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Legend tells of a mysterious fog and its giving nature, but what happens when that fog comes around to Ponyville? When Pinkie Pie encounters the one behind the fog, they demand that she teach what it is like to feel joy. Pinkie informs Twilight of this and together they're reminded what joy is. How the smallest spark can change a bad day to a good day. They also learn why the one behind the fog brings about good luck and why they ask about joy.

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A year after her redemption and another year for Hearth's Warming, Starlight is awakened late at night by a knocking on her door. There, she finds Snow, a colt abandoned by his parents and left with a thick rugged blanket and a rather short note. With no names to go by, Starlight takes to caring for Snow Star and getting to know him. After getting him looked at by a doctor and coming down with a devastating diagnosis, Starlight strives to make Snow's last few days the best he's ever had.

However, a constellation of winter stars peer over the nearby mountains and call out to Snow, their meaning bound in mystery and wonder. A legend that connects the three of them together through a greater unknown.

Any OC names or events that occur in this story are coincidence and entirely unintentional. Story is subject to minor changes.

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Just before the 50th anniversary of the Empire's return, Princess Kyanite, granddaughter of former Queen Cadance, slips away from the castle late at night unbeknownst to her parents, bringing a small trove of books with her. After sneaking through back alleys, lost and confused, hooded cloak tattered, she finds herself before a small cottage with a single window lit by a candle's flickering flame. The cold becoming bitter, she faints after knocking on the door, exhaustion overwhelming her.

Deckle, an author living on his own, brings her in from the cold. The next day, he discovers she is fugitive royalty, and devises a solution for her concealment: A device that will allow a glamor spell to last for days on end. However, she would have to work at the coffee house nearby.

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Celebrating another year of friendship, the girls finish the night with a young and orphaned colt finds a mare from a fallen stars and with her, three wishes. But his wish catches him with a fire that changes his selfishness.
A one shot
AN: Had this idea sitting in my mind for awhile and challenged myself to not use names of the main six and instead use descriptions.

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A Dragon's attack, a village in ruins, a hero born from the ashes, and an ancient sword. Abner's tale leads him from separation to salvation and soon finds himself within the streets of bustling Canterlot, humble Ponyville, and the prosperous Clackerton. The dragon, captured, tells of an ancient temple and Prudence tells of a corrupting power. Joined by those who saved him, will his journey with his new companions bring forth new beginning or will an ancient broken spell consume the world once more?

(teen for language and dark themes)

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