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Heya, I'm a genderfluid writer who likes a lot of things. [ Profile Pic : yiffpirate ]

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Nice I like it good job!:heart:

Ok, my real name is Daniel, and I have a best friend whom I call Doc, do you have any idea how hard it was not to picture... well you know

:yay:YAY! GAYNESS!:rainbowwild:

Not bad, but it was a bit fast. I would suggest slowing down a tad. I don't even know these characters. Introduce us please before any more sexy good times.

4413003 I know your pain/pleasure

Ah, sorry! :D

I plan on making more stories with Jackson and Daniel, maybe explaining who they are, or adventures they go on. Thanks for the tip :twilightblush:

This get a 8 out of 10. Mostly because most if this was just hoofjobs and BJ's.

4413223 I know some people weren't complaining.
I know I wasn't. I didn't come here expecting much of a plot, just a helluva plot. Not that I would hate if there was a plot...

I'm so confused. What the fuck just happened? It's unclear how it happens. When they switch perspectives, you should make a new paragraph. Also, How can you look over your shoulder as a horse to see 'his hanging load' what the fuck is his jizz hanging from? and where? and how? How can you also be only gay for one person, and strait for everyone else?:trixieshiftright::unsuresweetie::twilightangry2::rainbowhuh::ajbemused::ajsleepy::flutterrage::pinkiesmile::rainbowderp::fluttershbad::heart:

OK, I understand to switch paragraphs, I thought I did this, but I don't really understand the rest of your rant? You stated you didn't know and. . .er, how a stallion's balls were dangling between his legs? Daniel and Jackson are only gay for each other because they're partners.

It'd be an honor for you to reply, if I'm not correct about it. :eeyup:

4449342 easy to be gay for only one, it's called being pansexual






Lol, I never thought of that. XD

4485155 pans means sexal attracton to all sexes and gender denttes

4490188 no, it means attraction on personality

4490231 ...oh damn. you right, google don't lie. but awwwwwwwwwwww that makes this story cute

Wait... Isn't that Dr.Whooves and Jack Harkness?:unsuresweetie:


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