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A little bit of madness goes a long way


Last minute shopping is always a pain. But how do you find the perfect gift for an enigma?

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I never imagined rainbow dash to be like that lol

โ€œI don't know! Take her upstairs an' ride her like a bronco! Just don't kill yerself trying to get her something special. Yer love is all she really needs.โ€

Best. Line. Ever. :pinkiehappy:

โ€œThink you can make a cake big enough for me to climb in?โ€


I really like how you foreshadow the ending at the start of the story. Only issue is that you have a few grammar/spelling errors in the story but it is a cute read.

Okay, this was adorable. Rainbow Dash is likely the type to do last-minute shopping, because she's lazy in that way. It was great to see her try and not panic, especially when Pinkie found her. I'd say she was trying a little too hard to get away, but then again, it's Pinkie we're talking about here. Rainbow Dash running away is probably a game to her. They probably play cat and mouse every single day. I'll say you got Rarity down as the romantic, and Applejack as... well, Applejack. Twilight on the other hand, felt a little forced. It was still good, but the peaches thing killed it honestly. It was like you only had Twilight around just to spurt out the peaches lines, in other words, forcing the Comedy. Now I didn't crack a laugh, but that's because my taste in Comedy is different. Some will laugh; others won't. It just wasn't for me. And the peaches thing was a bit too much, like you were trying to get me to laugh without effort. I get what you were going for, but it didn't work unfortunately.

But I can look past that. Comedy is just one of the tags here, and I can ignore it. I can see this as a regular Romance/Slice of Life like any other. That's not bad either. And I think you portrayed those two tags well. I can see this sort of scenario happening. And the ending was pretty good. No doubt Pinkie is in for a surprise when she gets that cake. Kind of want to see that now. That's a good sign.

So in the end, you gave me an enjoyable read, and take this like.

this was adorable!!! i love the shiping of dash and pinkie :pinkiehappy::heart::rainbowderp:

Aw so cute, well done that chap.

Now that ending is how you do a Brick Joke right. Nice work. XD

4808899 My thoughts exactly XD

I love PinkieDash... Or RainbowPie whichever it is. I've never been good with the shipping names...

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