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Hello one and all! I am just a humble hobby writer here, writing out stories for you all to hopefully enjoy! I love writing my characters and I hope you love them too! See you all later!

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When T comes to visit and deliver gems to his older sister Claire in Canterlot at her shop, he accidentally causes half the store to come crashing down. His apologies are met with deaf ears while she yells at him for his faults and brings up something personal from his past that crosses the line.

T flies away to seek shelter in order to collect his thoughts, but is followed by three of his friends. Though they all become upset and want to talk to Claire, T shares with them a story from his past when he was bullied and how his sisters love saved and protected him.

This is my contest entry for Kilala97's Fun Fact fanfic contest!

The Fun Fact I based my story on was:
Claire protected him from bullies when they were younger but now, his size is enough to keep the bullies away.

Cover Art by: Kilala97

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Human, Male, 22 years old, and used to the cold. Adrian Frost is his name and this is the story of his new life in Equestria! All it took was curiosity and weak masonry to lead to this new world, but what will happen next?

First human in Equestria story and wanted to take a small break from The Kings Shadow series and try something new! Originally thought to make this a one shot story but as I wrote it out it became something more! (Or at least I hope so), so we shall see where this takes us!

[RE-EDIT] FEATURED! Front page featured on 5/5/2015! I am so happy! (Granted, for only 10 minutes but it still counts!)
And now I have been told that on 7/14/2015 it was featured on the front page again! So happy!

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Welcome to the story of Greymane and the telling of his past, of why King Sombra was able to take advantage of him and take over and also give you insight on possible future events. Of which hopefully it could lead to his salvation before the King takes over the Crystal Empire again or even all of Equestria! Venture into the prequel story that directly leads into The Taint of King Sombras Darkness, Chapter One of The Kings Shadow.

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This story is a sequel to From Grey to Dark

A story telling of an unfortunate pony baring witness to the true nature of King Sombra, even after the magic of friendship destroys him his taint continues to spread and plague. But how did he become like this? Only the crystals that he desires hold the answer and who will bare witness to the evil that lies within?

Ive always wanted to do a story about King Sombra, to me he seems like a character that he is just pure evil (wrote this story before Season 4 Finale so I didnt know about the OTHER evil) and I wanted to do my best to demonstrate this. The main character is my OC Greymane.

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An alternate story about Nightmare Rarity, the battle on the moon and in Ponyville, and its aftermath. We see this story through the eyes of four different ponies of how this dark tale unfolds for them all.

I had this idea ever since I read the main comic about Nightmare Rarity and how Spike did everything he could for her. I have always been a Sparity lover and it just frustrates me to see a great opportunity go by or not go into detail. Although I did not originally intend for it to be sad but as I began writing and forming the story it just sorta lead to it. I hope you like it!


[EDIT]: Woot! Over 1,000 views! Thank all of you who viewed and enjoyed this story!

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