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Sunset Shimmer's Return?! - JusSonic

Sunset Shimmer makes her return to Equestria, except it isn't the one that Twilight and her friends know!

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Chapter 1: A Shocking Return

Chapter 1: A Shocking Return

It was nighttime in Canterlot in the land of Equestria. Most ponies are sleeping but those who aren't are doing work at night, while some guards are on patrol. Princess Luna is holding court, taking care of Equestria while her big sister is in bed, sleeping off today. Guards are moving around with lights on their head, looking around for any signs of intruders.

Unknown to them, something is happening outside of the library: someone in a cloak is coming out of the bushes, waiting until it's safe. Once the guards are gone, the figure goes over to a door, having trouble in opening it until she succeeded, opening it. She got to find a way to return to wherever she herself came from.

The figure looks through the shelves, finding a section which is labeled 'Forbidden Section. Do Not Enter'. She enters it regardless and goes through some books. There must be one here...yes! The cloaked one picks up a book that is labeled 'Universal Travel'. She has been stranded here in this world for too long; now...

"Halt! Who goes there," A voice of a guard snaps furiously as he shines a light into the room. The intruder yelps in alarm as she tries to run, but knocked various books off a table, causing the guard to spot her. "Halt! Don't move!"

The figure quickly moves down the shelves area with the guard in pursuit. She frantically does her best to get around but this room is like a maze. Eventually, the intruder got out of the forbidden section, trying to make her escape but more guards spot her and pursue the intruder. Whoever she is, they are determined to make sure that she won't escape.

The figure quickly rushes out of, looking back quickly...but bumped right into a pair of Pegasus Royal Guards, causing her to hit the ground. Before she could get up, the guards surround her, seizing the intruder.

"Now to see who you are." One of the guards grunts as he removes her hood. He and the others gasps upon seeing her true face: terrified and trapped. This can't be, "Hoo boy. One of you better wake Princess Celestia up."

"What? It's 2 in the morning!" One of the other guards protest to his colleague in shock.

"Yes, but this cannot wait until morning. Something tells me that the princess will be interested in this intruder..."


It was another morning in Ponyville and the council is once again in session. The town had recovered from the events of Ronson the Changeling King's attempted takeover of Equestria, as well as his defeat. Twilight is relieved that everything's all right now. The Dark Mystic Ponies haven't caused any trouble in quite a while since the Crystal Empire. Who knows what they're doing right now?

"Okay, girls; Does anyone got any new business?" Twilight ask her friends curiously.

"Yes, I do have one." Rarity said, holding up a hoof to Twilight.


"Well, Applejack, Fluttershy and I wishes to go to Manehattan to attend a little magic show next week so I wish that we take some time off with Apple Bloom."

"'Little'; Just Trixie showing off," Applejack exclaims with a scoff of annoyance. "Thought she done learned her lesson after Rainbow rescued her fro' being queen 'ta them Diamond Dogs."

"Oh relax, AJ. At least she isn't bad anymore...and recovering does take time." Twilight said to Applejack calmly. "You got permission, Rarity."

"I got one: Scootaloo wanted me to adopt her for the obvious reasons." Rainbow spoke up to Twilight, recalling that Scootaloo wanted her idol/sister to adopt her. "I forget. Does she have any parents?"

Before Twilight could answer, Spike yelps and burps a bit, sending out flames. The others saw a note coming out that land on the table.

"A message from mom," Ben asks curiously as Twilight uses her magic to get the scroll, opening it. She looks down the message, looking concerned. "What is it; another delegate or threat to deal with?"

"No. Celestia wants us to get to Canterlot. Something just happened." Twilight said to the others seriously.

"I wonder what it could be." Fluttershy said in concern. "Oh! I hope it isn't anything...dangerous."

"We will have to get to Canterlot and find out. Meeting adjourned!"


Pinkamena is reading as the others are doing what they need to do as she says, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, it seems were going to be meeting a human from the realm that Twilight Ben Nyx and the two Dragons has been to."

The others hear and Golden Heart says, "Hmm maybe some of us should check this out."

"Indeed and lets have the whole group come but you light elves have to stay ok?"

The two nods as Pinkamena heads off followed by Omega, Jack Zen, Sombra and Autumn Gem leaving the two elves to keep watch.


It took one train ride for the Mane Six, Ben, Nyx and Spike arrives in Canterlot, heading to the local Royal Guard house. They look concerned, wondering if whatever happened is an intruder. To the gang's surprise, they see Flash Sentry waiting.

