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Hello one and all! I am just a humble hobby writer here, writing out stories for you all to hopefully enjoy! I love writing my characters and I hope you love them too! See you all later!



Welcome to the story of Greymane and the telling of his past, of why King Sombra was able to take advantage of him and take over and also give you insight on possible future events. Of which hopefully it could lead to his salvation before the King takes over the Crystal Empire again or even all of Equestria! Venture into the prequel story that directly leads into The Taint of King Sombras Darkness, Chapter One of The Kings Shadow.

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Comments ( 7 )

Too many large, wall-of-text paragraphs, and too many run-on sentences.

Seriously? I haven't even read the story, and don't really plan to, but "Greymane"? Weird.


Whats weird about it? Thats his name because he doesnt have anything that makes him special or unique, so he is just neutral or in this case Gray. I spelled it "Greymane" because i thought it looked better than Graymane.


I appreciate your comment, I have been writing and trying to get better but I never had any commentary so I never knew what to improve upon. I shall try not to do that in the future. Thanks again!

4847528 I wasn't talking about the spelling at all. But he has almost the same name and looks almost the same. Just... Not.

Oh, well I didnt know about you and I do apologize that the likeness is similar but I just had the idea to make him look like that for a long while. Sorry again.

4851474 Well, it's fine. I just didn't expect that at all.

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