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A lot of Bronies & Pegasisters have always wondered why Twilight became an Alicorn.
Did she pass a test?
Did she help the princess cross the street?
Did she eat a waffle?

Well, this story explains my theory..

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Comments ( 8 )

Iron Will best alicorn princess?

4405460 yeh, that could happen too...

(first thing I see: cover art)
... all of my yes

Ok WHO WARPED RED BULL IN TO AN MLP UNIVERSE! There ARE laws to follow when pulling these sorts of stunts! Case in point: law 378; "No one under any circumstances should EVER bring in any sort of "energy drink" into a universe where any version of "Pinkie Pie" is present." This could cause the entire MULTIVERSE to explode if pinkie got her hands on that shit!

4412463 that might've been the princesses...:trollestia:

4413453 I knew it! My daughters never liked that rule, that and celestia n pretty much disregards everything I say like; "don't send your sister to the moon, she's not doing any harm." Or "don't encase your brother (discord) in stone, his pranks never hurt anyone." Or "don't use the elements on me they'll just break apart into seven pieces and need seven bearers" and now most recently " don't you dare bring in the products of earth's caffeine into equestria, it could cause pinkie to implode and bring the rest of the multiverse down with her."

WTF did I just read.

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