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So one day I kinda fried a component on one of my circuits. Who knew that burnt silicon could get you high? Or cloned for that matter.Never really was high before but, THAT, would definitely count as being high. At least I got to go somewhere fun afterwords. Remember that clone I mentioned earlier? Well some how it was on Equestria. And my soul was brought to that body.

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Oh, what magics are concealed within the magic blue smoke!

Do you have an editor or any pre-readers? This has potential but it reads like a draft.

4146745 Well This is my first story, so no I have no pre-readers or editors. I May just see about that. Besides I may come back in and edit it myself. I finished this chapter at like 12:30am last night so, I may have jumped the gun.

is this in any way related to the movie Short Circuit?

4147097 Considering I've never seen or heard of that movie, I doubt it. Although there may be some coincidences.

it's an older movie. really good. since you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you do so.

4147166 Okay I might just check it out.

You know so little about drugs, and it comes across on your story. This story reminds me of those kids that smoke E-cigs and only take baby hits when the bong's passed to them.


I know I know nothing about them, And shouldn't have done this Gary-stu style self insert.

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