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:D X3 =^-^= <3 :P ô_ō -_- Ó_Ò ...enough said, I think...okay, maybe not, but, Eh, oh well.


One two, she's coming for you.
Three four, don't bother locking your door.
Five six, forget the crucifix.
Seven eight, it's far too late.
Nine ten, she's ready to kill again.


Not everything is as plain and simple as everypony wants them to be.

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I really love your writing style. It's crisp, concise, and gets to the point without boring the reader. My only complaint regarding your technicality is the way that you've written out a character's particular stutter. You play it out to be very much over the top, and the exaggeration makes it an exhausting process for the reader to slog through. To portray a stutter without overwhelming the reader, you might consider toning down on your repetition and making use of the magical dialogue/dash key. For example;

"M-Maybe we can--" Sticky Hooves hiccuped "--beat them off."

However, it's whatever you want to do. While Slenderman stories have become a bit of a pony fic cliche lately, I do like how you've added a bit of a twist to it. I'll be watching this. :trollestia:

Noted. I don't even like doing all the stuttering overboard...this gives me a good reason to not do it anymore! :D :yay:

I intend to.

Creepy...I like it.

im interested but unless this slender mare catches twilight off guard he doesnt have a chance in hell of winning against twilight but proceed i shall watch with much intrest to see how this unfolds (and if it does it still stands about as much a chance against her as a ant does against a dragon:moustache:)

Dude...it's the pony incarnation of Slenderman...SLENDERMAN.
He just bucks with your mind until it's nothing but soup.
Then that way...

441669 it still twilight:twilightangry2: anyways i honestly have never heard of slenderman unless i just comeplty got the scarecrows name realy messed up:twilightoops:

441735 ahh, but twilight's best asset was always her mind. all her magic depends on it.

it's 10:30 at night, maybe I shouldn't read this right now. oh buck it, I read cupcakes at 1 am. I can handle this.:twilightangry2: Edit: I could have gone without the picture dude. anyway, please go on.

Twilight becomes the new slendermare with her friends becoming her minions

>> Dragondash :pinkiehappy:

4422529 go show that your fucking real Mrs. slender!!! :trollestia:

4422908 I SHALL! AND IT'S 'MS.' FOR NOW! :rainbowlaugh: I am not just a story! :trollestia:

4422934 K :3 also can i be your son slender man can be my dad? :trollestia:

4422944 Nope. :derpytongue2: Too busy for that, trees and all. Adoption exists though!

4422950 K than i shall be adopted than. :D i shall help kill who ever enters the forest. :twilightangry2:

4422973 Avoid any mares with half a face. Good luck.

4422991 what do you mean half face? You mean u?

4423381 Nah, this is no face. I mean a muzzle and mouth, but thats it.

4423395 Later on can we kill celestia and luna? i want To teach them a lesson not to fuck with creepypasta.:pinkiecrazy: lol.

4423481 Hmm... Luna can live, she IS princess of the night, when most pastas work.

4423564 Yeah ur right. But can make her watch?:pinkiecrazy:

4423593 :pinkiecrazy:MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


4423622 Wait lets bring jeff Ō3Ō

4423672 *we all kill the elements* hmm well there dead want to take over equestria.:duck:

4423720 Meh, sure why not. I'm free tonight. :rainbowlaugh:

4423724 Than it's a date :P :pinkiehappy:

My grammar was an atrocity back then.

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