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A jack-of-all-trades content producer who loves long action/adventure epics. I write a webcomic called Friendship is Dragons: http://friendshipisdragons.com/


Previously, in Dragon's Maw...

A place for collecting short stories that occur on the fringes of Fallout is Dragons, a Fallout: Equestria tabletop campaign.

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totally not an awkward date at all

Such intense passion, I was practically at the edge of my seat!

That was great. I love that you took the time to do this.

Considering one is emotionally neutral and the other is Powder Keg, this is better than I was expecting.

I found this much cuter than was probably intended. :twilightsmile:

Just so you know your story was added to the Fallout Equestria Group by G-man64. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

P.S. I like this idea! A story dedicated to retelling the hilarious tales from tabletop gaming? I approve :coolphoto:

4451053 retelling hilarious tales from tabletop gaming
...based on a fanfiction based on a fusion of an rpg and a beloved television show reboot based on a toy franchise.

So many levels.

Xencarn was making bombies before it was cool! :coolphoto: And I see his hetero(?) stallion-crush on Death is still going strong.

I'm really glad we get to see what was going on while the rest of the Mawlers were taking Smaug on. Cool little side-story here. :pinkiehappy:

And then the dragon wasn't there by the time they were finished.

This was so sweet and heartbreaking. Thank you guys for writing this.

Two in one day? Spoilers? More like you're spoiling us! Love to see those bits of backstory for Tibbs, and seeing things from Pestilence's POV was interesting as well. I'm hyped for the next session all over again!

I can totally see Zombie Luna showing up in one of the last sessions of Dragon Mawlers in order to bring her wrath down on Tibbs... provided he survives Powder Keg first.

There is no part of this I don't like.
...Well, except that my brain keeps switching between reading Stalker's lines in Powder Keg's voice and reading them in Tibbs's voice. (It's also reading Short Circuit's lives in Flotsam's voice, but I'm okay with that.)
Also, there's something very gratifying about Super Kami Hammer... 8P


Okay, I finally got around to resetting my password, let's comment on this!
The characterisation is fantastic. Each team member has their own distinct personality and they all bounce of each other wonderfully. I especially love the siblingly dynamic between Circuit and Zephyr, and the antagonistic but ultimately effective partnership between Lilypad and Stalker. (Also, why do you make me ship them. WHY.) It's also great to see Excaliber and Zephyr grow into their new roles, not to mention adorable that Excaliber feels he needs to look after his buddy. Ten Paces being a badass was a foregone conclusion, and incredibly satisfying to see.
The dividing of the characters into sub-groups was a good narrative choice, and the way you flipped between the scenes was expertly done. It kept the action going and the tension mounting, and came with a good payoff and a neat hook for the next adventure.
...You do realise Flotsam will want to hear all the details of their missions from Short Circuit next time they meet up. (*cough*sleepover*cough*) (*cough*maybewithGoldenCrowntoo*cough*)

Aww, that was actually kinda sweet!
/wants to fav this, but doesn't want an alert on all of those chapters

Also, a minor edit might be needed: "she was interesting in spending the evening with him" should be 'interested'.
In other news, I really wish I had friends to Roleplay with. And that I knew any roleplaying system.
I've been listening to your podcasts while playing video games, and I've realized that I'd much rather roleplay than play demon's souls.

I'm a necromancer, not evil.

Yeah... Well, about that.

Man, Death is here, Xencarn thought. I want to go snuggle up with him.

As expected of a novice necromancer looking up to his higher ups.

Well, that was intense. Good work, codeman! Always cool to see stuff from the Maw.

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