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A Dragon's attack, a village in ruins, a hero born from the ashes, and an ancient sword. Abner's tale leads him from separation to salvation and soon finds himself within the streets of bustling Canterlot, humble Ponyville, and the prosperous Clackerton. The dragon, captured, tells of an ancient temple and Prudence tells of a corrupting power. Joined by those who saved him, will his journey with his new companions bring forth new beginning or will an ancient broken spell consume the world once more?

(teen for language and dark themes)

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For the record... First.

And also, it may be beneficial to break the story up into sections of perhaps about 10k or so. When a story the equivalent length of a decent sized book appears all in one page, it can be a little hard to remember one's place.
Other than that it seems to be a great story. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the comment. As for the chapters issue, I'll go through and edit it but it'll take a bit of time. In hindsight, I suppose it's something I should've done before submission.

Sorted the story out into chapters appropriately, I do apologize for anyone that may have their current reading interrupted. It's really a fault on my own part.

1068479 No need. Just leave them. They're relatively tiny, actually. Big chapters are in the 25k region.

Well, it was 96k words, but I split up into chapters anyways because it would be easier to find something later if i needed to or if someone else needed to. Plus, when I noticed that there isn't exactly a break between pages, I felt it would be easier to read in the long run.

That is crap! Only 1000 views! Their are allot of people who just brush fanfics aside be a use of its content! Especially if its adventure! That really gets me mad...:twilightangry2:

It takes a while to get used up your style of writing, but it does have wonderful imagery. After the pain of getting to know your writing subsides, then you can appreciate the effort at world-building. Shame how little rocognition this has gained. It's actually quite promising.

Again, very strong imagery. However, the flow is staccato. There are times when you drop the prose and swap to another style. Maybe via editing sections? Anyway, there are a few places where the time is also drastically different. But all in all, enjoyable. I'm very surprised that this had so few reads. Maybe you ought to share it in more groups?

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