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Hello one and all! I am just a humble hobby writer here, writing out stories for you all to hopefully enjoy! I love writing my characters and I hope you love them too! See you all later!


This story is a sequel to From Grey to Dark

A story telling of an unfortunate pony baring witness to the true nature of King Sombra, even after the magic of friendship destroys him his taint continues to spread and plague. But how did he become like this? Only the crystals that he desires hold the answer and who will bare witness to the evil that lies within?

Ive always wanted to do a story about King Sombra, to me he seems like a character that he is just pure evil (wrote this story before Season 4 Finale so I didnt know about the OTHER evil) and I wanted to do my best to demonstrate this. The main character is my OC Greymane.

Chapters (7)
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Interesting read so far, but may I suggest cutting those paragraphs into smaller ones for readability?


Thank you! Glad you like it so far! And I shall work on it post haste!

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