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I can review your stories and write ones on your request of category


Applejack always sat and wondered about were her hat came from.
Was it made by someone?
Did it fall from the sky?
Or did she buy it from the market and not remember?

Well, this is what she was told


This is the second story of my Slice of Six series

Chapters (2)

A lot of Bronies & Pegasisters have always wondered why Twilight became an Alicorn.
Did she pass a test?
Did she help the princess cross the street?
Did she eat a waffle?

Well, this story explains my theory..

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash was in the middle of the sandbox, looking up at what could be her next adventure. The Jungle Of Gyms. Habitat of Mr Meanie and the school bullies.
Will Rainbow Dash make it to her goal before recess ends?

More Daring Dash books coming soon! 0,o
Also, this is quite a long book!

Chapters (6)

Sunset Shimmer had changed much ever since Twilight had left. And she then received a letter from Equestria that Twilight was coming back to see her.
Sunset Shimmer had a very good plan.

"Escaping through the portal was a great idea!" Snips exclaimed as soon as they got out the mirror in the Crystal Empire, it was the dead of night there, so no-pony could hear them.
" You two stand back" Sunset Shimmer said, turning round to make sure that Snips and Snails were far back. She pulled out the sledgehammer, and smashed the portal... Forever.


Twilight finds out that Sunset Shimmer had left, with no way of turning back.

Will Twilight find her in time?

Chapters (2)

After Derpy was given her brand-new diary. She had set home right away and got some writing done.

Dear Diary,

Hello, my name is Derpy Hooves and I have been given this special book from Twilight so I can write about what goes on in my life. And then when I'm finished, I will need to give it back to Twilight to study about... Ummm.... What was it again? Anyway, it was something to do with The Observation Of The Study Of A Pony's Body And Mind. (Or OSPBM, for short)

Derpy Hooves

Chapters (3)

After Rarity had been to shocked and to scared after being told who will be showing the designs of her new dresses to Ponyville, she decides to show up the the fashion show and completely ruin it. Trenderhoof has no idea what'll hit him...
And will Rarity find out what is going on with him and AJ?

This is part 2/2 in this book.

Read Trend In The Hoof - Part 1 first!

Chapters (1)

Rarity had sworn that she would never speak of Trenderhoof again. But when he returns to Ponyville, Rarity sees the only reason why Trenderhoof is here...

Chapters (1)
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