"Flash, buddy." Ben exclaims, smiling as he hugs his pal, "Whatcha doing here?"

"I don't know but the princess insists that I come." Flash said to Ben in concern after the two stop hopping. "Someone broke into the library last night. She got caught but the princess said that this intruder is connected to me and Twilight.”

"What? But who could it be?"

"Maybe it's an old friend who we haven't seen in a while and who is still alive!" Pinkie exclaims happily, bouncing up and down.

"Maybe; But we got to wait and...oh, Princess Celestia!" Twilight exclaims, seeing her old teacher/fellow princess/aunt in-law coming over.

"Twilight; Thanks for coming on short notice." Celestia said with a serious nod. "I wouldn't have asked you all to come if it wasn't important."

"Yes, no problem. But listen, Flash said that somepony broke into the library last night! What was she doing?"

"One of the guards caught her sneaking in the forbidden section, getting a book involving Universal Travel. I didn't think much of it...but when he describes the intruder...this became my immediate attention as well as yours."

"Immediate attention," Rainbow asks Celestia puzzled as the group follows the princess down a hallway. "What? Is it an old enemy of ours?"

"No. It's an old friend...someone who I thought I would never see again." Celestia explains to the ponies with a sigh. "Of course, when I questioned her, she doesn't seem to recognize me as if I was...but look for yourselves."

The group looks more concerned as they stop outside a room. Who could it be that the princess thought she would never see again? Celestia hesitates a bit then opens the door, allowing the group enter. Upon coming in, the other ponies gasp in shock and surprise. Inside the room is a mare, looking scared and worry about where she is, the ponies, and even herself. But what's more shocking is that the one who broke into the library last night is a unicorn mare with a bright orange coat, a red and yellow mane and tail. Her cutie mark looks like a shimmer sun.

It's...Sunset Shimmer!

"Wait! Is that Sunset Shimmer?!" Spike gasped in shock and disbelief. The others were stunned. How could Sunset be here when the 30 moons time limit didn't past yet?

"But she's not supposed to be here for 2 and a half years!" Nyx exclaimed in shock.

"Oh my...could it be that she found another way back?" Fluttershy asked in concern and surprise.

"So that's Sunset Shimmer, huh?" Rainbow asked, glancing at Sunset suspiciously.

"I think it is, Spike. How did she get back here? I thought the portal was closed for good!" Twilight exclaims in surprise and disbelief.

"Who cares; she's back! Sunset! Sunset," Flash exclaimed happily to see his beloved Sunset again.

Flash galloped towards Sunset Shimmer. He jumped and hugged her tightly while bursting in tears of happiness. However, the unicorn looked confused and frightened, much to his notice.

"Huh? Who- Who are you?" Sunset asked Flash in alarm.

"Hugh," Flash gasped as he lets go of Sunset, shocked and hurt. "You don't remember me? It's me! Flash! Flash Sentry! The one you had dated with since our foal time?"

"I don't know you! I really don't know you! I'm sorry! I never met someone like you before in my life! You must have been mistaken me for someone else!" Sunset insisted, getting more scared and frighten.

Flash Sentry couldn't believe it. The mare who he wanted to be with forever doesn't know him?

"Sunset doesn't know him?" Rainbow asked in confusion.

"Is she pulling our hoof?" Applejack asked with a frown, something's not right here.

"Twilight, how could it be that Sunset Shimmer doesn't seem to remember him at all," Rarity said in concern.

Twilight gasped as a thought of realization hit her, "Because this is not the Sunset Shimmer that we met."

"Wait! How can you say that 'this is not the Sunset Shimmer that we met'?" Pinkie demanded in surprise. "We have met her some time ago when she tried to steal your crown and got back to the Human World to turn all Canterlot High Students into zombies to invade our home and helping the Superior to rule them all! How can you say that she wasn't the Sunset Shimmer that we met? That doesn't even make a single sense."

Twilight sighed in annoyance, "If she was, she wouldn't have been so confused and scared about our world. And she would have hugged Flash Sentry back than claiming that he was mistaken."

"Hmm...You've got the point." Ben said, scratching his chin a bit. He gasped, "This might be our chance to find out more about what has happen to our Human Version's World."

"Yeah...I finally understand of what has caused the fear of our Human World." Twilight said, understanding what Ben's suggesting. If this Sunset Shimmer whom the mare think she is... "I've gotta know why Tao and Mystic Ponies are so persistent of not letting me to go and help our friends, and especially in not telling me."

