"What?" Michael ask in confusion. There's the cake but where's the chicken?

"Ah, Cake for you, Mr. Lord Chester?"

"What about the chicken, boy," Chester ask Lorcan with a frown. He wanted chicken, the substitute meat kind!

"Uh...chicken's off, sorry!" Lorcan exclaims awkwardly, rubbing the back of his head.

"What happened? You were supposed to get both cake and chicken." Celestia said, expressing her disappointment to her little Dragon friend.

"But I swear there was chicken...I made sure Discord.." Lorcan stops as his eyes narrow. Of course, that explains a lot! "Discord......."

"Well, best to go back and get it..."

Suddenly that was the last straw. Lorcan roars in fury as he throws the cake right at Celestia's face, making her yelp in surprise and the others to gasps a bit. Lorcan snaps furiously as he send fire to the plants in the room, "I give up! Want chicken, get it yourself!"

Lorcan, angrily having enough, storms out of the room. Luna blinks then rubs a hoof on the cake on her sister's face, tasting it. The Goddess of the Night smiles as she comments, "Discord is a trickster but best to give him credit on his cake, sister."

Celestia blinks as she looks to where Lorcan had went off to through the door. What's his problem?

The End

Author's Note:

Major Cast

Rebecca Shoichet: Sunset Shimmer
Vincent Tong: Flash Sentry
Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle, Twilight Moon
Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Andrea Libman: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Pinkamena Diane Pie
Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity, Princess Luna, Derpy Hooves, Nyx Battle Form
Jason Marsden: Ben Mare, Chase the Warrior/Shadow Dragon
Cathy Weseluck: Spike the Dragon
Daveigh Chase: Nyx
Chris Sanders: Phobos the Dragon
Nicole Oliver: Princess Celestia, Cheerilee
Orlando Bloom: Golden Heart
Brian Drummond: Jack Zen
Vic Mignogna: Omega, Lorcan
Jim Miller: King Sombra
Lara Jill Miller: Autumn Gem
Douglas Rye: Azure Phoenix
Sab Shimono: Mystic Tao
CCH Pounder: Firmtact Waller
David Faustino: Blazefist
Will Friedle: Saber Dragoon
Kate Higgins: Tailtech
Latham Gaines: Dark Curse
Jamieson Price: Devil Destroyer
Carrie Savage: Butterfly Dancer
Liam O'Brien: Crimson Skull
Neil Ross: Guildenstern

Minor Cast

Jayson Thiessen: Royal Guards
Peter New: Big Macintosh, Caramel
Cree Summer: Starven Fran
Kathleen Barr: Trix Lulamoon
Emma Watson: Flare Tiger
Peter Capaldi: Michael Trotter
David Kaye: Susano
Michael Sinterniklaas: Lightning Wisdom
Josh Grelle: Smartscar
Dave B. Mitchell: Virtue Dragon
George Takei: The Jade Emperor
Adam Baldwin: DJ Red
Chantal Strand: Diamond Tiara
Brian Cox: Merluck
John de Lancie: Discord
Stacie Chan: Jade Adventure
Quinton Flynn: Schemetrick
Kirk Thornton: One-Eyed Anger
Matthew Broderick: Comet Star
Clancy Brown: Flare Tiger's Stallion Voice
Michelle Creber: Apple Bloom
Claire Corlett: Sweetie Belle
Madeline Peters: Scootaloo
Josh Keaton: Swipestrike

With special guest voices by

Tim Curry: The Superior, Grimmore
Stanley Tucci: Joshua Joyce
John Hurt: Lord Chester

Pretty cool, stuff. What do you guys think? I did my best and did well. All right, here is the next fan-fiction in the MLP timeline...

"Adjustments For Sunset (happens shortly after "Sunset Shimmer's Return?!"): Twilight proceeds to help Sunset Shimmer's dimension-stranded counterpart get used to her new pony form (in particular, gaining at least some reasonable control over her new unicorn powers) with the help of the rest of the Mane Six, Ben, Nyx and Flash Sentry; the last one seeming to develop a rather strong mutual attraction to his ex's formerly human counterpart. Can they prevent this Sunset from going down the same path her alternate counterpart did?
Pairings: Twilight x Ben, Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry"

And thus, another story with Sunset; can't wait. Until next time, read, review and suggest!

Here are some references, including some I forgot to put in...

Firmtact Waller is based on Amanda Waller from the DC Comics.

Devil Destroyer is based on Lu Bu (Dynasty Warriors).

Saber Dragoon is based on Liu Feng (Gundam).

Tailtech is based on Miles 'Tails' Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog).

Butterfly Dancer is based on Diao Chan (Dynasty Warriors),

Joshua Joyce is from the fourth Transformers film.

Swipestrike is based on Munenori Yagyu (Onimusha).

The 'shame, shame, we know your name' is a quote from 'The Goonies'.

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