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Just before the 50th anniversary of the Empire's return, Princess Kyanite, granddaughter of former Queen Cadance, slips away from the castle late at night unbeknownst to her parents, bringing a small trove of books with her. After sneaking through back alleys, lost and confused, hooded cloak tattered, she finds herself before a small cottage with a single window lit by a candle's flickering flame. The cold becoming bitter, she faints after knocking on the door, exhaustion overwhelming her.

Deckle, an author living on his own, brings her in from the cold. The next day, he discovers she is fugitive royalty, and devises a solution for her concealment: A device that will allow a glamor spell to last for days on end. However, she would have to work at the coffee house nearby.

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Okay you have a fair premise, but your style is a bit confusing. Only read the prologue so far and at first I was confused as to whom I was following in the story. Also the story seems to dart all over the place, as though when a thought occurs to you, place it where you're typing whether it fits in the situation or not. On the plus side though, your character outlining shows promise. Hope I didn't come off as harsh or discouraged you, it seems good. (It just seems to need a little polishing. :unsuresweetie:)

Yea, I understand what you mean. I'm still trying to work out the next couple of chapters. I do agree that it needs a little bit of polishing, I just need to figure out where and how to fix it accordingly. I'm open to suggestions, though. Thanks for the review.

Strictly going by the synopsis, this story sounds like it needs an alternate universe tag.

I'm trying to keep it as canon has possible, it's also in the future. There could be a lot of change in 50 years alone. If the show changes anything, especially concerning the canon characters, I'll stick it in there.

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