Rainbow yelped, "Yeah... I wonder how it happened..."

Celestia nodded as she and the others come forward. The Alicorn said, "Sunset Shimmer..."

"How did you know my name?" Sunset asked Celestia in worry and fear.

"Relax; we aren't here to hurt you...where did you come from originally? How did you get to Equestria?" Celestia asked what looks like her former student gently.

"Well, it was a few years ago. I was walking home by myself...when suddenly I was ambushed...by someone who looks like me!" Sunset explained, making the group startled. "She told me that she got plans and I had to be out of the way! My lookalike threw me into a portal and I somehow ended up in a forest...looking like this! I was stranded in this world, trying to find a way home ever since!"

Twilight narrowed her eyes at this, realizing what Sunset was talking about. She should've guessed.

"This proves it. This is Sunset Shimmer...but not the one we know." Twilight explained to the others with a nod.

"What do you mean?" Fluttershy asked Twilight, wondering what she meant.

"I mean that this Sunset Shimmer is her human version...and our Sunset Shimmer switched places and stranded her here!" Twilight explained to everyone clearly: this Sunset Shimmer is the human version who was transformed into a pony upon arrival in Equestria years ago!

"Why, that evil witch!" Rainbow growled.

"Calm down, Aunt Rainbow!" Nyx said quickly, "Remember, she changed her ways after we encountered her in the human world."

"What do you mean," Sunset, the EG version, asked in bewilderment.

"It's a long story." Ben said, clearing his throat.

Twilight, Ben, Spike and Nyx explains the whole story: how their Sunset Shimmer came back to Equestria one day and stole the crown to try to enslave the humans back in the EG world. Twilight's group went there, got the crown back, defeated Equestria Prime's Sunset Shimmer and the one who was controlling her the Superior, and how EP Sunset chose to stay behind.

"As you can see, your pony self was cured of her darkness and I betcha she regrets her actions towards you as well." Twilight explains to Sunset gently.

"You mean she realized what she's done?" Sunset asked in a shocked and touched tone.

"Yes, yes, she did." Applejack said with a nod. "Shocking, Ah know, but it's true."

"Well...at least it's good to know she was stopped and redeemed." Sunset said with a sigh. "Any chance I can get home?"

"I'm afraid it's not that easy, Sunset. I don't know how my former student had brought you to Equestria, but I suspect that the Superior's magic is involved." Celestia said seriously to Sunset. "The only way to your world is through the magic mirror at the Crystal Empire...and it's portal is closed for 2.5 years! We don't know of any other way for you to go back. I'm sorry, I'm afraid you're stuck here."

"Oh, no..." Sunset said sadly as she looked down, "That means I could be a pony probably for the rest of my life."

"Awww, what's wrong with being a pony?" Pinkie insisted, blowing a pony horn, where she got it, no one wants to know. "It's cute and fun! The guys of Total Drama were able to do it!"

"Listen, darling, we may not know you much like Twilight, Celestia, and those that know them do...but we will do our best to help you get settle in until 2.5 year is up." Rarity said, patting Sunset Shimmer on the back.

"Right...and you may not be my Sunset...but you're a Sunset and I want to help you." Flash said to Sunset with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Sunset asked Flash, looking at him hopefully.

"Now how can I lie when we're just good friends," Flash asked Sunset with a chuckle.

"Sunset, you should know: things here are different than back home: we don't know what your pony self has done...or if what she did have been forgiven yet." Ben said to Sunset calmly. "But stick with us and you shall be able to blend in nicely. As a friend, I promise you this."

"Yeah, we'll teach you what friendship is like." Nyx said with a kind smile.

Sunset was quiet for a bit...will she find peace and a new home in a new world? The unicorn smiled as she said, "Thank you."

Twilight grinned back then turned to her fellow princess, saying, "Celestia, I wish to take Sunset Shimmer back home to Ponyville. We will help her settle in for a while."

"Permission granted." Celestia said with a nod. She wants Sunset to be at home here for a while.

"You can stay at the castle for a while if it helps!" Spike exclaimed to Sunset with a smile.

"A castle; you got a castle?!" Sunset asked Twilight in amazement.

"Of course," Twilight replied with a smile. "You're gonna love it!"

Sunset chuckled as she left with her new friends. Who knows? Maybe she could get used to living in a pony world. But when the time comes to go home...who knows?

"Feeling calm, Flash," Celestia asked Flash who watches the other version of his former filly friend leaving the room.

