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A week after Celestia locks herself away in her room, Twilight is invited in to see her. Only, "her" isn't exactly who she had expected to find inside.

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I agree with yonder comment.... I demand a sequal. I find that this will be very interesting...


Honestly, I don't want a sequel so much as I want more to the existing story: there's not enough to this to provoke any sort of emotion. Maybe post the extended version?

4782544 or a side story of the land with no love

Sorry. i say no to this whole idea.

Holy fucking shit.

It would be nice for a sequel. But this was written very well indeed, although a tad bit sad. :ajsmug:

So... What happened to Luna? Did Celestia create her of was she there from the beginning? Did the same thing that happened to Twilight happen to Celestia?

4782208 Sorry, but I don't think that's happening. Someday, though, I might write a mich linger story that incorporates this same idea.
See, I like the idea of this story, but I really don't like how I wrote it, so maybe someday I'll try again.

4782544 oh, believe me, the extended version was not any better. No matter what, I just couldn't get thus story to have any real impact.

4782548 Maybe someday.

... and in case you couldn't guess, that was what Cadance's evil form tried to do. Just a fun fact.

4782632 Aw, really? I mean, I completely understand not liking this story. I don.t pike it either. But I thought that at least the idea of it was kind of interesting...

4782819 Hahaha, um... Was that like, "Holy fucking shit that was awesome" or, "Holy fucking shit that was the worst story I've ever read?"

4785059 too out of character for both and impossible for Celestia to have created the world.

4783219 Hmm, yeah, I can it being a little sad, even though that wasn't what I intended. That's my fault, not yours.
But if you think it was well written, then keep an eye out for anything I post in the future, because I do plan to keep writing and I don't plan to get any worse at it.

4783504 You got it! Celestia was originally the only alicorn. She created Luna and convinced her they were sisters. (Of course, it's kind of cheating for me to tell you that since I didn't put it in the story.)
And as for the same thing happening to Celestia, that was actually part of my original idea, but I necer entirely made up my mind about it. So, I'm not sure one way or the other!

4785069 I think characters might tend to change after thousands of years. But still, you're probably right. I can't actually see Celestia just giving up on the world.
And as for what Celestia may or may not have the power to do, we still don't know exactly what she's capable of. The show still hasn't elaborated much on the extent of her powers. Though, once again, I'll admit that you're probably right. I don't think she's that powerful.
Thanks for elaborating!

4785100 goes with cannon. where was she with the whole windgo thing. and we know she's no match for Discord She is similar to the greek god

4785067 Awesome. I loved how it all came together at the end.

I imagined twilight recreating her friends and her families.

4785084 thats too bad. Luna was my favorite... Oh well

4785115 Two very good points! You're absolutely right.

4785878 Okay, good. I was worried some people would think I was talking about Chrysalis.

4785889 Great! I'm glad you liked it!

4786129 She was definitely planning on doing that at some point. In my mind, at least.

4791113 it would be illogical for chrysalis to destroy her food

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