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A collection of short stories with 500 - 1000 words featuring Spitfire and Twilight Sparkle. Featuring different authors of various species.

If you'd like to contribute to this just message me.

The author chooses the word for the next author
I found the image on google so whoever the artist is let me know so i can give do credit.

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but i thought you where supposed to make potato guns X3

Nitpicking time!

While Twilight is royalty and technically Spitfire's superior, she isn't part of the Air Force nor is she a military officer which makes me wonder if the rules about fraternization apply to her. She's, as stated previously, royalty, so if that rule does apply then it isn't impossible that she can choose to ignore it. It isn't like anyone other than Celestia or Luna can tell her no (I personally assume that while Twilight is a princess of the throne, her authority isn't yet equal to Celestia and Luna due to her youth and inexperience).

Nitpicking time over.

5603968 hey, I'm glad you enjoyed itM if you want, you could head over to my page and give the individual story a thumbs up!

Hey, Caveman. Have you linked to my individual story? If not, could you do that? I did independently publish before you, so that seems fair.

5615522 duty, if course. I independently published a little while ago.


isn't part of the Air Force

That's a headcanon issue. I relate the Wonderbolts as something akin to the Blue Angels (United States Navy). And while yes, Twilight (being one of the highest-ranking military officials in Equestria) is allowed to ignore such trivial rules, martial law still applies to a Captain of the Air Force.

5618298 That's just the thing. Twilight isn't a superior military officer. She's not military. Does the fraternization law even apply? To either of them?

5618313 she's the superior military officer. A "Commandant" to a G-5 Commander or Fleet Admiral, if you will.

5618323 Given that I have very little understanding on how military ranks work beyond the painfully obvious, I'll take your word for it.

Edit: We're both assuming Equestrian military works anything like Earth military. It might not. Though, I guess it doesn't matter.

5618333 basically, fraternization is "any relationship between grade-difference members of a military that could interfere with military readiness or standards".

5618337 Wouldn't it follow that if Twilight has both higher rank than everyone in the Equestrian military and is at the top of their government (which is not known to be subject to any laws or checks) she has the authority to declare that their relationship does not interfere with either of those things?

5618337 Also what's the next word?

5648251 if you check my collab thread there should be a link to his page. He's the next author.

5648297 Oh, in the TwiFire group? I was looking for a link in the story description.

5648301 so was I, hut CM refused to let me manage the collab.

So is this going t be continued?

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