Flash paused then sighed, "The truth be told, when I see this Sunset...it's like I'm with my Sunset Shimmer all over again. And now that I know whom she really is...I wonder if I could continue where I left off."

"Love and fate will find a way, Flash Sentry. Believe you and me." Celestia said to Flash, assuring him that love and fate will find the answer for him.

Flash nodded a bit. He hoped that the princess is right, that love and fate will find a way. Who knows? Perhaps there's a chance to continue where he left off with Sunset, but in a whole new way...


Lorcan looks very annoyed. Golden Heart has arrived looking for Twilight's group, only to be informed that they left a few minutes ago. But that isn't the annoyed part. Celestia has sent in a special mission that must be done, involving a special food order. Golden Heart of course wanted to catch up to his friends to figure out the newcomer...as is the ones with him. Guess whom he decided to stick the task to?

"I am not going out there again! That carriage blocked me twice, buddy!" Lorcan protests to Golden Heart angrily who told him to pick up the special order, bring it back to cook the thing. Some pony's carriage blocked his way twice before. The scarred Dragon has a secret passage that he used to get into Ponyville easily but somepony's carriage block him the moment Lorcan tries to get out. "Get your own cook!"

"If it makes you feel better, someone else can cook the meal for you." Luna said to Lorcan calmly.

"Go to discord, he'll go the cooking!" Golden Heart said to Lorcan, much to the scarred Dragon's dismay.

"He's in Ponyville!" Lorcan exclaims in protest. It's true, Discord is in Ponyville at the moment.

"You can use your cloak to disguise yourself and not use your magic!" Luna exclaims to Lorcan calmly. He can use his cloak to disguise himself to go talk to Discord, but not to use magic. It will make too much suspicion as it is.

"Oh...brilliant," Lorcan exclaims sarcastically. Of course, he has no choice but to go to Ponyville, who knows? Perhaps that carriage won't be in the way again! The Dragon kisses Luna's forehead while continuing, "Brilliant!" Lorcan nearly kisses Michael when he yelps in alarm, "Ew!"

Lorcan puts his cloak on, slowly shrinking to his baby Dragon size as he rushes out. The baby Dragon goes to a secret wall panel and opens it, going through the secret way passage. It took Lorcan a few minutes or so but he manages to arrive through a secret trap door in a huge rock right near Ponyville. It's amazing that those ponies didn't know that they have a way to get into the palace itself all these years.

The Dragon was preparing to head out when suddenly something blocks. Lorcan groaned as a familiar carriage stopped in front of him. Not this guy again!

"Come on...come one!" Lorcan snaps at the driver to move. He won't get into Ponyville and it's too big to get around! The Dragon gets mad while throwing a hissy fit, "Move! Move, you viscous BUCKING jerk; come on! Oh, for the love of...I'm warning you! One, two...three, Right, that's it!" He stomps over to the driver. "This is the third bucking time today, buddy! I'm on a mission for the Princess, not that a simple moron like you could understand! Now do the world a favor and move your BUCKING CARRIAGE OUT OF THE WAY OR I'LL GIVE YOU A DARN GOOD TRASHING!"

The driver steps out...Behind his hood, Lorcan gulps as Big Macintosh said sternly, "Nope."

"...or we could just shake on it."


Around this time, Twilight and her group returns to Ponyville with their new visitor and friend, the EG Sunset Shimmer. Fortunately, she didn't cause any trouble in Ponyville yet so the new unicorn can live here.

As their friends goes on home, Twilight's family took Sunset back to the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom. The human now pony looks amaze;, it's no wonder why her unicorn self would want to be a princess so much. This castle looks...wonderful.

"Okay, you can stay here for a while; you are my guest after all." Twilight said to Sunset, leading her to the guest room. "That is until we get you your own home to stay at."

"Thank you." Sunset said to the princess with a sigh. "I hope I am not being troubling to you."

"Not at all. Anything for a friend."

Suddenly, a familiar Mystic Pony came up to Twilight, speaking up, "There you are, Twilight Sparkle. I hope you're prepared for the next lesson." Oh yes, Twilight has almost forgotten that Azure is coming over for her next lesson today! Looks like showing Sunset around will have to wait.

Sunset gasped as she recognizes the voice of Azure, "Chief Commander Azure Phoenix! Oh my gosh! It is you! I'm glad to see you alive!"

Sunset galloped and hugged Azure Phoenix tightly. The Mystic Pony looks confused, recognizing the unicorn making him gasped, "Huh?! What the; Sunset Shimmer; would someone tell me what is going on?!"

"Well, to make long story short, Azure, this isn't Sunset Shimmer, the one we know of anyway, but her human version. Our Sunset switch places with her when she left Princess Celestia years ago and the human now pony has been stranded here ever since," Twilight explains to Azure. She turns to Sunset, speaking, "Sunset. That is not your human Azure Phoenix. He's Emperor of Land of Ma and Mystic Councilpony of Fire."

"Oh! Sorry." Sunset said embarrassed as she let go of Azure. Still, he feels like an old friend of hers from back home. How she misses that place so much.

"Apology accepted." Azure said gently and understanding. He understands what Sunset's EG self have went through during her period of exile by her Equestria Prime self. "Since you are new here, I will let Twilight Sparkle to guide and help you get more comfortable in Equestria Prime. I have some meeting with Princess Celestia for... some discussion of military."

Azure Phoenix left. He is deciding to delay Twilight's lesson for now to allow the Princess of Friendship a chance to show Sunset around. The Alicorn pauses and decided that now is the time to get some answers.

"Sunset Shimmer, you said Azure Phoenix is Chief Commander? Wasn't he the Councilpony - I mean - Councilman of your world?" Twilight ask Azure curiously.

Sunset nodded as he explains, "He is both. And the reason why President Obama and United Nation Council had trusted him; He was the best Chief Commander of United Nation Military, and even his own War Phoenix Army."

"Hmm...Sunset Shimmer, I really and really need to ask you. Do you know anything that your world had some kind of Extraterrestrial Beings to deal with?"

"If you mean an alien, then yes. There is. They were called Transformers. There were two factions of one powerful and intelligent being. One who helped and protected us from danger are called Autobots, and another wanted to conquer called Decepticons. Why?"

"I was told that your world had some kind of being invading by aliens. Were they the one?" Twilight ask Sunset in concern. Perhaps these Decepticons were the reason why the EG world has been covered in darkness lately.

Sunset sighed, shaking her head as she explain, "I'm sorry, Twilight. I don't know because at Mission City is where most of the Decepticons, including Megatron, were killed. The battle was over. I don't know what happened next aftermath because I was thrown to here. I'm sorry that I can't be any use to help you."

Twilight sighed, "It’s okay. But thanks for the help."

"Are you okay?"

"It's just I made some new friends the last time I was there, who are human versions of my own friends. And I am worried that they could be caught in the conflict of the anti-alien madness. I'm really worried. If those Decepticons are the cause of the mess, we need to figure something out to calm the Humans and make them realize that we are not enemies."

"Well, it's okay. I'm sure they will be all right...and who knows? If there's another way to go back there and see if your friends are safe and sound...well, I'm hoping you can take it." Sunset said, hugging Twilight and comforting her. Of course, she hopes that she herself will get that chance too but still.

Twilight sighed, "You're right. Someday...When there's a way to get to that world, there might be a chance for us to see them again. And maybe we can meet the Autobots."


In the secret meeting room of the Apocalypse Ponies, the Superior and his group are holding another meeting. They are viewing the events happening with Twilight and Sunset speaking...and the Superior is intrigued.

"So just when two new faces has come and gone...a new face had return once more." The Superior said with a cruel chuckle under his hood.

"Who is it?" Starven Fran asks the Superior curiously.

"Our old friend...Sunset Shimmer."

Trix Lulamoon was drinking an Apple Cider when she hears the name of her former foal hood bully. The Alicorn yelps and spits her drink out, yelling, "Sunset Shimmer?! But it can't be! She's trapped in the human version of our world and the mirror is closed off for 2.5 years!!!"

"Let me explain myself clear, Trixie: this is Sunset Shimmer, but not the one we know of. It's her human self that I helped Sunset strand here personally." The Superior explains things more clearly to his daughter and everyone else in the room.

"I see." Twilight Moon said, glancing at Sunset curiously. "I suppose we should do something about this: corrupt this one like we did our Sunset Shimmer?"

"No, the princess would've warned her by now...no, we would wait for an opportunity to reveal itself. Twilight Moon; why don't you tell your husband and his Dark Mystic Ponies friend? I got a feeling that Dark Curse will wish to know about this as well."

"As you wish."

Author's Note:

So, we meet Sunset Shimmer's human self who is now stranded here. Will she enjoy her new home for now? More to come so read, review and suggest.

Rarity's request is a reference to the current comic arc in the 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' comics. As well as the ‘Friends Forever’ comic with Rainbow and Trixie.

This chapter has references to the Transformers live-action movies.

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